4 Anti-Aging Benefits that Come with Strength Training

There are many ways to slow down the aging process. Many choose to go the “easy” route with expensive plastic surgeries, cosmetic procedures, and fad diets. However, establishing a strength training routine into your daily life will not only have you looking younger, but feeling younger as well. Here are four benefits to strength training that should open your eyes and have you feeling like heading back to the gym soon!   Keep Muscle Mass Muscle is tough to come by. It does not just happen overnight. And the muscle mass you currently have developed over the years will gradually go away as you age unless you do something about it. I made a commitment to strength training a few years back as I noticed how older people will lose their size and actually appear to shrivel up as they age. I don’t want that. I want to retain my quality of life up until my number is called! In addition, research has shown that not only will strength training keep you physically active, but will improve your cognitive abilities as well!   Avoid Injuries As we enter our golden years, injuries can tend to pile up. A small tumble outside could lead to several months on the shelf or worse. People just become more fragile as we age. However, with strength training, we can avoid these injuries. Hitting the weights, either through dumbbells, barbells, or cable machines, can help you avoid osteoporosis and other ailments. Strength training will keep the bone density you currently have or make it stronger, so injuries do not have to be part of your life as you age.   Improve Your Appearance Here is the great thing about those interested in improving their body as they age: Muscle burns fat even while resting. Those extra pounds that seem to accumulate in certain parts of our body as we age do not have to be accepted. By sticking to a strength training routine, your body can look better at 50 or 60 than it did at 40 years of age. Many people spend a lot of money on clothes that they believe make them appear in shape, but hitting the gym and getting the real thing instead is priceless.   Better Cardiovascular Health Heart disease is the number one killer around the globe. It does not care about your age, race, or sex. It is devastating and can strike instantly. Because of this, it makes sense that you should want to improve your cardiovascular health if you want to live longer. Strength training can improve your good cholesterol, reduce your bad cholesterol, and according to recent studies, is even better for your heart than a cardio workout. You want a strong heart? Get strong muscles!   Don’t Go Overboard Strength training does not mean you have to start weightlifting like you are getting ready for the Olympics. A simple every other day routine for thirty minutes to an hour is [...]

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5 Proven Practices to Give You Firm Legs

There are four problem areas that most women have trouble with, and I am no different. These areas of the body are the back of the arms (triceps), the tummy, the butt, and the legs. Other than that, aren’t we all perfect??   I noticed my legs were not looking their best about ten years ago. When we were young, everything came so easy physically. But now, not only do we have to work hard to keep ourselves in good shape, but we have to work smart. I asked a few certified fitness trainers about things I could do to strengthen my legs and definitely make them more tone. I came away with five great answers and have been doing these things consistently for the last six years. And when summer comes around, because of my commitment, I can feel proud in my shorts (smile).   Can’t Out-Train a Bad Diet Health and fitness is 80 percent of what you eat and 20 percent of your daily physical exercise. If your diet is not on point, don’t expect to be able to magically shrink your legs and have them appear slimmer or firmer. If you have tried every diet under the sun and still have weight to lose, say goodbye to diets and go with a lifestyle change instead. Intermittent fasting, refraining from eating for periods of 12 to 16 hours a day, will not only have you lose weight, fat, and inches, but it is good for your cognitive abilities and for a healthy heart.   Bodyweight Squats If you want your legs to appear firm, but not thick enough to make it seem like you can walk with a pickup truck on your back, do bodyweight squats. Your body weight is enough to give your legs a great workout. Plus, bodyweight squats can be performed at home, in the gym, or even while you are taking your lunch break. No special equipment is needed!   Lunges Just like with squats, lunges are a full leg workout. And again, no special equipment is needed. Simply find the biggest room in your house and see how many times you can walk back and forth while doing lunges. Once you establish a number, try beating that number every day. You will get firmer legs and you will be burning serious calories.   Calf Raises Calf raises will not just make your calves more noticeable, but they will give you stronger ankles in the long run. You can do these easily on your steps outside your house once a day and should see the difference in a couple of weeks!   Tan Your Legs Another secret to make legs look great, if you plan on showcasing them, is to use a bronzer or “fake tanner.” Bronzers and tanners are great because tanned skin can camouflage many imperfections. By rubbing a bronzer on them now and then, your legs will appear firmer. Plus, it will hide the cellulite [...]

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5 Great Health Reasons Why You Should Use a Sauna

There was a time when saunas were only found in the fanciest of gyms and health clubs. But now, they are more prevalent in other businesses as well such as the spa, anti-aging clinics, and salons. In fact, it is not uncommon at all to see private residents have their own sauna nowadays in their homes.   There are two main types of saunas to choose from. Infrared saunas are more home-friendly than dry heat saunas, but on the other hand, dry heat saunas can usually get up to a much higher temperature. It all depends on your preference. In an infrared sauna, the body is warmed up by electromagnetic radiation. Dry saunas raise the temperature through a heavy-duty heater. Adding a dry sauna to your home could cost about $5,000. An infrared sauna can be purchased for around $1,000.   We had our own infrared sauna built into the house about a year ago, but there are portable models you can add to your extra bedroom that don’t require any venting and simply plug right into a normal outlet without any special wiring needed! I have used my infrared sauna consistently three or four times a week ever since I got it because of the benefits associated with using an infrared sauna listed below.   Release Stress and Lift Mood There is nothing better than getting my sauna up to about 120 to 140 degrees and relaxing in there for 20 minutes. All the stresses of the day melt away as I read my book or lay down and listen to music. Sauna use also helps with depression because it massively improves mood. If you ever have insomnia, use the sauna right before going to bed and you will sleep like a baby.   Clearer and Younger Looking Skin Dermatologists know how well a sauna can improve the appearance of your skin. Once the temperature gets hot enough, the pores open up and the sweating detoxifies the skin by removing the impurities. This will restore the glow to your skin and reduce future breakouts. Plus, the extra circulation as your blood starts to pump away will make your skin look much younger and healthier as the nutrients are being delivered more efficiently.   Reduce Inflammation Inflammation in the body can bring on serious soreness and pain. There have been studies conducted on both animals and humans that show both types of saunas can reduce inflammation and restore mobility to those suffering from occasional pain to even chronic pain like arthritis. There is a reason why professional athletes will sweat away in a sauna after a tough workout. It relieves the soreness associated with hard work. Being able to combat pain without the use of medication is definitely a positive.   Lose Weight There is a differing of opinions when you read what experts have to say about weight loss and saunas. Some experts will say the weight loss is just temporary. However, there was [...]

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5 Proven Practices to Give You a Flat Tummy

It happens as we age. Back when we were teenagers, we could eat whatever we wanted and still have a flat tummy. This may stay true even into our twenties for many. But then cruel, cruel fate has its way to catch up to us. All of a sudden, those cookies we eat before bed or the chips that we sometimes munch on while watching tv start affecting our waistline seemingly overnight. It’s like a switch has been flipped and our metabolism isn’t what it used to be.   But that is alright. Because we can either change with the times and still keep our flat tummy or admit defeat and wear sweatpants for the rest of our lives. And while sweatpants come in all types of styles and colors nowadays, I didn’t want them to be 90 percent of my wardrobe. I decided to look into what could give me that slim stomach that I have always desired. I made these changes and am more than pleased with the results. I hope they help you as well!   Water, Water, and More Water I know it is generic as it focuses on a one-size-fits-all model, but for women, our daily caloric intake should be no more than 2,000 calories. For men, it is closer to 2,500 calories a day. This does not take height into account so be sure to adjust accordingly when figuring out how many calories you can take in a day and still have a flat stomach. In any case, switching over to drinking water with all of my meals made a huge difference in my body fat percentage. Too many people drink sodas and other high calories drinks every day. This is just one of the main reasons why nearly 40 percent of people are obese in this country. Water has zero calories and will keep you feeling full longer, so you do not have to eat as much. So, drink up and include several glasses of water with all of your meals!   Exercise Consistently While it is true that abs are made in the kitchen, exercising does not hurt either. Exercise burns calories and fat. Besides regular cardio exercises like walking and running, there are also numerous great core exercises you can choose from and do on a consistent basis without the need for any special equipment. For instance, planking and leg raises will strengthen your abs and obliques so once you get your body fat percentage down low enough, you will be the envy of all of your friends with your chiseled tummy.   Commit to Intermittent Fasting Intermittent fasting is not to be confused with a diet as you can still eat your normal foods. It is a lifestyle change. With intermittent fasting, you refrain from eating and drinking (most beverages) usually anywhere from 12 to 20 hours a day. This results in losing serious weight and the bad fat around your belly. Since you are [...]

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How to Finally Become a Runner

I remember the day very well. The truth is I always had thought about becoming a runner, but just never made the commitment to it through high school, college, or even my twenties. However, I knew once I had committed to purchasing my first real pair of running shoes that I was going to give this a go.   Why the Need to Become a Runner I always admired runners as they challenged themselves physically and mentally to go that extra mile. Plus, being able to get a good workout while clearing your mind and running out in the country is something that really appealed to me.   Plan Ahead of Time The great thing about becoming a runner is that it really does not cost anything except your time. I spent $50 on running shoes and have enough fitness clothes to run in so I definitely didn’t need to go out and get more. I also use my phone to supply the tunes as I sweat on down the road and have an assortment of headphones to choose from. When I started running, I did a couple of miles twice a week only on sunny days. Now I try to run every other day, regardless of rain or shine, for a few miles each time. And it may sound silly, but I actually get excited about planning the course that I am running each time out. It is like a little private adventure as I explore side roads that I have never been on before.   The Benefits Associated with Running I had noticed that I had a few extra pounds accumulating in areas of my body that I was not happy about. Why is it that the extra weight always goes to the wrong places? Anyway, the American Council on Exercise has created a chart on how many calories different exercises burn, and at the top of the list of most effective calorie-burning exercises is running. It will definitely get you the most bang for your buck! Heart disease is the number one killer across the globe. Running can decrease blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol as well. Looking good on the outside as well as the inside is something to strive for. Bone density also decreases as we get older. This makes us more susceptible to injury. As an example, my great aunt is getting up there in age and she took a slight fall a couple of months ago. It didn’t look serious, but she broke a bone. Running can build stronger bones so when you get to the age of my aunt, a little tumble will not have you on the shelf for months. Exercise, in general, will improve your mood. But there is something about being outside in nature and working up a sweat while running that seems to be the best therapy one can experience. In a world where more doctors seem to be prescribing medication while exercise [...]

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5 Reasons Why Stand Up Paddleboarding is the Perfect Post-Lockdown Adventure

One of the songs that was released during the lockdown that resonated with many people was Sofi Tukker’s “House Arrest”. The months of lockdown caused by the pandemic wreaked havoc on our travel schedules, vacations and itineraries. Things have now started to open back up, but the pandemic has transformed the way people think about traveling, going on adventures, and taking vacations. While traveling to a far flung destination may not be in the cards for quite some time, outdoor adventures like paddle boarding are a fantastic way to get outdoors and release some pent up energy. Find out why a paddle boarding adventure is one of our top recommended post-lockdown activities.   Stand up Paddle Board Adventures: 5 Ways They Drive Away Post Lockdown Blues Here are 5 awesome benefits of stand up paddleboarding that will convince you why it’s such a great post-lockdown adventure.   Nature Therapy  When the pandemic started, news of people becoming anxious, stressed, and depressed began to emerge. Even the uncertainty of what will happen after restrictions are lifted can trigger feelings of anxiety, and stress. Some call it the post-lockdown anxiety, or post-quarantine blues. Immersing yourself in nature has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, and has a positive effect on mood. Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is one of the best ways to get out into nature in a safe, socially distant way.   Paddle Boarding is a Great Way to Socially Distance Stand up paddleboarding is not considered a risky activity and does not pose a big threat, especially as compared to other outdoor activities like contact sports or group tours. It’s a naturally socially distanced adventure, many times with miles of water in between you and the next paddler. This is a big plus - you have the ability to keep yourself socially distant and safe during your adventure. As you ply the waters, you don’t have to worry about running into people or wearing a mask. Plus, paddle boarding at your local lake, beach or river can help you relax, unwind, and feel “normal” again. The sound of the water, the gentle rocking of the kayak, and your beautiful surroundings will do wonders to bring calm to your mind and body.   Paddle Boarding is a Good Workout  If you feel like you’ve gained an extra bulge in the course of the quarantine, you can SUP your way to weight loss. An hour on the board can help you work off as much as 600 calories! That much calories without jumping and burpees?! Yes, please! Stand up paddleboarding is also an amazing way to get your cardio on. Paddling can work your legs, abs, arms, and chest. If you missed your high intensity workouts, going on a SUP trip can help you feel like you’re back on track with your fitness again!   The Oxytocin Rush of Paddle Boarding  Good exercise = happy hormones. Research has found out that a good outdoor [...]

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5 Amazing Benefits of Planking

Old fashioned situps are a thing of the past for those wanting to work their core. There just seem to be too many studies completed where situps have done damage to a person’s neck or back. They should have gone with a better alternative instead. That alternative would be planks! A plank is a strength exercise movement that many times is common to the form of a pushup. The goal is to hold the form for a considerable amount of time as it trains and strengthens your body.   1. Full Body Workout Instead of doing an exercise that just targets your core, why don’t you get more bang for your buck and do an exercise movement that is really a full body workout? Holding a plank will work just about all of your muscles throughout your body. When I started doing planks, I quickly noticed that not only did it seem to start to slim my waist, but it firmed up the back of my arms as well. Our triceps are a problem area for many of us and planks can definitely help with this!   2. Bodyweight Exercise That Gets Results You need no special fitness equipment to do a plank. Perform these on your living room floor, in the gym, or outside in the grass. In a world where it seems like there is equipment needed for every exercise movement, the plank won’t cost you anything extra. All it requires is your bodyweight. Plus, you can make the plank easier or harder by making slight adjustments at the height you are placing your feet and forearms.   3. A Variety of Planks to Choose From You could do a completely different form of the plank every day of the week if you wanted. With many exercises, there is just one way to do them and do them safely. On the other hand, the number of planks you can actually do are almost endless. It really all depends on the exact muscle groups you wanted to focus on for the day.   4. A Full Core Exercise Many core exercises just train one or two areas of your midsection while planks are able to train multiple core areas at once. A few of these muscle groups you may have not heard about since your days in Science class, but get ready to brush up on your anatomy. Transversus Abdominis Rectus Abdominus Obliques Glutes Hips Lower Back Spine   5. Improve Posture As we get older, our posture seems to sort of cave in on itself. Shoulders begin to sag and the back seems to stoop over a bit. Are we just expected to accept this as a sign of aging? It doesn’t have to be that way. Strength training increases bone density and planking will definitely work wonders with your posture. You will be standing up straight and proud for decades to come as long as you keep consistent with your planking exercises. [...]

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4 Healthy Benefits of Stretching

We can probably all remember from our school days how in gym class we used to spend the first five minutes being led through various stretches. Day in and day out, always started off with stretching. Back when I was younger, I thought it was a waste of time. I wanted to get out there and play kickball or even throw a few dodgeballs around. The last thing I wanted to do was spend our precious gym class time doing arm and leg stretches. And then I got older. I quickly realized the error of my ways.   1. Improved Flexibility Do you ever get out of bed in the morning and feel like the Tin Man needing a few squirts of oil just to get the joints moving again? The older I get, the more often I start my first morning steps with the robot walk because it takes me a bit to get loosened up. A regular stretching routine makes all the difference in the world for improving flexibility and mobility. Taking 15 minutes stretching in the morning or before and after physical activity can ensure your flexibility stays on point.   2. Increased Blood Circulation Stretching gets the blood flowing throughout the body. This is a very good thing. Increased blood circulation allows oxygen to flow better to the brain and other organs, healthier skin, improved healing and cell growth, and transports nutrients much more efficiently.   3. Relieves Stress and Promotes Calmness Many debate whether yoga is just fancy stretching with a different name attached to it. I practice yoga regularly for flexibility and its many health benefits. Regardless of what side you are on in this discussion, stretching can promote calmness and will help let stress melt away from your mind. It really can be a type of meditation as your breathing gets synched in with your body’s movements. Playing some nice soft music during your stretching routine will enhance the outcome as you make a full commitment to relaxing.   4. Decrease Pain It is quite common to hear people talk about constant pain as they get older. It might be their legs, back, shoulders, or perhaps their neck that is giving them a hard time. In this day and age, it seems like these problems are trying to be solved through medication at the pharmacy. Instead, we should really look at the all-natural route if possible. Stretching can do wonders for ridding yourself of needless pain. Stretching can relieve tight muscles so they do not feel cramped up all the time and can alleviate pain from your joints as well. Before turning to extra pills to lessen the pain, try stretching and see what that can do. It may just surprise you!   Get into a Regular Routine Plan a time each day to get your new stretching routine into place. Find a time that works into your schedule the best or when you think you could use [...]

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What Does Exercise Do For Your Mental Health?

Everyone knows that exercise is good for your physical health. Improving your fitness, benefitting your general health, and keeping your weight in check are all proven pluses to working out. But did you know that exercise can help your mental health too? In fact, exercise can make a huge difference to your mental health is a whole range of different ways — and can particularly help people struggling with anxiety and stress. In this post, we’ll be looking at what exercise can do for your mental health and exploring the many positive benefits that getting active can have. Related: Ten Ways to Stay Active as We Age   1. Exercise releases “feel-good” chemicals in your body One of the main reasons people cite exercise as being good for your mental health is because it releases “feel-good” chemicals in your body — improving your mood and overall happiness. You’ve probably heard of them: endorphins. It’s not just endorphins that physical activity stimulates the release of either —  serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine are all also released when you do exercise. Each of these brain chemicals (known as neurotransmitters) plays an important part in regulating your mood and boosting your overall wellbeing. As well as helping you to feel happy, energized, and motivated, these neurotransmitters can help to alleviate the feelings and symptoms associated with anxiety and depression.   2. Exercise promotes mindfulness Exercise can help to promote mindfulness; increasing your ability to be fully present in the moment, rather than zoning out or letting your mind wander. If you’re regularly feeling overwhelmed by everything around you and your own thoughts, then mindfulness can have a positive influence on your mental health. Exercise can help you to achieve this mindfulness. Concentrate on how your body feels and the rhythm of your movements as you exercise — the movement of breath in and out of your body. Think of regular activity as an investment in your mind, body, and soul: by being truly present in the physical sensations in your body, you can achieve a zen-like mindset which will benefit your mental health. By practicing these techniques, you’ll find yourself focusing on the task at hand, rather than getting distracted by worries and negative thoughts. You might not realize it right away, but a repetitive exercise that you can lose yourself in — like swimming or run — will promote feelings of calmness within you.   3. It relieves the physical symptoms of stress & other issues If you have ever suffered from stress or a similar type of poor mental health, you’ll know that these problems don’t just manifest themselves in how you feel or think; they impact your body and physical fitness too. For example, if you are feeling stressed or anxious, you will find that your muscles are often extremely tight, leaving you feeling tense, achy and painful. These feelings can affect your neck, back, shoulders and give you tension headaches. They may cause stomach problems, [...]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Try a Vibration Fitness Machine

When figuring out what type of workout routine you would like to add to your repertoire, some people might choose to do some aerobic conditioning or strength training program. However, one that is often getting overlooked, perhaps because the equipment is not readily available to many at the local gym, is the vibration fitness machine. I use my vibration fitness machine at home daily to stay in shape, and they are available to purchase for people that are even on the tightest budget. As you stand, lay down, or sit on top of the vibrating machine, the whole-body will be pulsating and while it does, the benefits will quickly add up!   Weight Loss As always, don’t just blindly accept claims from fitness companies about how great their diet or latest equipment is performing. Always do the research. And in a study conducted by the European Association for the Study of Obesity demonstrated that overweight women lost weight while using a vibration fitness machine and sticking to a healthy diet. In the study, 61 women were part of a six-month plan where they were placed in one of three groups. The first group was to only diet and nothing else. The second group was to diet and follow an exercise routine. The last group was to diet and follow a whole-body vibration workout plan that lasted much shorter than the second group’s exercise routine. The third group had the best results by losing weight and inches from the fat around their abdomen. Even more intriguing, this group was able to keep the weight off better than the other groups as time progressed.   Increase Blood Circulation Whole-body vibration does indeed improve circulation. The research definitely verifies this. But you may be asking yourself what is so important about improving circulation. A lot! More energy Reduce inflammation Fewer joint problems Less swelling of extremities Healthier looking skin Stronger immune system   Improve Strength Muscle is tough to come by, especially as we get older. However, you can use a vibration fitness machine just a few times a week to gain strength and increase muscle mass. The trick is all of your stabilizer muscles will be firing away on all cylinders as the body fights for more stability during the time spent on the machine. It is probably one of the easiest strength training workouts and one of the shortest that you will ever come across. Less time is needed on vibrating platforms to gain results. Plus, there are numerous studies backing up these claims! For instance, in a 2011 issue of the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, a seven-week trial was conducted where the participants performed slow resistance training on a whole-body vibration platform just two times a week on their legs and back. More strength gains were made with the addition of the vibrating platform.   Are you going to become the next fitness model with a low body fat percentage and oodles of [...]

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5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise During Quarantine

When the COVID-19 quarantine first started, many people thought it wouldn’t last very long. The stress of dealing with a global pandemic, combined with stay-at-home orders kept many people from their usual gym routines, causing them to become more and more sedentary. Months later, that hasn’t really changed for most people. If you’ve spent the last few months on the couch and rarely exercising, know that you’re definitely not alone. It’s completely understandable to feel guilty about your sedentary lifestyle and to feel like you have no motivation to start now. The good news is that even thinking about getting started on a quarantine exercise routine is the first step! Ready to get moving again? Here are some tips for getting motivated.   Combine Exercise with Cognitive Activities Your body isn’t the only thing starved for exercise. Many people are experiencing chronic stress during the pandemic and are experiencing problems with focus, attention span, and mood. By choosing a workout that simultaneously exercises your body and mind, you’ll improve your mood and be more likely to continue putting exercise on the schedule. The most obvious choice for boosting the mind/body connection is yoga. This relaxing form of exercise is accessible and can be done just about everywhere. Not only is it relaxing and helps to reduce stress, but it also builds strength and can be a great workout, depending on the intensity of the practice. Another way to combine exercise and cognition-boosting benefits is to practice mindful walking and breathing. This essentially combines meditation and walking, allowing you to gain the benefits of both activities simultaneously.   Exercise with a Buddy… 6 Feet Apart of Course!  Quarantine has been hard on everyone. Not being able to go out to dinner for friends or have them over for coffee has taken a toll on just about everyone. The good news is that for most people, it’s now possible to exercise outside together with proper social distancing. If you need motivation to exercise, then the opportunity to see a friend might be just what you need. Exercising with a friend is great for accountability, fun, and encouragement. Just take care to stay six feet apart!   Do a Little Bit of Health Research!  Generally, it’s best to motivate yourself using positive methods. But if that isn’t working, then it might not be a bad idea to look up some statistics on obesity, diabetes, depression, and other health issues. Long term, a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to chronic health problems and even premature death. These health problems have scary consequences but are often preventable. Doing a little bit of health research might light a fire under you to exercise and reduce your risks. A sedentary lifestyle is harmful to your health, and it’s important to remember that fact!   Remind Yourself the Benefits of Exercise!  Study after study shows just how beneficial exercise is for our overall health. Not only is it important for regulating factors like blood [...]

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5 Ways to Make Yourself Start Exercising Right Now

Establishing a fitness routine or workout program can be challenging on its own, but sticking with it is the hardest part and it all comes down to motivation. Working out is really 50 percent just showing up and the other 50 percent will take care of itself many times. It really is a lot like life in fact. Just show up and good things can happen. If you suffer from a lack of motivation at the gym and often binge Netflix instead of exercising, there are some tricks to the trade that will get you inspired and ready to go.   Recruit a Friend to Train With People will find it much easier to cancel on something when it is just them that it is affecting. However, if you have a workout partner, canceling will not be an option most of the time simply because you don’t want to let someone else down. When I began my workout journey years ago and wanted to stay consistent, I recruited my girlfriend to join me and we held each other accountable to show up. After a while, it became our daily routine. Decades later, I’m still going strong.   Create a Home Gym All of our lives are busy. It can be difficult to find the right amount of time to go to the gym if you have to travel to get there. By the time you change into your workout clothes (10 minutes), drive to the gym (15 minutes), exercise (60 minutes), and then drive back home (15 minutes), you are almost at two hours out of your day. With a few key pieces of exercise equipment in a seldom-used room, you can train at home and reduce the amount of time spent considerably. Start a Fitness Diary When you can actually detail the difference exercising can make in your life, it is much easier to keep going forward. Once a week, I weigh myself and measure the inches around certain areas of my body so I am aware of the gains I am making towards my fitness goal. Knowing that I am losing on average a pound a week and shrinking inches from my waist is inspiring me to do more.   Plan Your Workouts If you take the time to write down all of your workouts ahead of time and the exercises you want to do, then you will be stepping into the gym with a finely tuned plan and be ready to go. Think of it as a To-Do List and there is a much better chance you will get things accomplished.   Make a Financial Commitment I don’t know about you, but I hate wasting money. If I have funds getting taken out of my bank account every month for a gym membership, you better be sure that I am going to be getting my money’s worth. I don’t want to say I am cheap, of course, but I do spend my [...]

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