Dewy and smooth skin is more than just an aesthetic—it’s a sign of your skin’s overall health. Unfortunately, many people get patches of flaky and rough skin due to their environment, age, and even ineffective skincare practices. In addition, 2 to 5% of adults worldwide suffer from dryness because of skin conditions like eczema. Due to the decreased level of naturally occurring oils in their skin, individuals with dry skin may suffer from itchiness, irritation, and possible infection. So if you want to boost the moisture levels in your facial skin, here are the remedies you need to try:

Create a skincare routine with hydrating products

Many think that skincare routines are just for vanity, but this regimen is very important in maintaining the health and restoring the balance of your skin. Applying the right blend of products can resolve your skin issues and prevent other conditions from cropping up. That said, a proper skincare routine for dry skin must have a non-comedogenic cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. These products need to contain hydrating ingredients, like antioxidants, so that your skin will be protected from dryness and dullness. By applying these products regularly, you provide the right amount of moisture that your skin needs for optimal health.

Moisturize your skin overnight using an oil

You can add more nourishment and moisture to your skin by applying oils and letting them sit overnight. There are many kinds of oil that you can use, but we at Alright Now recommend jojoba oil because it is rich in vitamin E. This antioxidant enables the oil to moisturize your skin, minimize scars, and even combat acne. You can opt to apply six drops of jojoba oil onto your skin to boost its moisture levels. However, you can make your skin more plump and smooth by using jojoba oil as a moisturizing overnight treatment. To do this, put six or more drops of jojoba oil on your palm before massaging the product onto your face.

Avoid applying harsh and drying products

Moisturizing skincare products can restore the balance of your skin and boost its hydration levels. However, if you’re applying other harsh skincare products, then their ingredients may strip away the moisture on your skin and take you back to square one. As such, you must avoid harsh and drying skincare ingredients, such as fragrances and alcohol. There are dehydrating alcohol forms that are often used in toners and gel moisturizers. Aside from this, ethanol in toners can dry out sensitive skin. Meanwhile, methanol and benzyl alcohol can irritate and dehydrate the skin of those with rosacea and other skin conditions.

Improve the humidity in your home and work area

Aside from choosing the right skincare products, you also need to consider how your environment can affect the state of your skin. Dry indoor air can decrease your skin’s elasticity and even weaken your skin’s natural barriers. As such, you may notice that air-conditioned environments can leave your skin rough and dry. However, using a humidifier in your room can boost the moisture in the air and help you manage your skin’s hydration. By placing these devices in your room or working area, you can keep your skin from getting too dry, staving off itchiness and irritation.

Pay extra attention to your skin during seasonal changes

Since your body is exposed to your external environment, its state can change as seasons go by. For instance, the temperature and the humidity in the air drops during winter, which is why your skin can be extra dry and sensitive at this time. On top of that, cold weather can cause the water from the surface of your skin to evaporate at a faster rate. To protect your skin during winter, you need to use more hydrating skincare products. You can even add occlusives like petroleum jelly to seal in the moisture. And once the colder months go by, then you can amend your skincare routine again, based on your environment and skin-specific needs.

Dry skin does not only make your skin look rough and flaky. It can also promote irritation and inflammation. To protect it, you need to use the right skincare products and pay attention to your external environment. Stick to the appropriate skincare practices, and you can say goodbye to dryness.