Imagine if there was nothing else to do in life other than to read, read and read. Won’t it be incredibly dull and unromantic? Luckily life is not only about staying at home and building up our knowledge poll, but is also as much about going out and having fun. In fact biologically also we are not supposed to stay switched on at all the times, or to put it more precisely even if we want to we can’t stay switched on round the clock. We need breaks from activities, from monotonies, and need to recharge our body and soul from time to time so that it can keep working like a well-oiled machine. And there is no better way to break the monotony and have some fun than embarking on road trips while casting aside all the worries of day-to-day life.

Just in case you are not sure what are the best places and routes, we have a list ready for you:

  1. Mumbai to Goa: A drive that is on the radar of every passionate rider, the Mumbai to Goa route is filled with thrills and many amazing moments. Goa is a 10-hour drive from Mumbai and one can take the NH 17 to travel to the land of sun-kissed beaches, rave parties, and age-old culture and traditions. To top it, the route is dotted with picturesque landscapes, not least the amazing countryside where the rustic beauty fills your heart and mind with joy and happiness. But make sure that you start early, around 5 am, so that you get to enjoy the sunset in this amazing city. Also make a list of things to keep on the road trip for adventure tours to India; it will help you wriggle out of difficult situations and make the trip smooth.
  2. Ahmedabad to Kutch: The main attraction in Kutch is undoubtedly the Great Rann of Kutch, which is a salt marsh in the Thar Desert and by some accounts the largest of its kind in the world. It is a great time to be here during the famous Rann Utsav as during this period the area gets chock-a-block with foreign and domestic travelers who simply get caught up in the festivities. The path is a bit bumpy, so better to take it into account while planning for this 400 km journey. Stuff that you can do in Kutch includes shopping for local handicrafts and visiting the Wild Ass sanctuary.
  3. Guwahati to Tawang: Located in the North East of India, this trek will leave a lasting impression on any rider. To begin with, the natural beauty of the region is unparalleled; it is another matter that not enough is done to promote the region. But who knows, by the time you are done and dusted with this road trip, you may yourself find enough inspiration to promote this place and road trip. The trip takes you through snow-clad mountains, an Indian Army Camp, and the lush green countryside. The trip would also allow you to get a taste of Buddhist culture and the local tradition, which is so unlike anything you have ever seen. It takes around 9 hrs to complete this 480-km long trip.
  4. Old Silk Route: If you want to go driving to a place that is steeped in history, don’t look any further than the Old Silk Route. In the ancient times the Silk Route, which comprises a network of trade and cultural transmission routes, connected the west to the east in Asia and in the process facilitated trade and commerce to flourish. The route was also instrumental in the intermingling of different cultures between these regions. Traces of influence of this bygone era are still strong which you will experience immediately when you reach here. To top it, the route zigzags its way through meandering hills and across the countryside making for a stunning adventure.
  5. Delhi-Agra-Jaipur: It constitutes one of the most popular, if not the most popular, circuit in the tourist circuit and is frequently called the “Golden Triangle.” Even a person who is not a cultural or history buff, at the end of this trip would turn into one; such is the potential of this trip. The circuit is a microcosm of India and would give the traveler great insight into Indian culture, traditions, history and much more. From Mughal era architecture to British colonial achievements to the incredible forts of the Rajputs, brace yourself for some stunning time during the trip.
  6. Delhi to Rishikesh: This trip is for adventure buffs who won’t mind the trip to be layered with a little bit of spirituality. Delhi comprises of old Delhi and New Delhi, with the former being the bastion and capital of the Mughals till the dynasty came to an end. New Delhi is more modern and progressive and comprises monuments and building built by the British and those built after India’s independence. The trip from Delhi to Rishikesh, which is so strikingly different from Delhi in more ways than one, is one for the ages. Spirituality floats in the winds of Rishikesh and you can’t get away from it; and together with the many adventure activities like rafting, it is a cocktail that would leave you totally satisfied.
  7. Darjeeling to Pelling: A route that is so beautiful that you would continue to miss it for days, if not for months. After all there are not many such shouldering valleys like Darjeeling that are so lush, so filled with life and where you feel like you can almost touch the clouds. En route, you can stop by and take snapshots of the local sightseeing places, like Kalimpong, and also get refreshments at any of the eateries that fall on the route; these eateries can even be a great starting point for you to get some quick information about the local customs and culture which always come in handy.

Zara Jones

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