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Best Beauty Skin Care Tips Before Your Next Big Event

Learn the Secrets to Looking Your Best for a Night Out On the Town!   When it is time for your big event, you have to look and feel your best. Having a clear complexion and smooth skin is just one way that you can give your confidence a boost. Whether you are preparing for a wedding or a special night out, these tips will give you the radiant, soft skin that you need to complete your look. For the best results, start prepping your skin several weeks in advance. Your skin replenishes every month which means that everything you do to hurt your skin in the previous month can and does show up on the big night. Eating healthy and moisturizing your skin has to start right away. To get a head start, use the following tips. Two Weeks before the Big Day  For the ladies who think ahead, right now is the time for prepping the skin. Two weeks before the big event, you should exfoliate your skin once or twice. This will help to stimulate new skin cells to form and help to remove dead cells. In addition, make sure to moisturize and cleanse on a daily basis. Right now is also the time to test out any new makeup products, razors or shaving creams. You do not want to wait for the day before the event to try something out. If it does not work or causes a breakout, your pictures will be ruined. Even if you are not changing products, you should still shave or wax now. Both of these activities will help to remove the top layer of dead skin. To make the skin smoother, soak the hair for about three minutes before shaving. Afterward, you should make sure to use a good lotion or in-shower moisturizer on your legs. If you plan on using a self-tanner or tanning bed, this is the right time to prepare. Two weeks will give you an ample amount of time to develop the perfect self-tanner glow without leaving any streaks. To make your skin appear even darker, try whitening your teeth using an at-home treatment. Many of these treatments can achieve the maximum results within two weeks. One Week to Go With just one week left until the big day, your skin care needs to already have a healthy glow. The cheapest and best way to get your glow going is to drink plenty of water. Victoria’s Secret Angels normally drink several quarts of water a day before they hit the runway. By adopting this strategy and eating plenty of vegetables, you can ensure that your skin looks as refreshed as possible. If you were planning on getting a facial before your big event, a week beforehand is the perfect time. It allows the skin to truly glow, but also gives your face enough time to recover. While you get your facial, this is the ideal time to wax your eyebrows and [...]

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