Apples are amazing to have around. You can grab one on a busy morning, shove it in a purse or lunch bag, eat it on the way out the door, or munch on it at night when you’re feeling a little snacky. They’re packed with vitamins and fiber and they satisfy a sweet tooth without the downsides of processed sugars. We’ve all heard the saying, “an apple a day …” and there’s actually some truth to it.

All apples carry some benefits, but green apples are the ones you should be obsessed with (I know I am). Whether you cook with them or save one every day for a lunchtime snack, green apples provide a ton of benefits. Here are the 10 big ones you should know.


1. Immune System Boost

Since green apples are packed with Vitamin C, they can get your immune system going. This is great news for cold and flu season sufferers, who know the worst time of the year is coming up soon. Keep an apple on hand to prevent your busy week from being waylaid by the sniffles.


2. Disease Prevention

Fancy words for chemical compounds found in green apples like flavonoid, polyphenol, and antioxidant all add up to this little fruit’s ability to help you fight diseases. Since these compounds can prevent free radicals from forming, a diet that regularly includes apples could prevent some cancers, prevent liver and DNA damage, or even improve brain function.


3. Digestive Benefits

Apples are a great natural source of fiber to help with digestion. They also contain tartaric and maleic acid, two compounds that can help prevent indigestion at the source. If you suffer from constipation or diarrhea regularly, green apples offer multi-purpose defenses.


4. Inflammation Reduction

Antioxidants prevent oxidative stress, which is the bodily process that contributes to chronic inflammatory conditions. People who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, or other autoimmune disorders may benefit from natural green apple products as a way to control symptoms, or even reverse inflammatory damage.


5. Skin Health

We all know that aging is inevitable, but skin health is partly in our control. Skin elasticity, moisture content, and inflammation levels can contribute to looking older or younger. These things can be improved by eating more green apples. The vitamins and antioxidants prevent skin cell damage too, which can reduce your risk of skin cancer.


6. Fiber Content

I mentioned that the fiber content in green apples helps with digestion. But did you know that high fiber diets can also prevent certain cancers, like colon cancer? Green apples can be both regulatory and preventative because of their high natural fiber content.


7. Stronger Bones

Green apple juice is packed with calcium. Especially for people who are aging and finding their bones and teeth becoming weaker, green apples can strengthen your foundation with daily calcium.


8. Lower Cholesterol

Aiding in digestion also allows green apples to help you manage levels of high bad cholesterol. Green apples have almost none in them so they’re a perfect snack for those worried about their LDL levels.

9. Appetite Control

In addition to being a healthy snack, green apples can further control your appetite with their organic acids. For those trying to lose weight, green apples fill you up, unlike chips and candy, which are far easier to keep eating without feeling full.


10. Energy Boost

The simple carbs you get from a green apple provide a great energy boost. Even though you still have to watch your sugars, the natural sugars in apples are a healthy alternative to other food sources and make for a great natural energy booster during late-night work or before a workout.


The Takeaway

You may not be able to “keep the doctor away” in every case by eating green apples. But it’s hard to argue with its host of health benefits, including improved digestion, immune response, skin health, bone strength, improved cholesterol levels, appetite control, and more. Green apples are a great alternative to processed energy drinks when you need a late-night boost and make a nice mid-afternoon snack too.

I always have one with me because I know the benefits. Now, maybe you will too.