Fall has arrived and with winter right round the corner, it is time to think holidays. And what better way holidays can be spent than by travelling to the wonderful destinations that the world has to offer. If you come to think of it, the United Kingdom is filled to the brim with some wonderful holiday destinations that can take your breath away.

The countryside, for example, has a lot to offer. Be it the occasional traveller, or the enthusiastic backpacker or a whole family, UK’s countryside is a picturesque treat to everyone. In this article, we will discuss a few exquisite holiday destinations in the beautiful countryside of the UK.

Let’s find out more.

Rural Lancashire

Rural Lancashire in Britain is famous for the Crook O’Lune viewpoint. It offers a remarkable view of the River Lune that makes a great curve. This curve will remind you of the Dordogne’s Cingle de Trémolat. The splendid view stretches to the Yorkshire Dales. The colours that view offer are bright hues of greens, browns and blues and you would find yourself immersed in the calmness and the beauty of it all in seconds.

In addition, the bustling farmer’s markets are a great place to find fresh produce. You can also follow the Lancashire cheese Trail or the Ribble Valley Food Trail to satiate your culinary side. The food there is absolutely lip-smacking and is bound to leave a smile on your face.

Apart from that, the forest of Bowland is an absolute treat. You must visit that you imbibe in the greenery and the wildlife.


This partly walled city has a lot offer. Canterbury is quite reputed for its breathtaking cathedral. Apart from that, you can plan a visit to the coastal town of Whistable or a day outing to Calais right from Dover. While you are in Canterbury, you must pay a visit to the City Wall Trail. It goes halfway around the city and takes about a couple of hours to finish this visit.

Canterbury is great destination for walking or cycling and could be a bit crowded with tourists in the holiday season. The narrow lanes and the shops are great to walk through. Take a day trip or cycle through the picturesque city. There’s so much to do in this city if you look in the right places.

Wistman’s Wood

Located in Devon, Wistman’s Wood is an exquisite place to be. It is the burst of fresh greenery that would greet you and beckon you to explore more. You can indulge your senses in the peace and quiet of the woods and give in to nature. The mosses, ferns, lichens and trees will take your breath away. The trees in the Wistman’s Wood are stunted owing to the harsh weather. The oaks do not grow taller than 12 feet.

Wistman’s Wood is managed by Natural England. Wistman’s Wood is located right at the centre of Dartmoor National Park, which is situated on the eastern slopes of the West Dart River.


Hexham is situated quite close to Hadrian’s Wall, which has turned out to be quite the crowd-puller. If you weren’t aware of it, Hadrian’s Wall is a reputed long-distance footpath. You must make it a point to visit that when you are in Hexham. The countryside is really well-maintained and is extremely pleasing to the eyes.

If you visit Hexham, you must not miss out on the Farmer’s market. This market takes place on second and fourth Saturdays of every month. You would find everything that has been locally produced or baked, here in the market. And they are absolutely fresh. What’s more, Hexham has been voted to be “England’s Best Market Town!’ Need I say more?

Bronte County

Bronte County is reminiscent of the novel ‘Wuthering Heights’. The Penine village is where Emily Bronte wrote the book in. While you are at Bronte County, you can stroll into the Bronte Parsonage Museum, the home of the three Bronte sisters.

Apart from that, Bronte County is dotted with fine shops, cafes and restaurants. You can also take guided walks through the village.

If you wish to go on a vacation to the UK countryside, staying at the right place is important. A good country house hotel would be the right choice for you.