Learn the Beauty Secrets from Women All Over the World!


Beauty is desired in all parts of the world, and this is why women from different regions have their beliefs about maintaining beauty. The following are secret formulas from  for beauty that women from five different nations swear by.


Renata Klar Divan from Rio de Janeiro believes that when you rub a paste of milk and oatmeal on your face, the solution can help make your skin healthy and give it a perfect glow. She also believes that papaya can have the same effect. Divan also recommends a paste consisting of cornstarch and water for people with stubborn pimples. This paste helps absorb your skin’s oils.



In India, body scrubs and face packs from different spices and kitchen ingredients are very common for maintaining beauty, according to Sheila Sivanand from Mumbai. One of the common beauty tips in India is combining the following kitchen ingredients: turmeric to act as antiseptic, ground almonds for a nourishing effect, fresh cream for softening, powdered orange peels for exfoliation and rose petals for a good scent. Indians also use hibiscus leaves mixed with water as hair shampoo.


Czech Republic

According to Renata Cervenkova from Prague, quark is very effective in calming and refreshing a person’s skin. Quark is used by the Czechs to make fruit dumplings and consists of fresh unripened cheese. Cervenkova’s beauty tip for dark circles is applying castor oil and massaging it gently around your eyes.



Anna Esden Tempska from Warsaw swears by egg yolk combined with drops of lemon juice and castor oil to strengthen hair. For shiny hair, Tempska advises rinsing your hair with camomile tea or a paste of oak bark and walnut tree leaves. Tempska’s facial beauty tip is a facial mask consisting of a mixture of honey, water and cottage cheese.



Nowadays, many Aussies are highly concerned about exposing their skin to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The secret formula used as a sunscreen, according to Paige Kilponen from Sydney, is SPF 30. 5ml of this solution is applied to the torso, back and front of the face and on the limbs, hands, top of the ears and feet at least after every one hour.

Self-tanning solutions are also popular in Australia. The best time for applying a self-tanner is during the morning hours.


Women from different parts of the world have gone to great lengths to discover the most effective beauty tips. While there is no single formula for beauty, the authenticity of any formula depends on several factors such as your allergies and your skin tone. Many women from the five regions swear by different solutions for promoting beauty, but like in all things in life, one person’s medicine can be another person’s poison.


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