About Catherine McKenna

Catherine McKenna is the creative and fashion-forward force behind Fashion Cassonade, an online blog and YouTube channel dedicated to ‘the little girl playing dress up in the mirror’ that lives in all of us. Catherine’s passion for fashion and all things beauty has been evident since the age of three, when her shoes had to match her dress and her hair had to be ‘down in the back’ before going to preschool. As a natural progression and creative outlet, Fashion Cassonade combines her years of experience as a Fashion Merchandiser, Stylist and Makeup Artist. Catherine’s mission is that every woman embrace and enhance their true natural beauty by awakening that little girl and inviting her to play dress up.

DIY Waxing

Catherine McKenna shows you how to get the best results from do-it-yourself waxing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOQZISyuGBM

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