Have you found “the one,” or the wrong one? Sometimes, it’s not as easy as it seems to realize if your guy is good for you or simply a mismatch…even a mistake.

If you are having doubts, you’re already on edge, and understandably so. No one wants to think negatively about someone they’re seeing, but in the search for romance, things can get blurry.

When everything is picture perfect, there’s no need to fret. Of course, every relationship has its ups and downs, so don’t get bent out of shape if you have an off day. Chalk it up to learning and growing, and get back on track stronger than before.

That said, if you have more “off” moments than you’d like to admit, there’s a chance that he’s not the right man…at least not for you. As attracted as you may be, along with the fun and flirtation that keeps you on your toes, when there’s a missing puzzle piece, the relationship can never be complete.

Every relationship is unique. What works for you won’t work for someone else. You know yourself best, and you have the intuition to determine if the one you’re with is “Mr. Right.” However, a little guidance goes a long way. Any “What ifs?” shouldn’t be ignored, so see if any of these signs apply to your situation.


  1. He Doesn’t Put You First

When you’re #1, you know it. You are treated like the queen you are, and you deserve it. Any man who doesn’t go above and beyond for you isn’t good enough. But before you put him on blast, realize this doesn’t mean you’re his top priority 24/7. He has a job, perhaps children, and other important things to tend to, as responsibility is essential. Be grateful that your man is mature and makes time for these must-dos.

He may be busy, but he has time for you. You’re his main focus, even when he’s occupied with a zillion other things. If he’s late at work, a quick text is all it takes to let you know you’re on his mind. When he’s with family, he can FaceTime you so you can all say hello. While he’s away, a bouquet of flowers sent to your doorstep is just a computer click away. There are plenty of ways to put you first, even when he’s frazzled. If you get the feeling like he has forgotten about you, then he’s not managing his time or priorities.


  1. He’s Hiding Something

Does your man run off to another room whenever his phone buzzes? Why can’t you use his laptop? Have you met any of his friends or family members? Something’s shady when your guy is secretive or sneaky.

Honesty is at the core of any successful relationship. If you can’t trust your man, you truly have nothing…at least not anything of substance. While he doesn’t have to share everything with you, he shouldn’t lie or hide anything either.

Opening up takes time, but shutting down shouldn’t be the state of affairs. If your guy seems suspicious, you’ll constantly worry and think the worst. You don’t need that kind of drama. If he’s not willing to work on his closed-off attitude, he won’t be a positive force in your life.


  1. He Belittles You

Joking around makes relationships fun, but when you are the butt of the joke, you’re no longer laughing. A guy who needs to put his partner down in order to feel better about himself is insecure and potentially abusive if jokes escalate to something more serious.

Not only might he undermine you while you’re alone, but he could have the gall to do so in public, perhaps in front of friends or family members. If they’re stunned and don’t say something, everyone becomes uncomfortable, and the toxic dynamic may carry on.

Never allow your man to treat you like you’re less-than. A guy who’d do so is wrong for you on many levels. Tell him to shape up or ship out. If he’s worth a second chance, see if he’ll change. Otherwise, the joke’s on him.


Finding the right one for you may come quickly or could take years. Never settle for second-best!