We all want our pet buddies to have a comfortable way of living. Then why compromise with their feeding station, or the ways they have their main meals? The mealtime should be the most treasured and fun-time for these selfless, adorable pooches. By creating their food bowl stand, you can always give it a personalized touch according to their requirements and tastes! These feeding stations come with a lot of added benefits; from reducing their mealtime mess, to catering to secure storage, and these DIY feeding stations look excellent. Select your one from the seven amazing DIY dog feeding stations and relive your old school days.


1. Contemporary pet bowl stand with a twist

This bowl is specifically for small breeds of puppies. Re-measure your pooch’s bowl and let your adorable one relish their food all the time!


  • Dog food bowls
  • Cut down the square-shaped wooden dowels:
    —6″ (length) x 4
    —19″(height) x 4
    — six 6.25″ parts (depth)
  • 1″wood screws (two packs are sufficient)
  • permanent adhesive
  • metal clamps
  • sandpaper
  • battery-operated drill machine



Start out by building out the top and bottom.Then drill a hole. Initially, start building the top and the bottom. Attach one length and depth piece and secure them tightly with the adhesive and metal clamps. Once done, screw the opposite sides. Do a similar thing with the bottom. Attach the height pieces to complete the table. And don’t forget to fill it with his favorite food!


2. Upcycled DIY Dog Feeder

Dog bowls are a necessity for dogs, and this one is simple yet helpful. It takes a few steps to complete, and your four-legged buddy is ever happy to have his new dining table! Read the four simple steps to make this DIY.


  • Wooden duckboard
  • Sandpaper
  • Permanent paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • Flat paintbrush
  • Paint sealer



Even the surfaces of the wooden duckboard with the sandpaper. Make it smooth. Cut out the portions where you want to place its bowls and brush-off the extra dust. Paint the same while giving a half-n-half effect. Coat the wooden slat with a couple of coats. Allow it to dry thoroughly. Apply the gloss to make it permanent. Place his bowl full of food and surprise him with his new feeding station!


3. Log Bowl – nature-inspired elevated food dishes

Log bowls are the perfect combination of the tree’s beauty (in its natural state) and with some bit of high-gloss, and bright-colored paints! Every bowl is made of reclaimed trees of all types. Remember to use the local ones, fallen or cut down owing to the extreme weather. Cherry-pick the one you would like to make a DIY stand for your pooch.


  • Broken logs
  • Acrylic paint (bright color)
  • Water-based gloss varnish



Pick the one you want to transform into your pet buddy’s feeding station. Measure his feeding bowl and mark it on the surface of the log. Then with the help of a hacksaw, scoop-out the portion. Color the entire scooped-out piece with bright acrylic paint. Fill it with his favorite treats and let him enjoy it!


4. Old Coca-Cola crate Dog Bowl Holder

Turn the old Coca-Cola crate lying in your store into your pooch’s bowl holder! Follow the guidelines to get a better overview of how to make the same.


  • Old Coca-Cola crate
  • ¾” plywood
  • Hacksaw
  • Battery-operated drill
  • Fastener
  • Jigsaw blade
  • Measuring tape
  • Compass
  • Centre- punch
  • Mallet/hammer
  • Red color spray-paint
  • Sandpaper



Cut out the ¾” piece of plywood the same size of the opening of the Coca-Cola crate. Measure your pooch’s feeding bowl. You should measure the diameter correctly. Divide the bowl diameter into half and get the radius measurement. With a measuring tape, set the placement area of the bowls lengthwise. With a compass, draw circles for the dishes. Drill holes, but big enough to fit in the jigsaw. Carefully cut out the circles. Then with sandpaper, even-out the surfaces, and edges. Clean the area and paint it with bright colors. Place your pooch’s bowl and fill it in with his favorite dish. Let him test and taste it out!


5. Built-in dog bowls

Making these dog bowls inside your kitchen is the wisest thing you can do for your pet buddy. His bowl inside the little console looks smart and makes his meals a better and comfortable one. Read below to make his surprise on your own.


  • Screw-driver
  • Jigsaw blade
  • Four corbels.
  • One wood step footstep
  • Twelve wood screws
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush



  • Decide on the height you require according to your dog breed. Level it by drawing a line.
  • Figure out where to place the corbel to the right height. Place it an inch below the marked line.
  • Mark two holes, one at the top of each corbel. Tighten it using screws.
  • Measure the bowl size, which you require to fit. Drill one hole via the step and use a jigsaw blade to cut out the holes in the shape of the bowls.
  • Then drill the level with the bowl holes inside the corbels. With the help of a sandpaper, smooth the edges and then paint it. Your pooch’s feeding cabinet is ready!


6. Picnic Basket Feeding Stand

Using an old picnic basket is the cleverest! Get your old basket down from the attic and give it a new makeover for your adorable pooch. If not a picnic basket, you can do this straightforward DIY using a plastic storage container or else a juice carton. You are the boss! If you want to leave the top open, well, so be it!


  • Jig-saw
  • Battery-operated drill
  • Pencil marker
  • Measurement tape
  • A good paintbrush (keep it handy)
  • An old picnic basket/juice carton or plastic container
  • Two plastic containers
  • Half inch plywood
  • A couple of joints
  • A hardboard to make a stencil
  • Permanent paint (keep it handy)



Take the two plastic containers to hold his water and food. Trace an outline on the hardboard in the shape of the boxes. It is the template you will use while placing it on top of the basket/container. Make holes on all four sides of the cut-out with the battery-operated drill machine. While drilling, make the holes big enough to allow the jigsaw blade to fit inside. Cut out the shapes carefully. Fit it with a wood-glue. Place the plastic containers to check their fitting. Place a filled-up canvas bag or a cloth bag inside the basket. Fill it with your pooch’s favorite dog food. Then take out the dish and scoop out her dinner! Voila! Your pooch is a happy soul. Fill the other bowl with water. (Remember to use polyurethane to give it a better look, and it helps from spilling.) Let your pooch have a hearty meal in this elevated meal stand, as it is much easier on his neck.


7. Designer dog bowl chairs

Could you ever imagine that your old school chairs might turn into a pet buddy feeding joint? Strange, right? Well, it is possible with this DIY technique.


  • Two old school chairs
  • Drill machine
  • Jigsaw
  • Pencil marker
  • Wood glue



Place the two chairs adjacent to each other. Draw the radius of your pooch’s food and water bowls on the respective chair’s seats. Mark it with the colored pencil marker. With the drill machine’s help, make a hole at the four corners (imaginary ones, equidistant to each other.) Then cut across the marked portion with the help of a jigsaw blade. Fix the bowls inside the holes and stick it well with wood glue. Don’t worry! These glues are permanent, so your pooch can enjoy his meal. Monogram the backrest of the chairs by writing food and water. It looks fantastic, and your pooch will not have any difficulty with a high neck.


Four paws-up!

In recent times, making use of your old items and giving them a new shape is in fashion. The same is with your pet pooch’s re-purposed feeding station. These seven DIY feeding zones for your pet buddy are not too difficult for you to make. The skill level is straightforward, and you can ask your close-knits to help you accomplish this DIY project. So, enjoy making and gifting one to your furry mate!