Cucumbers are multipurpose health staples. People use them to hydrate, to diversify their salads, and even to care for their skin. As a health food, cucumbers are so nutritious that they verge on medicinal. They contain high amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, potassium, magnesium, and manganese. Despite being mostly water, cucumbers are an ideal delivery system for those other nutrients.

While cucumbers seem merely harmless on a nutrition label, eating them regularly comes with a few key benefits that can help you live longer. Here are 3 ways that cucumbers contribute to a healthier life.


1. Blood Sugar Control







Processed sugars piggyback on carb-rich foods that are easy for us to eat on the go in the modern world. A busy workweek often means less time to cook and prepare meals, which can lead to you and your family eating more processed foods.

This can lead to higher blood sugar levels, which can affect mood and lead to diabetes.

Cucumbers not only provide a healthy, fiber-rich alternative to processed junk but also actively reduce blood sugar levels.


2. Cancer Prevention







Cucumbers contain lignans, which are polyphenols found plentifully in some plants. Name aside, they have recently been studied for their ability to fight hormones that can lead to uterine, breast, prostate, and ovarian cancers.

These and other nutrients found in cucumbers can disrupt cancer cell development in many potential strains. Those with a history of cancer in their family or a proactive attitude about living longer should consider a cucumber diet as one of their essential tools.


3. Anti-Inflammation







We now know that inflammation is a root cause of a lot of chronic conditions, particularly those vital to normal brain function, blood sugar levels, and cardiovascular control. Fisetin is an inflammation-fighting compound in cucumbers that can help treat out-of-control inflammation.

Fisetin can improve memory from age-related degeneration and reverse learning impairments over time. But you may not notice these specific effects. Instead, the general anti-inflammatory and brain-boosting effects will just put you in a better mood and give you more energy over time.

This is one of the reasons cucumber water is such a popular hydration option in the nutrition world. It not only provides that dose of vitamins and minerals along with hydration but also gives you a fresh source of anti-inflammatories. This is why, along with all its other benefits, cucumber has a reputation for boosting energy and improving mood.


The Takeaway

Cucumbers are not only an amazing health food that pack a host of life-extending benefits, but they have no downsides. They’re readily available, composed mostly of nutrient-rich water, and easy to eat raw, as a drink, or in a salad.

Blood sugar control, inflammation reduction, and cancer prevention are three huge health benefits that could help you live longer if you eat cucumbers regularly. They’re not the most appealing superfood when you’re trying to pack nutrients into the diets of a couple of picky kids. But for nutritionists and healthy eaters, they’re a dream come true. The fact that you can slice them up for skincare too is just a secret bonus.