There are four problem areas that most women have trouble with, and I am no different. These areas of the body are the back of the arms (triceps), the tummy, the butt, and the legs. Other than that, aren’t we all perfect??


I noticed my legs were not looking their best about ten years ago. When we were young, everything came so easy physically. But now, not only do we have to work hard to keep ourselves in good shape, but we have to work smart. I asked a few certified fitness trainers about things I could do to strengthen my legs and definitely make them more tone. I came away with five great answers and have been doing these things consistently for the last six years. And when summer comes around, because of my commitment, I can feel proud in my shorts (smile).


Can’t Out-Train a Bad Diet

Health and fitness is 80 percent of what you eat and 20 percent of your daily physical exercise. If your diet is not on point, don’t expect to be able to magically shrink your legs and have them appear slimmer or firmer. If you have tried every diet under the sun and still have weight to lose, say goodbye to diets and go with a lifestyle change instead. Intermittent fasting, refraining from eating for periods of 12 to 16 hours a day, will not only have you lose weight, fat, and inches, but it is good for your cognitive abilities and for a healthy heart.


Bodyweight Squats

If you want your legs to appear firm, but not thick enough to make it seem like you can walk with a pickup truck on your back, do bodyweight squats. Your body weight is enough to give your legs a great workout. Plus, bodyweight squats can be performed at home, in the gym, or even while you are taking your lunch break. No special equipment is needed!



Just like with squats, lunges are a full leg workout. And again, no special equipment is needed. Simply find the biggest room in your house and see how many times you can walk back and forth while doing lunges. Once you establish a number, try beating that number every day. You will get firmer legs and you will be burning serious calories.


Calf Raises

Calf raises will not just make your calves more noticeable, but they will give you stronger ankles in the long run. You can do these easily on your steps outside your house once a day and should see the difference in a couple of weeks!


Tan Your Legs

Another secret to make legs look great, if you plan on showcasing them, is to use a bronzer or “fake tanner.” Bronzers and tanners are great because tanned skin can camouflage many imperfections. By rubbing a bronzer on them now and then, your legs will appear firmer. Plus, it will hide the cellulite and veins quite a bit. If you don’t believe me, just ask Oprah!


Know Your DNA

Of course, many times genetics plays a huge role in the size and shape of your legs. But that doesn’t mean you give up hope. By following these tips, you can slim down your legs, make them firmer, and even make them visually more appealing! All for a few minutes a day. Not a bad trade-off!