Filling the Void

Many people in the world do the things they do in order to fill a void. Some feel they need to be in a romantic relationship. Some over-eat, over-shop or continuously play video games. Others try to fill it with an even more detrimental addiction, such as drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, or gambling. It gives them temporary pleasure—momentary relief from the emptiness—so they keep going back for more, yet they are never happy or satisfied. The cause of the “void” feeling is actually the separation from God/Source/Love. We miss that love feeling, and all of us have had a taste of it to varying degrees. We have all lost it as well (or rather, perceive that we have), thus creating more longing for what we believe we are missing. Of course, the only way to fill a void is to fill yourself up with what is actually missing. If you want to find that Source/Love connection, you must look within. If the above describes you, perhaps it’s time to stop looking externally for what you have had all along; and to face yourself and your inner-most fear-based emotions that may be standing in your way. Aside from directly releasing these issues, via the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Vipassana mediation or The Releasement Process; meditation is a wonderful way to connect to Source energy. You can also do things that lift your spirit, such as listening to music, dancing, going out into nature, gardening, or anything else that gives you that “love” feeling. Feeding your soul will help release you from the need to feed your body with temporary pleasures that are not serving you. Discovering your soul will lead you permanently back to Source, love and bliss. For more information from Vicki Luibrand, go to