5 Reasons Why Stand Up Paddleboarding is the Perfect Post-Lockdown Adventure

One of the songs that was released during the lockdown that resonated with many people was Sofi Tukker’s “House Arrest”. The months of lockdown caused by the pandemic wreaked havoc on our travel schedules, vacations and itineraries. Things have now started to open back up, but the pandemic has transformed the way people think about traveling, going on adventures, and taking vacations. While traveling to a far flung destination may not be in the cards for quite some time, outdoor adventures like paddle boarding are a fantastic way to get outdoors and release some pent up energy. Find out why a paddle boarding adventure is one of our top recommended post-lockdown activities.   Stand up Paddle Board Adventures: 5 Ways They Drive Away Post Lockdown Blues Here are 5 awesome benefits of stand up paddleboarding that will convince you why it’s such a great post-lockdown adventure.   Nature Therapy  When the pandemic started, news of people becoming anxious, stressed, and depressed began to emerge. Even the uncertainty of what will happen after restrictions are lifted can trigger feelings of anxiety, and stress. Some call it the post-lockdown anxiety, or post-quarantine blues. Immersing yourself in nature has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, and has a positive effect on mood. Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is one of the best ways to get out into nature in a safe, socially distant way.   Paddle Boarding is a Great Way to Socially Distance Stand up paddleboarding is not considered a risky activity and does not pose a big threat, especially as compared to other outdoor activities like contact sports or group tours. It’s a naturally socially distanced adventure, many times with miles of water in between you and the next paddler. This is a big plus - you have the ability to keep yourself socially distant and safe during your adventure. As you ply the waters, you don’t have to worry about running into people or wearing a mask. Plus, paddle boarding at your local lake, beach or river can help you relax, unwind, and feel “normal” again. The sound of the water, the gentle rocking of the kayak, and your beautiful surroundings will do wonders to bring calm to your mind and body.   Paddle Boarding is a Good Workout  If you feel like you’ve gained an extra bulge in the course of the quarantine, you can SUP your way to weight loss. An hour on the board can help you work off as much as 600 calories! That much calories without jumping and burpees?! Yes, please! Stand up paddleboarding is also an amazing way to get your cardio on. Paddling can work your legs, abs, arms, and chest. If you missed your high intensity workouts, going on a SUP trip can help you feel like you’re back on track with your fitness again!   The Oxytocin Rush of Paddle Boarding  Good exercise = happy hormones. Research has found out that a good outdoor [...]