A healthy body with considerable muscle mass and a lean physique is never out of trend. Whether it is for flexing at a competition or to look fabulous in your everyday life, a robust muscular stature is alluring to many. It shows one’s discipline and dedication towards their sport and life in general. You not only exhibit confidence, but also feel great to have perfected your practice.

By all means, one may try to achieve it as fast as possible. But before you get ambitious about gaining huge muscle mass, you may want to take a little time in planning your routine first.

For it is not merely exercising and increasing the food volume that gets you muscular, numerous aspects need incorporation when you want the actual results.


Devise an efficient workout plan.

You may choose any form of exercise to stay fit, but some of them focus primarily on burning fat and adding mobility. While The HIT and aerobics exercise sweats you out and burns a fair amount of fat per session, but in terms of building muscle mass, they might not be a big hero.

To get body gains along with the strength, you may most likely want to make yourself a workout plan that includes a substantial amount of strength training routine. Hitting some weight on the bar primarily focuses on breaking down your old muscles and recovering them stronger than before.

If you supply yourself with the right technique and, of course, appropriate nutrition, you will walk out with stronger and bigger muscles. When one wants to gain muscle endurance, and resistance training is the king, all you have to decide is what forms will hold your interest and bring maximum results to you.

Each body is different so that each individual may respond differently. The frequency, volume, density are small nit-grits that hugely impact your results. Taking help from a legit coach to build a plan for you to deal with uncertainty and get you the results faster and more efficiently.


Proportionate your macros.

Like your exercise routine, another vital component that is responsible for muscle growth is your diet structure and calorie input.

It is not only about what you eat, but your meal timings also play a vital role in supplying your body with consistent nutrition throughout the exercise and the recovery phase.

What and how you eat has an important role to play in your fitness journey, if you are looking to build muscle you may want to proportionate your macros in a ratio that are more carbohydrates, approximately 40 percent, while keeping optimal protein and fat ratios. You may variate this percentage depending on your body needs.


Introduce a small surplus.

To build muscle mass, you need to eat above your maintenance calories. You can easily estimate your calorie intake per day and introduce a small surplus ranging from 200 calories to 500 calories, depending on your goals.

You can eat one surplus meal a day or divide them throughout your meals, that is you can add 50-100 calories per meal for more sustained energy.

Make sure your surplus comes from a good source that fulfills your nutritional needs as well.


Supplements and enhancers:

Even when you are eating on a surplus, it is very easy to get astray. It is crucial to inculcate the right macro ratio for optimal gain.

The carbohydrates, proteins, and fats together form the macro component of your food, and they play their separate role in adding strength and mass to your muscles.

Protein may act as the building blocks for the muscle, while carbohydrates pump you with enough energy to perform your exercises, and fats act as lubricants and balance hormonal health.

Though your calorie intake must essentially come from the food you eat, it is sometimes not enough. As a result, you may need protein supplements and enhancers to promote endurance and growth of your muscles.


Give yourself recovery time and rest time

One may neglect the importance of the recovery period and may think pushing hard at the gym is what will get you your optimal growth.

Contradictory to this view, the actual gain in your muscle happens when you are giving yourself the rest after the burn at the gym.

Most of the athletes vouch for adequate sleep and add enough rest days to their training programs. Sometimes they inculcate a day of light cardio to add mobility.

Likewise, a series of dynamic stretches before a workout session and static stretching afterward can enhance performance, recovery, and hence growth.



The big secret of gaining muscle is that there is no secret. Sometimes the basics are what you need. Apart from providing flexibility to your joints and reducing cramps, water is also necessary to boost your performance.

Since our muscle tissues are largely made of water, dehydration during a workout can deplete your muscles, and you may notice no growth despite adequate diet and exercise. Therefore, it is essential to supply your body with ample water before and during workouts. Water transports protein and carbohydrates to our bloodstream, which acts as a building block for our muscles.


Finally, it is all about staying committed to your goals. Sometimes, you may not see results immediately, as your body is recomposing to new habits. But, consistent hard work and discipline will eventually get your desired results.

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