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“Hold up your cup here is some positive tea that I want to pour out for you.”


Remember the old phrase “garbage in, garbage out”?

Imagine if next time you took out the garbage, rather than carry it outside to the bin, you develop a habit to empty the smelly, disgusting contents all over your yard. Funny right! But this is exactly what some of us do with our mind. We have a habit each year to dump unnecessary stuff or trash in our mind. We refuse to put the trashy thoughts in their rightful place, “out of our mind”.

Our thoughts drive our emotions, which drive our behaviors, and ultimately determine our actions — what kind of life we live.

The human mind is an amazing creation of God. Nothing on earth can match its capabilities or creativity. It controls feelings, thoughts, words, attitudes, and behavior.

Do you know that we are what we believe we are?

Someone once said, “It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to, has power over you if you allow it.”

Dr. Caroline Leaf says this in her book Switch On Your Brain, “As we think, we change the physical nature of our brain. As we consciously direct our thinking, we can wire out toxic patterns of thinking and replace them with healthy thoughts.”


 “2019 Rule Your Mind”

In 2019 push out toxic thinking and replace it with positive thoughts.

Let’s start the beginning of the year by taking authority over our thoughts. Get to the mirror and say, “I’m not afraid anymore, whatever it is I’ve been running from, whatever situation that’s been holding me back, pulling me back from my blessing. Today I’m getting ready to fight this thing to the end. I’m getting my mind back on track. Yes, my checkbook may not say I’m rich. The economy doesn’t say I’m wealthy. The medical report doesn’t say I’m healed. But God of universe, I believe you will supply all of my needs. I believe for some unexpected money to appear in my life. God, I believe that I’m healed. I believe an unexpected healing will occur in my life.  God, I believe you’ll give me my heart’s desire. I believe my dream will happen sooner than later.”

Look folks, you have to believe it before you’ll ever see it. Something has to change within your mind. Something has to change psychologically.

Take authority over your mind, remind yourself not to focus on the negativity, and instead, try to focus on something positive. Control your thoughts before they control you. By controlling your thoughts, you are in control of your mind. Wow! By letting go, you can actually control your mind instead of having your mind control you.

Lastly, there are 3 things you can do this year to keep your mind under your rulership.

Keep Positive Company

If you can’t get troublesome feelings out of your mind, it may have something to do with your social circle. Negative people are not optimistic, so as a consequence your mind will begin to take on pessimistic thoughts. Change Your Social Circle!

Positive Affirmations

Reshape your thinking by posting sticky notes on your bathroom mirror: “I am a valuable, lovable person and I will live my best life. Every morning and before bed, try making eye contact with yourself in the mirror when you recite them.


As mindfulness experts Dr. Bob Stahl and Steve Flowers say:

“You don’t have to believe everything you think. Why stay in a prison of self when the door is wide open? Let everything go. Let everything be.”

Alright readers, you don’t have to believe everything you think or what people may think of you. I want you to release shady people, discouragers, and negative influencers. Let it go, free your mind.  RELEASE means “I have consciously and intentionally released myself from allowing this person or group to have any impact on my choices regarding the pursuit of my dream and purpose in 2019.”


“You can influence, direct, and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.” Napoleon Hill

Take Authority Over Your Mind! Rule King & Queen!!!




About the Author:

Lyoshi Esters’ is a native of Virginia his heart pumps with passion as he promotes positive change. He motivates and educates people on how to overcome the challenges of this world. His life story has inspired many people to believe that their life is never over unless they believe it’s over. He is the Pastor of Fire for Christ Ministries, in Farmville, Virginia.  He has also studied and became a professional life coach at Erickson Coaching International where he successfully completed certified coursework in the area of "The Art & Science of Coaching". Lyoshi Esters attends Southern New Hampshire University majoring in social psychology. He is a soon to be author with the release of his first book "Let There Be Light" How to think positive when darkness is all around you. Lyoshi’s mission is to motivate others to not limit themselves, so that they can step into their greatness to find their light and purpose in the world.

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