CBD or cannabidiol used to have a bad reputation with parents and lawmakers because it comes from cannabis plants, the same plants that produce marijuana. However, since the methods of extracting it have been refined, we now know that CBD can be manufactured without any of the compound called THC, which is what gives you a “high” with conventional marijuana. The laws are changing on CBD and many people are starting to discover its amazing health benefits.

Without any of the addictive or mind-altering properties of marijuana, CBD can be used safely to reap these 5 great health benefits. Read on to discover why this once-taboo product now features in health magazines and websites around the world.


1. Pain Relief

Pain relief is the most well-known benefit of taking CBD. Cannabis plants have been known for centuries to have properties that reduce pain, including their ability to relax our bodies and regulate healthy sleep. They decrease inflammation too by blocking some of the neural pathways that cause this pain.

Anyone who suffers from chronic pain or an overactive nervous system should consider CBD as a possible pain relief supplement. Arthritis sufferers swear by its unique ability to lower inflammation. Even if you’re just aching in your back from running around all day, CBD could help.


2. Stress Relief

For many, this is the greatest health benefit connected to CBD. Everyone gets a stress headache now and then during the busy week, but it’s not supposed to be permanent. When your busy schedule starts turning into an anxiety disorder, CBD can help.

CBD gives you a serotonin boost by binding to your neural pathways and helping them calm down. Not only is the effect similar to the kinds of anti-depressant medications you can get from a doctor, but it’s way safer too.

Stress relief with no side effects may sound like a dream come true when you’re juggling kids or pulling a late night at work, but CBD can offer that.


3. Skincare

This is something that surprised me. Since CBD reduces inflammation in your entire body, one of its unexpected benefits is that it stops your skin from producing so much oil, which is what makes you break out.

People with acne, psoriasis, and other surface-level (pun intended) skin conditions may benefit from CBD-based creams and topical ointments. The best brands also contain fatty acids like Omega 6 and Omega 3, which we all know are skincare essentials. They help your skin stay hydrated and smooth and can even reduce the visual effects of aging. Always a plus.


4. Heart Health

Here’s another great health benefit connected to CBD that most people don’t know. CBD’s ability to relax your nervous system leads to lower resting blood pressure. This means that it can have an indirect but positive effect on your heart.

Stress responses are natural, but our bodies can’t handle being ratcheted up to 11 every single day. Reducing inflammation and calming your cortisol response (that’s the stress hormone) leaves more room for serotonin (the happy hormone) to do its thing.

There haven’t been a lot of academic studies on this because CBD has only recently been accepted as a true health supplement. However, its ability to relax you in the short-term has implications for your heart health, your likelihood of getting diabetes, and your blood pressure in the long run.


The Takeaway

We all know that marijuana is “calming,” in a good and bad way. Its negative reputation has led a lot of people to wrongly accuse CBD products of the same brain-suppressing effects. However, if you make sure your CBD products have less than 2% THC content, which all legal and reputable ones do, you’ll be able to reap the great health benefits connected to CBD without any side effects.

These benefits stem from CBD’s ability to alter pain signals. This gives its supplements the capacity to provide relief for people suffering from stress, sleep disorders, chronic pain, arthritis, immune dysfunction, and other neurological conditions. As a natural health supplement, it has other indirect benefits as well for skincare and heart health.

Since CBD is considered safe and non-addictive and many studies have now been documented about its positive effects on pain and stress, consider giving it a try. Your achy back (and head) will thank you.