5 Easy Steps to Make Cauliflower Rice for Vegan Rice With a Food Processor

The vegan craze seems to be taking the world by storm. Everyone now is looking into going vegan for a more extended, healthier lifestyle. Well, with that said, we are presenting to you easy recipes for making vegan cauliflower rice meals, which you would love to try out. Cauliflower rice has to be one of the best vegetarian dishes you will ever come across. Not only is it easy to make, but it is ready on your plate in a matter of minutes. Owing to the maxim, “You are what you eat,” we can confidently conclude that what you put inside your body is entirely your responsibility. These healthy recipes with cauliflower rice can be easily made with the help of the best mini food processor you happen to have in the kitchen. In this article, you will learn a few steps on making cauliflower rice, so read on!   Step One: Decide on the Type to Cook When you search the net, you will be presented with a variety of ways of cooking. You can go with vegetable stir fry with cauliflower rice, which includes other types of veggies as part of the delicacy. You could also try making some spicy Spanish cauliflower rice or cauliflower rice with coconut milk. Additionally, you can also choose to go with a simple keto cauliflower rice treat packed with proteins at a low-card count. Regardless of the type you choose to go with, the process is ideally the same. The only differing part will be the ingredients.   Step Two: Collect All Your Ingredients and Tools As mentioned, the ingredients will depend on the dish you wish to make. We shall be looking at the Spanish cauliflower rice, the one with coconut milk, and the keto cauliflower rice. But before getting into the details, let us take a look at the requirements of making the dishes. You will need: A food processor A frying vessel ( skillet, pan, or a hot wok) Cooking vegetable oil, butter, olive or coconut oil Big cauliflower heads (light green, orange, or purple) Seasoning and spices (salt, cumin) Tomato paste (for Spanish cauliflower rice) Diced veggies — carrots, onions, bell peppers, garlic, and ginger garnish — sesame seeds or cilantro Coconut milk (for the coconut cauliflower rice) Vegetable or chicken broth ( for Spanish cauliflower rice) Tumeric (optional) Lime (optional)   Step Three: Preparation Once you have collected all you need, wash all your fresh produce with clean running water thoroughly. Then you can proceed to cut them. Preparing Cauliflower Using the Food Processor Every show has a star, right! Cauliflower, in this case, just happens to be the star of the plate, and so we will start on how to fix it. After washing and cutting off the outer harder leaves, let the cauliflower heads sit to dry completely. After it has completely dried, trim the heads into florets to remove the hard stem at the base. These chunks must be [...]