Dry skin, breathing troubles, sniffles, coughing, clogged noses – these are just some of the pleasures that await us in the heart of the winter flu season. If you’re like me, your busy workweek can hardly handle a sniffle, much less a full-blown throat virus! There are a lot of ways you can boost your immunity and stay healthier this winter, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about humidifiers, and the way they make the symptoms of winter cold, dry air, and sickness so much more bearable.

Humidifiers are machines that add moisture to the air in your house, or even just to your own body while you’re traveling. They come in different sizes and models; many models are small enough to put right next to your bed so you can use while you are sleeping.

Read on to learn these 4 reasons why you should try a humidifier. They’re an apex of sinus comfort, moisturization, and sleep improvement in our techy wonderland and you won’t remember how you ever lived without one.


1.   Moisturization







A loss of moisture can cause all kinds of discomfort. The cold winter air does this, but so does sickness. With a drop in humidity, you may start finding yourself reaching for hand moisturizer more often, or reapplying Chapstick.

These quick fixes can temporarily control the symptoms of cracked, dry skin and lips. But they can’t help you manage it for the long haul during the winter season. A humidifier can change the humidity in your house to encourage natural skin hydration.

Instead of fighting with dry skin, use a humidifier to beat it.


2.   Sinus Protection







If you’re like me, you’re always on the go. But my energy depends largely on my health – few things can slow down my busy week like dry and irritated sinuses. Low humidity means a breeding ground for crusty dryness in your passages, which leads to sinus pressure and headaches. Some of us out there are even unlucky enough to suffer from bloody noses when the conditions are dry enough.

If you find yourself stuffed up and dry, a humidifier can really help. By maintaining normal humidity levels during the winter months, your mucous has a chance to get moving and clear up your passages.


3.   Cold and Flu Protection







Humidifiers offer two-pronged protection against cold and flu viruses. In the first place, they can help control the spread of the germs themselves. This is due to the simple fact that flu viruses hate humidity, which is one of the big reasons the winter months are also called the flu season.

If you use a humidifier to keep humidity levels normal, the flu and influenza viruses have a much harder time surviving long enough to infect you and your family.

Additionally, if you already have a cold, maintaining humidity levels can help you manage the symptoms. Humidifiers help you breathe easier, clear up your stuffy nose, and soothe your painful throat.


4.   Throat Care







That last point deserves its own section. Throat protection is essential for your comfort during the cold and flu season. We’re all much too familiar with the “scratchy” feeling of a dry, sick throat that’s been exposed to a virus. Inflammation in your airways makes it harder to talk, uncomfortable to eat and sleep, and can be pretty tough for young kids.

Humidity protects your throat, soothing it, and keeping your mucus flowing. A humidifier in that way can prevent uncomfortable inflammation, which can become a real blessing when you’re deep into a busy, dry winter.


The Takeaway

Humidifiers are wonderful machines year-round, especially for those with sleeping, breathing, or sinus trouble. By maintaining optimum humidity levels, however, you can also moisturize your skin, protect your sinuses, fend off cold and flu viruses, and take care of your throat.

Whether preventing sickness from occurring or managing the icky symptoms once you’re under the weather, a humidifier can come in handy during the long winter. Especially if you’re spending more time at home, consider investing in your house’s climate. Your nose will thank you.