Make Your Home a Healthy and Inspirational Oasis

If there is a perfect home design, then it must be a world-famous wellness design. Besides being simply gorgeous, this design is created to make you feel better and live healthier. Your home shouldn't be just the walls, doors, and furniture. It should be so much more – a space where you can relax and breathe freely. It shouldn't be a cluttered, anxiety-inducing mess. Instead, it should be your piece of paradise. Such a home is good for your mental and physical health and it's fostering your emotional well-being as well. You can do a lot of simple things to create a joyous and comfortable home. Here are some of the ideas to get you started!   Use healthy materials If you're moving into a new home or if you're renovating, it's time you've thought about the materials in your home. To invoke a sense of calmness and connectivity with nature, you should always go for some healthy materials. Some materials can be harmful to your health. For instance, they might pollute the air in your home. This is the case with flooring, carpets, or cleaning products full of chemicals. On the other hand, bamboo can be a great option for your home. It’s natural, durable, and, most importantly, free of chemicals. Any material free of toxins will immediately make your home a brighter and fresher space. These materials are especially important if you or someone in your household suffers from allergies.   Clean the air Cleaning the air is always important for your home. You should make sure that there are no pollutants in your home. Viruses and bacteria are rather dangerous, and your family shouldn’t be exposed to them. For this reason, clean air should be your priority. Energy and heat recovery ventilators are great for these purposes. Thanks to them, filtered air can fill your rooms and refresh the whole house. Along with natural materials, air purification systems will create a perfectly healthy ambience in your home!   Sleep well Everyone needs time to recharge their batteries. Sleep is essential for you to function properly. Not only that, quality sleep will boost your immune system, improve both your mental and physical health, and reduce the risk of some chronic conditions.  That is why you should create a sleep sanctuary – not a bedroom. Start by getting a high-quality mattress with some sheets made of natural materials. Then, you could invest in light-blocking shades and non-reflective surfaces. This will prevent the light from interrupting your sleep. You should also work on conformity. Get some throw pillows, a weighted blanket and some scented candles to make a heavenly experience in your bedroom.   Don’t forget about circadian lighting Making a healthy home means adjusting it to your body and its needs. There are some things about our bodies that we aren’t even aware of. For instance, circadian rhythm is an important part of our daily lives. Namely, people are in sync with the light [...]

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Break Free from Boredom With COVID-Friendly Activities

If you’re like many people, the pandemic has put a lot of things into perspective for you. Whether you’re sick of feeling like a prisoner in your home or at your job, we’ve got the perfect guide to get you reacclimated and back in touch with the real world. You want to make sure you’re practicing social distancing, but you also want to get out there and live your life. So, try these tips from Alrightnow and take back your freedom—all while ensuring your health and safety.   Explore the Sonoran Desert The Sonoran Desert is an amazing place to explore and daydream. It’s a place of fascination and wonder, taking you up close and personal with nature. Best of all, socially distancing from others is a breeze when you’re in the desert. This magical place will remind you of the beauty and fragility of our natural world. It’s a wild, rugged, and remote region that offers some of the most diverse landscapes in North America. The arid land is home to all kinds of life, whether wild or plant. So, pack up and head to Scottsdale, Arizona, for an experience you won’t soon forget.   Go Camping in Gunnison National Forest Gunnison National Forest in Colorado is one of the most popular national forests in the United States. It’s a great place to go camping and experience the beauty of nature. Whether you want to enjoy a family camping trip or spend some time by yourself, Gunnison has plenty of campsites for you to choose from. What’s more, you can experience lone camping without ever seeing a single person—it’s easy to practice social distancing here! So read up on the best gear to take on your journey, from cozy camping blankets to handy coolers and prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure.   Make a Career Change Whether you’re a recent graduate, a mid-career professional, or an employee who is just looking for a fresh start, making the decision to change careers can give you the boost you need in life to break free from boredom. It’s not always easy to know where to start or how best to transition into a new field. But these tips and strategies can help in your decision: Define your values and priorities Get help from people in your network Explore career paths that interest you Understand how the labor market works Consider a career that allows more personal time There are tons of online resources to aid you in finding your strengths as you search for a new career. It’s important that you do something that makes you happy, as your stress will dissipate, and you’ll feel more at peace with your life. As the adage goes, the man who loves his job never works a day in his life.   Look for Ways to Relax The pandemic didn’t do anyone any favors in terms of stress levels. In fact, it only made things worse. Granted, stress is [...]

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Top 5 Wedding Post-COVID Destinations

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic that took the world by storm in an unprecedented instance, so many changes took place. From travel bans to lockdowns and quarantine, it is safe to say that plans also took major turning points in not just months, but the past year. Many vacations were not pushed through, celebrations did more solemn, events were pushed back, and so on. This is why, people are now more than ever, looking forward to traveling to different places and if it is done during a celebration, like let’s say a wedding, then the better. Although travel bans, lockdowns, and restrictions may have been adjusted to a certain level that now allows people to go to more places, it is understandable how there are some people that still prefer to stay safe indoors as the virus is still out there and the anxiety it brings is still at a high despite the mandatory quarantines and health protocols like swab testing put in place. This is why there are people that are planning to get back on their traveling pants post-covid. Here are the Top 5 Wedding Post-Covid Destinations to help you out!   WEST COAST California is one of the most known dream destinations ever. From the sunny beaches to the picturesque city, it is without a doubt the West Coast is one of the places you should definitely consider visiting for your wedding. Match it up with the perfect wedding ring, and it will be the most IG-worthy wedding you can think of.   EAST COAST  One of the cities you should definitely consider visiting is Pittsburgh. It is situated in both the East Coast and the Midwest and belongs in Western Pennsylvania. There is only so much to do in Pittsburgh, with its historic rivers, that is in beautiful contrast with new up and coming technology that is being sprung in the location, which is why it is not only livable but a place that travelers put on their bucket list. There is a shop district in the town that is best to visit the day after your wedding, where you can spot coffee shops to begin your morning, restaurants, and markets where you can shop. As for the location of the ceremony, nowadays outdoor weddings are a hit, which is why the lakes and hills at Western PA are perfect for.   MINNESOTA Stillwater, Minnesota is definitely one of the places that you want to visit and come back to as soon as you leave. With a small population of just 19, 000 it has such a charm that will draw you right back. You can eat, drink and shop along Main Street both before and after the wedding. The best part? It’s budget-friendly! So you would not only have a beautiful intimate wedding reception at a place where you can do so much like visit many local shops, and attend the many events they have in-store as they host festivities [...]

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Doing Backyard Gardening? Be Sure Not to Skip a Thing or Two

Backyard gardening is healthy for both body and mind; it’s fun, but it’s not the easiest thing in the world. Even seasoned gardeners learn something new every day, and those who’ve only picked up on it are certainly in for a challenge or two. Today we’ll walk you through the basics of backyard gardening and provide a few helpful tips so that you can avoid some of the most common gardening mistakes. Without any further ado, let’s dive straight into it.   Revisit your watering technique The very core of gardening lies in the water. Plants depend on it for sustenance, but it can also ‘drown’ them should you use too much of it. If presented to the plants in insufficient quantity, they will become frail and are most likely to get plagued by garden pests. Inquire about how much water each plant in your garden needs, but you should also take into account the quality of dirt surrounding each plant. Frail, brittle plants are best watered with cups for extra precision, while robust plants can be watered with a regular hose. Avoid the most potent power levels unless you are trying to scrape insects from the plants’ leaves. The importance of a proper watering technique is in the fact that you may end your gardening journey pretty quickly should you neglect it. Once refined and polished, a good watering technique will even help your plants become more resistant to various pest types.   Pest control One of the daily chores of all gardeners is pest inspection and pest elimination when needed. Gardeners who think pest inspection once a week is often enough can end up facing infestations of garden mice, aphids, and beetles. Aphids are widely considered to be the biggest annoyance for backyard gardeners. Their tiny bodies are camouflaged when they latch onto the leaves, and the fact that they tend to hide on their undersides doesn’t help either. Handpick them if there are only a few. Otherwise, use organic sprays (water mixed with essential oil, for example). Larger infestations of aphids can be culled by introducing ladybugs and birds, given that they are the natural predators of most insect-type pests. Wasps are pretty dangerous, as they feed on plants and can be aggressive to humans. However, some gardeners don’t mind a few wasps buzzing in their backyard, as they also tend to eat caterpillars, aphids, and beetles. Out of all insect ‘companions,’ wasps are ranked pretty low. You can quickly get rid of them by scattering bits of peppermint oil near your plants. Strong scents repulse them, so using citronella candles is more than likely to keep them away. Should you face an infestation of dozens of wasps, your best bet is to hire professional wasp exterminators. Rodents, such as rats and mice, are prone to playing mind games with gardeners, as they are both stealthy and incredibly patient. Keep your garden tidy and clean of debris to dissuade them from nesting. [...]

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3 Health Benefits of Deep Cleaning Your Home

Have you ever sat in your living room, looked around, and thought, "This place is a screaming mess! It could use a deep cleaning?" If so, you are not alone. Every day, millions of folks wonder the same thing and choose to call a cleaning service they know and trust. Seems that it's just human nature to prefer a clean living space, and cleanliness in general. Heck, even that Penny Lane fireman, the one who kept a portrait of the queen in his pocket, liked to keep his fire engine clean (it was a clean machine). It's an established fact: people want to live amid cleanliness, not dirt, grime, and clutter. But, deep cleaning the place by yourself is a major task, and is not a job for the faint of heart. Not only does it take many hours, but you'd better be in excellent physical shape to do all the sub-tasks like upholstery cleaning, vacuuming, window cleaning, removing clutter, floor cleaning, disinfecting bathrooms, carpet cleaning, and much (much) more. Fortunately, an experienced cleaning service can save you time and help preserve your physical health for a reasonable cost. Most homeowners view the expense as an investment, and it is. But, on a more serious note, having a clean home comes with several important health benefits, including the following:   One: Fewer Germs and Allergies The most obvious benefit of deep cleaning is elimination of yucky germs, bacteria, and viruses that love to hide in filth, clutter, grime, dirt, and dust. When you hire a professional cleaning service to get rid of all that unwanted awfulness, you'll soon notice that seasonal allergies are less intense, or completely absent. And when the germ, dust, and bacterial level is near zero, you'll suffer fewer bouts of all those annoying illnesses like colds, flu, and recurring sinus infections. It's no coincidence that doctors pronounce healthy patients as having a "clean bill of health." Two: Sound Sleep and Better Mental Health It's easier to sleep soundly in a clean room. It seems like the human brain is better able to relax in a neat, tidy, and generally clean space. Maybe that's one reason people often sleep more deeply, and longer, when they stay in luxury hotels rather than in messy, cluttered bedrooms. That guy with the pointy beard who once said, "To sleep, perchance to dream... " understood something about the overall goodness of getting a good night's shut-eye. They didn't have deep-cleaning services in his day, but even then, people appreciated the healthful, rejuvenating feeling of high-quality sleep.   Three: A More Nutritious Diet What? How can a clean living space make you eat better? That seems like a totally illogical disconnect, but it's not. When kitchens are clean, clutter-free, and hygienic, you'll naturally want to spend more time using them to prepare meals. Sadly, folks whose kitchens are in a state of messy disarray eat out more often. That's not only costlier but usually means eating lots [...]

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How to Clean the Air in Your House

Many of us have been living at home more than ever for the past few months. As a result, we’ve been more worried about airborne diseases, smoke, gas, and other contaminants. Even if a virus isn’t your main concern, you may be more cognizant now of keeping the air in your home clean, if for no other reason than you and your family’s comfort. However, many air cleaning methods require chemicals that do more harm than good. This list of 8 suggestions should help you learn how to clean the air in your house without these products. I’ve included high-end machines as well as cheap DIY solutions to air purification so that you can make yourself and your family safer (and more comfortable) on any budget.   1.   Air Purifier Air purifiers may be the most expensive suggestion on this list, but they’re a must for people who have family members with compromised immune systems, breathing problems, or a desire for the highest level of cleanliness possible. Air purifiers reduce smoke and particulate contamination in your air at the same time that they refresh the air in your home so that it never tastes stale. Since airborne contaminants can cause infections, asthma, allergies, or even neurological problems, machines such as the affordable and efficient PARTU HEPA Air Purifier can make your home healthier and cleaner without a hassle.   2.   Carbon Monoxide Awareness Carbon monoxide is poisonous despite being odorless. Those who have been exposed may have flu symptoms (this includes your pets) and may not even know they need medical attention. Houses with fuel-burning appliances and indoor garages are particularly susceptible. Install carbon monoxide detectors near sleeping rooms to ensure that this isn’t a problem with the air in your home. Use common sense when parking in your indoor garage and don’t leave the car idling for too long. This is an easy way to build up carbon monoxide pollution in your house.   3.   Ventilate Ventilation can improve the air in your home at little or no cost. Simply opening a window or installing exhaust fans in bathrooms and other problem areas can improve the air in your home. Water vapor from cooking, showering, and other activities can lead to mold growth if your home isn’t properly ventilated. And mold affects the air in your home, triggering allergies and causing coughs. Promoting adequate ventilation can prevent these issues and improve the air quality in your home.   4.   Buy Plants Some potted plants can improve air quality in your home with little effort on your part. Peace lilies, philodendrons, and devil’s ivy are three plants that are known to remove toxins like formaldehyde from your home, just by growing and looking beautiful. They grow well in pots and hanging baskets while they keep your family safe.   5.   Essential Oils Essential oils have stress-relieving properties, but they can also fight bacteria in the air when used with a diffuser. In addition, they can [...]

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How Does Your Garden Grow? (Hint: Hard Work and Planning!)

If you’re ready to start your own garden, you might be a little intimidated by the process. Afterall, it can take an entire summer to reap the rewards, and that’s a lot of caretaking. Luckily, it’s not as challenging as it seems, and with planning, planting, and perseverance, you can enjoy a bountiful, nutritious harvest (while also reaping the mental health benefits of gardening) by the end of the season!   Start here. It might seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning that your first step is to decide what you want to grow. This might be flowers, vegetables, herbs or a combination. Before you start selecting plants or seeds, however, do some soul-searching to make sure to choose things that you will actually consume or use. You don’t want to take up valuable space in your garden on produce that will go to waste. Next, decide on your location. As a general rule, edibles need at least five hours of direct sunlight every day. Lettuce, potatoes, and some herbs can tolerate partial shade. Now that you know what you want to plant and where that’s going to take place, it’s time to start planning the layout of your garden bed. It’s usually best for your first garden to start small, but if you want to go big and you have the budget to do so, it can help to hire a landscaping expert to help you get started. If you use sites like, you can match up with top-reviewed professionals who have the experience needed to build a proper foundation for your garden. Finally, consult the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone map to know when seeds, seedlings, and immature plants can go into the ground.   Gather your tools. Before you can plant the first seed, you’ll have to amass a basic inventory of gardening tools. This should include, at minimum, a hoe, dirt rake, leaf rate, shovel, and spade. You may also need to rent a garden tiller to prepare the soil for planting. Gardening Know How cautions that you’ll need to wait until the soil is at least 60°F and dry enough to run a tilling machine, otherwise you may damage the soil or clog your tiller.   Test the soil. As a general rule, you want your soil to be neutral, which means it has a pH of seven. Your local garden co-op can provide you with a test kit to determine if your soil is ready to plant or not. Keep in mind that you can always improve your soil naturally with composted waste. Another step before you actually put anything into the ground is to ensure that the dirt can drain appropriately.   Choose seeds or transplants carefully. Since you already know what you plan to put into your garden, you can keep a narrow focus. But, you will still want to be cautious when choosing plants. If you are buying from a local shop that understands regional conditions and [...]

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6 Great Tips on Buying Your First Home

Buying a home for the first time is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. You’ve saved up money, found a place you see yourself living in for years to come, and you’ve made an important investment and commitment to your future. However, buying a home can be a stressful experience – there is so much paperwork, so many things to consider, and, to make a return on your investment, you must commit to living in a single location for a long time. Even in these uncertain times, homeownership is still steady, and if you have the credit and resources to do so, now is a great time to purchase your new home. We want to share 6 tips to make buying your first home as easy as possible.   Know How Much You Need Up Front             Your price range will affect your down payment and loan from the lender (like a bank). You may be looking for a “starter home” for something more affordable and to build up a great line of credit, or you may be looking for a “forever home” that you’ll want to stay at for as long as you can. Knowing what you want out of the house will help you determine how much you’re willing to pay for a home. A down payment is how much money you pay upfront for your house. You can put down as much as you want, but loans will usually require a certain % (based on the price of the house) to be paid as part of the loan. If you have great credit, you may only have to put down 3 – 5% on a home. For example… The house you want is $190,000 3% of $190,000 = $5,7000 You’ll also need closing costs – fees that cover all the paperwork and administration needed to finalize your purchase. These costs are usually around 4% of the loan.   Know Your Options for Assistance             It helps a community when homeownership is increasing, so there are financial assistance programs at the city, state, and national levels to help first-time home buyers. Tax credits and low/no-interest rates are available, so find out what’s available to you.   Stick to the Plan             Before you start working with lenders on applying for loans, you need to understand your budget (which should have been done in #1 above). Once you start working with banks, you may find out that you’re able to afford more than you thought (or be loaned a larger amount). While tempting, this should not change your budget. Remember, you aren’t just buying a house – you are buying a “home.” A “home” includes furniture, paint, and the other little things that turn a shell of a house into a place you are proud to live in. Don’t get greedy and get a larger loan [...]

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4 Ways to Rid Your Homes of Toxins

We’re familiar with the kinds of toxins that can contaminate our food or the air we breathe. That’s a literal mental picture we can easily conjure up and just as easily try to avoid. Unfortunately, in our modern age, many toxic chemicals enter our lives in other ways, through common household products that are a part of normal daily living in the 21st century. A brief encounter with toxins isn’t life-threatening, but consistent, low-grade exposure to these chemicals can cause problems. Toxic buildup is one of the reasons many nutritionists recommend “detoxing.” In order to make sure you don’t get to that point, here are 4 ways to rid toxins from your home before they build up in your system and cause health problems.   1.   DIY Cleaning Supplies             Toxic buildup in our bodies can contribute to inflammation, cause allergic reactions, and over time even lead to cancer. One of the leading sources of artificial chemicals in our homes is cleaning supplies that are chock full of chemicals. They get on your hands and into your skin, poison your kitchen counter and sink, and cake your bathtub. Since making your home clean and safe is the goal, why would you make it more toxic in the process? Instead, use natural cleaning supplies made of common household ingredients that are perfectly safe and just as effective at cleaning surfaces as the corporate chemical cocktails you currently have under your sink. Simple ingredients for an effective all-natural cleaner should include vinegar, baking soda, and a little water. That’s a fine basic cleaner with no aftereffects at all. One of my favorite base ingredients is lemon juice: it smells good, contains no chemicals, and the acids do the job right when you’re scrubbing the counters or floors. Replacing chemical products with natural alternatives becomes even more of an imperative if you have very young or very old people in your house. However, even if it’s just you, DIY products save your health at the same time they save you money.   2.   Keep the Toxins Outside             There are a lot of toxins out in the world that we can’t control. These include synthetic herbicides and pesticides for starters, the kind that I advocate avoiding consuming in your produce by buying from organic farms. However, there are other ways toxins get into the house. Did you know that lead dust out in the world, on street surfaces and in the ground, has only one reliable way to get into your house? It sticks to your shoes and follows you home. This is why taking your shoes off at the door has the surprising added benefit of leaving the toxins outside.   3.   Open Your Windows             Just because you can track toxins into the house doesn’t mean that the outside is all bad. One of the ways that toxins enter your body [...]

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4 Great Reasons Why You Should Try a Humidifier

Dry skin, breathing troubles, sniffles, coughing, clogged noses – these are just some of the pleasures that await us in the heart of the winter flu season. If you’re like me, your busy workweek can hardly handle a sniffle, much less a full-blown throat virus! There are a lot of ways you can boost your immunity and stay healthier this winter, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about humidifiers, and the way they make the symptoms of winter cold, dry air, and sickness so much more bearable. Humidifiers are machines that add moisture to the air in your house, or even just to your own body while you’re traveling. They come in different sizes and models; many models are small enough to put right next to your bed so you can use while you are sleeping. Read on to learn these 4 reasons why you should try a humidifier. They’re an apex of sinus comfort, moisturization, and sleep improvement in our techy wonderland and you won’t remember how you ever lived without one.   1.   Moisturization             A loss of moisture can cause all kinds of discomfort. The cold winter air does this, but so does sickness. With a drop in humidity, you may start finding yourself reaching for hand moisturizer more often, or reapplying Chapstick. These quick fixes can temporarily control the symptoms of cracked, dry skin and lips. But they can’t help you manage it for the long haul during the winter season. A humidifier can change the humidity in your house to encourage natural skin hydration. Instead of fighting with dry skin, use a humidifier to beat it.   2.   Sinus Protection             If you’re like me, you’re always on the go. But my energy depends largely on my health – few things can slow down my busy week like dry and irritated sinuses. Low humidity means a breeding ground for crusty dryness in your passages, which leads to sinus pressure and headaches. Some of us out there are even unlucky enough to suffer from bloody noses when the conditions are dry enough. If you find yourself stuffed up and dry, a humidifier can really help. By maintaining normal humidity levels during the winter months, your mucous has a chance to get moving and clear up your passages.   3.   Cold and Flu Protection             Humidifiers offer two-pronged protection against cold and flu viruses. In the first place, they can help control the spread of the germs themselves. This is due to the simple fact that flu viruses hate humidity, which is one of the big reasons the winter months are also called the flu season. If you use a humidifier to keep humidity levels normal, the flu and influenza viruses have a much harder time surviving long enough to infect you and your family. Additionally, if you already have a cold, maintaining [...]

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3 Tips to Jumpstart Your Day When You Only Want to Hit Snooze

When the alarm rings and all you want to do is sleep for four more hours, the idea of hopping out of bed all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed seems like a nightmare compared to the dream you were just jolted from. Hitting snooze once or twice is no big deal, but wouldn’t it be far better if you were up and at ‘em without hesitation? The start of a brand new day has unlimited potential, and lying in bed doesn’t quite get the ball rolling effectively. I am a big fan of waking up early and getting a head-start on the day’s tasks and to-dos. I get adequate sleep so I’m not groggy, and the thrill of seeing the sunrise and the sky turn to baby blue is reason enough for me to tap into my energy and get excited for what’s to come. Do you need a jumpstart to make the most of your morning? It is totally understandable, as we are all booked to capacity and have a lot on our plates. But when you wake up with a sense of wonder and a will to make every moment count, it makes awakening on time less annoying and more appealing. Here are some tips to get yourself in gear for a great day ahead. You won’t slap the snooze button when you’re ready to rock and roll.   An Attitude of Gratitude               We are all lucky to see a new day each morning. It is something we often take for granted, but the beauty in each breath is a gift that we should never take lightly. The moment you wake up, take a few seconds to give thanks for the life you have and your many blessings. When you put things into perspective, you’ll start off with a positive vibe that will set the tone for your day.   Prep Breakfast the Night Before             Knowing you have a wholesome breakfast ready to go will give you the incentive to get right up so you can dig in. Set the coffeemaker on a timer so the scent permeates the air. Before bedtime, prepare overnight oats, a yogurt parfait, or an omelet mixture you can toss into a pan or the microwave in a snap. You’ll not only save time and tame your hunger pangs, but you will be more likely to eat something nutritious rather than grabbing a donut or a greasy fast food meal on the way to work. While you’re at it, if you have to go to work the next morning, another time-saver is to set out your clothing the night before.  That way you can skip the dreaded morning “fashion show” that always leaves you flustered.   Pump Up the Volume             Create a playlist of upbeat songs to get your spirits soaring as the sun comes up. When your favorite songs are [...]

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New Year, New You – Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet

Who’s ready for 2020 to conclude? While there were surely some high points, the year was certainly one for the books. We were all affected by the many twists and turns the year brought upon us, but as we look on the bright side, we can declare 2021 as a fresh start with lots to look forward to. With the New Year fast approaching, how about uncovering a “new you” to symbolize the hopes for what’s to come, and a commitment to better days and bigger dreams? While you don’t have to erase your past, there is always room for improvement and advancement. I am perfectly content with the woman I am, but each year, I think about how I can be a better mother, partner, friend, and woman. As the New Year rings in, I reflect on what’s going well and what could be changed for the greater good. The “new me” for the New Year is filled with tons of excitement and a fresh energy to get the year started on a high note. I stay positive and promise that I’ll go easy on myself, yet commit to the self-care I’m ready to reward myself with. Here are three tips to make your “new you” as fabulous as you deserve it to be. Remember, you’re already awesome, but you can step it up and shine even brighter.   Be Healthier             Eat well, exercise, and be mindful. When you take care of your body and soul, your physical wellbeing will benefit, and your spirits will soar. Commit to consuming wholesome foods, work out regularly, get plenty of rest, and engage in meditation or prayer when you have some quiet “me time.” These practices will keep you healthier – both physically and mentally. You need balance, so don’t go overboard, as moderation is key. Feel free to indulge every so often, stay up late sometimes, and be a comfy couch potato when you’re sore from an intense workout. The next day, get back at it and achieve your goals.   Let Go of Negativity             Part of your “new you” would benefit from brushing off negative vibes that can hinder your progress. Steer clear of social media threads that promote bashing and bad-mouthing. Remove yourself from toxic situations and pessimistic people. Don’t sweat the small stuff and see the bigger picture. When you choose happiness, the hard times aren’t as difficult to deal with. Smile when you’re sad, and pick up the pieces when you’re falling apart. It’s easier said than done, but you can make it a habit to be positive when there’s pain or pressure pulling you down. Your fun-loving attitude will attract others and hopefully give them the motivation to “let it go” too.   Look the Part             As gorgeous as you are already, a “new you” would look even more alive with a little [...]

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