What would you do if someone came up to you and said, “Here’s a check for $1 million, no questions asked?”

You would most likely take it because hey, free money.

What if someone said, “You can get $1 million, but you’ll have to work for it?” Odds are you wouldn’t be as excited because you’ll have to put in some effort. But it would be nice to know the possibility is there.

Here’s the thing – that question is asked of you every day. You may not hear it, but the possibility of having $1 million is real – but you must behave like it.

That doesn’t mean you start interviewing randomly for high-paying jobs.

That means developing habits that are going to put you in the best position possible for you to eventually have lots of money.

Here are 4 millionaire success habits to implement now.


  1. They Look at Time Differently







Every successful person you have ever heard of looks at time differently than the rest of us. In their mind, time is a valuable resource that you can never get back. Once that hour is gone, you can’t buy or steal or get an extra hour out of nowhere.

Millionaires, whether they are athletes or CEOs, spend every second working on improving themselves and their skills. Have you ever noticed you never have seen T.V. commercials for Ferraris or Lamborghinis? That’s because the audience for those types of cars is not watching T.V. – they are busy grinding away and trying to be and stay successful.

This means not binging T.V. for 4 hours a day or scrolling endlessly on your phone. Every minute you spend watching T.V. is a minute you are not spending developing your skills to help you be more successful. You must look at every minute as an opportunity to work towards success.


  1. They Associate with Successful People







There’s a saying that goes “If you want to be a lion, you have to train with lions.” Millionaires, and those who want to work towards being a millionaire, spend time with people who have the same type of mindset. If you spend time with people who don’t have a passion for anything, it can be difficult to feel passion for something yourself.

This doesn’t mean eliminate everyone from your life. It just means you should evaluate who you always spend time with and ask yourself “Is this person helping me drive towards success or improvement?” If not, it may be time to start hanging out with people who have a passion for something and who are constantly trying to improve themselves.

You may have never felt like this, but if you want to start behaving differently, these people can guide you towards actions to set yourself up for success.


  1. They Set Goals for Everything







Wouldn’t it be weird if sports did not keep score? No one would know who is winning or losing. Each team, whether they are winning or losing, has a goal to work towards (and a specific timeframe they need to achieve the goal).

Millionaires are the same way – they keep score of *everything* in their life. It could be how many books they have read, how many meetings they have scheduled, and so on. They set goals because it gives them something to work towards, and it tells them if they are not working hard or smart enough.

Start small by setting daily goals like…

  • Reading a Professional Development Book for 40 minutes
  • Spending $0 (you can’t have a lot of money if you spend a lot of money)

It is important to make the goal small and manageable – don’t try and read an entire book in one night because it’ll sound cool to tell people you did it. You would only be tired the next day, and then your whole system is off. Setting daily goals is a great way to keep yourself focused on small steps that, when followed consistently, lead to big results.


  1. They Have Exceptional Self-Discipline







The above tips only work if you follow them consistently and without question. Millionaires know what the result can be, so not working towards the result is not an option. It would be much easier, and require much less effort, to watch a funny movie than to read or spend time networking. Millionaires possess a strong sense of self-discipline, where they focus on the end results and work constantly to get there.


The possibility of you becoming extremely successful is there – you just need to change your mindset on how you approach the world. The only thing that separates extremely successful people from the rest of everyone else is a set of simple behaviors. This is great news, because that means that anyone can be successful. All it takes is a positive mindset and a willingness to spend time developing yourself, with every action focused on the end goal.