Sometimes, we wish we had more hours in the day. However, time is not something we can control. Therefore, we need to spend each hour wisely.

Luckily, one thing we do have control over is our productivity. Waking up early, creating regular to-do lists, meditating—there are several ways to make the most out of every minute.

Being careful with how we spend the hours at work is key to getting more things done.

Successful people get most of their work done before lunch via streamlining their tasks and boosting efficiency. Today, we’re going to help you learn how to get 90% of your work done before lunchtime.

How to Get Most of Your Work Done Before Lunch O’Clock

Imagine this.

You’re sitting at your desk. Lunchtime is near. You relax and push back with a sigh of relief. Since you’re done with most of the work, you leave the desk for a stress-free lunch and start daydreaming about all the cool things you are going to do for the rest of the day.

Guess what? You can actually make this happen.

90% of your work can be done before lunch. When everyone else is groping for another cup of coffee, you sit back, relax, shut down your computer, and chill out. Wondering how you can achieve this? Well, we’re going to provide 16 incredible tips, but before that, let’s make two things clear:

  • We are defining work as things that only YOU do—the most important tasks, not involving frequent meetings.
  • This particular approach follows the Pareto Principle, aka the 80/20 rule, which states that for many events, 80 percent of the effects come from 20 percent of the causes.

With all that said, here are 16 essential tips to get 90% of your work done in the morning.

#1: Make a To-Do List for the Next Day

Every night before going to sleep, try listing out all the important tasks you’ll do the next day. Remember, you won’t be productive if you don’t plan out each and everything you are going to do first thing in the morning.

Try not to overschedule. Know how to detox your schedule and keep it light to accomplish surefire results.

#2: Wake Up Earlier

If you really want to get things done, you must get up earlier in the morning to make stuff happen.

We recommend waking up anytime from 5 to 6 am. Your morning schedule might take a bit longer. In that case, bump your wakey-wakey time back further. And obviously, you will have to adjust the bedtime accordingly.

#3: Clean Your Workplace Every Day

Clutter in the office can create distractions. Even a tiny note on the desk that has “Call this number asap!” written on it could throw your entire day off.

Remember, showing up at the office with a clear head, in a tidy environment will help you think sharper and work even harder.

#4: Always Stay On Schedule

You cannot let yourself get lost in the madness. Yes, it’s a crazy world out there. But you need to stick to your daily schedule because otherwise, you’ll mess everything up. Remember, you have limited time, so not ruining the schedule will come in handy.

Take your to-do list and let it guide you throughout the day. This way, you will accomplish more.

#5: Exercise

According to Harvard Health Publishing, regular exercise changes the brain to improve memory, thinking skills. It not only makes you think better, but also helps you be more productive.

Exercise is crucial for reaching those high-performance levels, especially in critical, intellectually demanding tasks. A quick run or 15-20-minute yoga practice can help you prepare for a solid schedule.

#6: Make One-Minute Decisions

As you already know, decision-making requires time. It is, in fact, a time-consuming vortex.

Let’s say you are working on this fancy project. All of a sudden, you’re required to make a decision. What to do?

Well, give yourself no more than a 60-second decision-making limit. Don’t worry; if you already know what you’re doing, there’s no way for you to make a bad decision. It will be solid, except this time, the process will consume less time.

#7: Take 20 Minutes to Get In the Zone

Take your time to get in the flow. You cannot expect to get things done the minute you enter the office. It takes a while to reach that zone. Take 20 minutes or so to ease into your everyday tasks so that you don’t get confused or feel pressured.

#8: Do the Most Difficult Tasks First

This is a no-brainer. If you can get the ugliest, most critical tasks done within the first few hours, the rest of your day will be so much easier and productive.

#9: Wear Headsets

Headsets can come in handy in the workplace. A good pair of headphones with noise-cancellation can help you stay focused and not be distracted by your surroundings.

Experts recommend wearing a headset to enhance productivity. However, make sure your management is okay with you wearing them as some workplaces don’t allow the use of headsets.

#10: Do Not Commute

A lengthy work commute is not only time-consuming but also a stressful part of the day. You shouldn’t start your workday tired and stressed out. It will only ruin your mood and productivity. Here are a few tips you can consider:

  • Map out some alternative routes
  • Try those routes
  • Play with your timing
  • Check traffic reports before you leave the house
  • Use your smartphone to check live traffic updates during your commute

#11: Do the Writing Bit Earlier In the Day

Writing is a mentally demanding task. But it has a lot of benefits. For example, writing can help your brain focus and boost your productivity.

Make sure to do the writing first thing, and you will improve your writing quality, as well as your day.

#12: More Work, Fewer Meetings

If you are a fan of the popular sitcom The Office (US), then you probably already know how most meetings can be a waste of time. Meetings at Dunder Mifflin were never really that productive, and Michael Scott (played by the actor Steve Carell) made sure of that.

So, avoid meetings whenever possible.

#13: Avoid Checking Your Email Early On

Along with your meetings, the Internet can equally be destructive. Of course, you must deal with your email. But don’t let that swallow your workday by starting off with it.

#14: Get Comfortable

Do everything in your power to make a position for yourself. Aim toward success. If that indicates shaving, showering, having breakfast, meditating, journaling, feeding the cat—for all that is good and holy, do it.

Remember, accomplishing these preparatory things will only boost your productivity.

#15: Stick to Your Routine

As you are doing a job repeatedly, you’re enabling yourself to be faster and quite better at it each time. When you find yourself a suitable routine, stick to it.

#16: Give Yourself a Pat On the Back

Make sure to reward yourself at certain points. Yes, you’ll have to work hard. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to keep going until you die. You are going to stop at some point, so stop.

Listen to some music, throw confetti, do the Fortnite dance—reward yourself for being productive. You deserve it.

Wrapping Up

Getting 90% of your work done before lunch means you might actually get more than 100% of your work done all day every day.


If you made it this far, it’s safe to say that your next step is going to be building a to-do list for tomorrow and follow everything mentioned above accordingly. Leave us a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

Kathrin Garner is an enthusiastic journalist and writes article on social issues. As an activist, she takes part in NCSM program, which is a discussion platform on the relevant cannabis topics. So, if you want to know how to detox from weed, feel free to contact her. Also, she is a volunteer at Marijuana Detox. She searches for current issues, and writes about it to a wide range of readers.