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Natural Home Remedies for Easing Constipation that Actually Work

Strikingly frustrating and common, constipation can affect each of us. It is estimated that about 25% of the people suffer through the silent problem. Often caused by constant binge eating and lifestyle changes that usually follow, sometimes people also suffer from chronic constipation, which has no specific reason associated with it but has people clutching the pillbox for a solution all the time.   Critical factors One of the critical factors in constipation is a diet. Eating high-fiber foods, such as raw fruits and vegetables and whole grains, helps to keep you regular. Drinking enough fluid is essential too. The fiber holds the water in the bowel so it can mix with the stool and make it softer.   What Could Cause Constipation?  Change in diet - You may be eating more oily food than usual or may have started a new weight-loss regimen. Any change in your diet could trigger the odd bout of constipation. Certain foods can also bring this on like high-fat or processed food, caffeine, or even too much alcohol.   Lack of fluids - When you don't drink sufficient water, you might be constipated. Also, note that artificial beverages cannot be counted as fluids because they trigger constipation instead of driving it away.   Leading a sedentary lifestyle - A lack of exercise could slow down metabolism. And this could hamper digestion, which could lead to constipation.   Medication - Certain kinds of medicines or painkillers can bring your system to a grinding halt, which leads to constipation. If required, you can take a stool softener. Even iron supplements or vitamins could create a problem, and if they do, you should check with your doctor.   Before rushing to find the right medicine, try these effective home remedies to treat constipation, which will help give natural relief in no time. Here are a bunch of home remedies that'll put your system back on track in no time:   Include more healthy fats Fats are not always harmful to health, and in fact, oils are essential for a properly balanced diet. Olive oil and castor oil are incredibly useful for your body, and so are the oil-rich nuts. Working as a laxative, these oils will help balance the intestines and regulate your bowel movements.   Molasses Molasses are regarded as a superfood for all the perfect reasons. Not only does it contain the minimum concentrate of sugar, but the high dosage of multivitamins and minerals like magnesium help break down enzymes in the body and balance the body's routine, which further helps in getting rid of an upset stomach.   Mint or ginger tea When nothing works, tea helps always. The most common and helpful cure for constipation comes from the kitchen. Mint and ginger contain powerful enzymes that are excellent for the digestive system. Ginger, generally is considered a warm food, which relieves an upset stomach. Drink a concoction of mint or ginger tea before or after meals to detoxify [...]

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