It happens as we age. Back when we were teenagers, we could eat whatever we wanted and still have a flat tummy. This may stay true even into our twenties for many. But then cruel, cruel fate has its way to catch up to us. All of a sudden, those cookies we eat before bed or the chips that we sometimes munch on while watching tv start affecting our waistline seemingly overnight. It’s like a switch has been flipped and our metabolism isn’t what it used to be.


But that is alright. Because we can either change with the times and still keep our flat tummy or admit defeat and wear sweatpants for the rest of our lives. And while sweatpants come in all types of styles and colors nowadays, I didn’t want them to be 90 percent of my wardrobe. I decided to look into what could give me that slim stomach that I have always desired. I made these changes and am more than pleased with the results. I hope they help you as well!


  1. Water, Water, and More Water







I know it is generic as it focuses on a one-size-fits-all model, but for women, our daily caloric intake should be no more than 2,000 calories. For men, it is closer to 2,500 calories a day. This does not take height into account so be sure to adjust accordingly when figuring out how many calories you can take in a day and still have a flat stomach.

In any case, switching over to drinking water with all of my meals made a huge difference in my body fat percentage. Too many people drink sodas and other high calories drinks every day. This is just one of the main reasons why nearly 40 percent of people are obese in this country. Water has zero calories and will keep you feeling full longer, so you do not have to eat as much. So, drink up and include several glasses of water with all of your meals!


  1. Exercise Consistently







While it is true that abs are made in the kitchen, exercising does not hurt either. Exercise burns calories and fat. Besides regular cardio exercises like walking and running, there are also numerous great core exercises you can choose from and do on a consistent basis without the need for any special equipment. For instance, planking and leg raises will strengthen your abs and obliques so once you get your body fat percentage down low enough, you will be the envy of all of your friends with your chiseled tummy.


  1. Commit to Intermittent Fasting







Intermittent fasting is not to be confused with a diet as you can still eat your normal foods. It is a lifestyle change. With intermittent fasting, you refrain from eating and drinking (most beverages) usually anywhere from 12 to 20 hours a day. This results in losing serious weight and the bad fat around your belly. Since you are only able to eat for four to twelve hours a day depending upon your commitment, you will be taking in less calories as you miss meals and snacks. The key is to not cram in all of the food you used to have in those few hours you are allowed to eat. That would defeat the purpose.


  1. High Protein Diet







Protein fills you up much faster than most other foods. There is a reason you can eat a bag of chips and a package of cookies and still feel hungry, but once you eat a good-sized hamburger, you are instantly feeling satisfied. It is because heavily, over-processed foods provide wasteful calories and zero nutrients. They make you want to eat more. Stick to a high protein diet and you won’t even have to count your calories. You will just feel full so much quicker so you will eat so much less.


  1. Avoid Extending Your Stomach with Air and Gasses







Carbonated beverages contain carbon dioxide and these little bubbles will make your stomach look bloated and extended. Chewing gum leads to you swallowing air at the same time and, once again, will extend your tummy. The same can be said for drinking through a straw or talking while eating. Sometimes the amount you weigh at the moment is perfectly fine, it is just these other things that are causing a bloated stomach look. Make these changes and notice the difference!


Don’t Make Excuses

It is easy to say that we are increasing our waistline because we are getting older. But in reality, this is just another excuse. Life is all about adapting. To get your flat tummy back, you are going to have to adapt with it. With these five changes, you will have that slim stomach once again!