4 Great Hacks for Shiny Hair

We all want shiny hair, and we want it yesterday. It seems simple enough. We aren’t asking for the moon here, we just want the luscious, lovely locks we grew up with. Is that too much to ask? Here’s a sad thing: as we age, our hair loses its natural luster. I know. Yet another lovely thing about getting older. But before you shave your head or get a drastic cut, hear me out. There is hope, and it’s not expensive or hard to find. Having shiny hair is an easily attainable goal, if you use common sense and a bit of creativity.   Get your nourishment It’s important to make sure that you’re getting your essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to stay healthy. Our bodies often express lack of something via external appearance --- for example, when our bodies lack adequate calcium, it often shows up in our nails, making them weak and brittle. Make sure you’re taking a multivitamin every day, and that you’re getting the proper supplements based on your dietary needs and restrictions. When we eat a strictly plant-based diet, for example, we miss out on things like vitamins B12 and D3. Salmon and walnuts provide omega-3s, and carrots and spinach have vitamin A. Believe it or not, you can get all your vitamins through food. You just have to know which foods meet what nutritional guidelines. And don’t forget biotin. This supplement strengthens your hair and keeps it healthy.   Lay off the heat and stay hydrated I always feel more ‘done’ when I’m able to blow out my hair--- but my scalp and locks pay a big old price for that feeling. Every so often, as often as possible, try and skip the blow dryer or the curling iron and let your hair air dry. Constant exposure to high levels of heat dries out the hair follicle and makes you more prone to scalp inflammation and frizz. Every few weeks, treat your hair with a mask—this can be an all-natural concoction (egg wash, olive oil, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar rinse--- even mayonnaise---just make sure to wash and rinse thoroughly following) or a salon-worthy one such as glazes, glosses, and hair masks.   Scalp Care Our scalps are sensitive and need TLC. Washing your hair too often or too infrequently, harsh or heavy products, excessive heat styling--- even the wrong kind of hairbrush-- can trigger scalp flakiness, dandruff, or general scalp distress, which contributes directly to lackluster hair. Exfoliate once a month with a scalp scrub. Use a clarifying shampoo to tackle product buildup. And when you wash and condition, be gentle--- our hair is much more fragile when it’s wet.   Choose topical wisely When it comes to choosing topical products, you have to know your hair. For example, thinner, finer hair textures need a lighter serum or mist as opposed to an oil or cream to avoid that weighed down, greasy look.   One last pro tip? [...]

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5 Hacks for Great Looking Brows

Brow trends come and go, but what never goes out of style are trimmed, neat, natural but tamed, ‘done’ but not overly done brows. Does this sound impossible to you? Me too. Here’s the thing: the brow trends for 2021 are quarantine friendly. Meaning, they’re low maintenance and emphasize working with what you have. It’s a beauty Christmas miracle! But wait. How do I work with what I have when I have barely enough (sparse brows) or too much (bushy brows)? Below are a few tips and tricks to help you make the most of whatever you’ve got above those peepers.   Tweeze smart Remember the 90s? Let’s not, no not ever, redo that. Instead, tweeze only those errant hairs that you find on the outskirts of the brow line. The ones that seem… a little lost. Try to avoid using a magnifying mirror when you’re shaping your brows, otherwise you’ll lose sight of the big picture, and might (definitely) get tweezer happy, and we’ll be right back in your parent’s bathroom with the corner bath and beige … everything.   Tint safely Brow tinting is an easy way to get your brows looking beautiful with relatively little fuss. Just make sure you have the Vaseline, step by step instructions, and the right shade and type of tint. If you’re willing to follow the safety rules, it can be quickly done at home, a very valuable option today’s “COVID times” when salons are less accessible.   Stay in (your) shape Find the natural shape of your brow first. Using a spoolie, brush the brows upward, then use brow scissors to trim. If you’re not sure whether they’re true outliers, get thee a brow stencil kit for added support in the process. Try to avoid tweezing any hairs in the middle of your brow and leave the heavy-duty shaping to a professional if you’re uncertain or want a new look that diverges from the natural shape of your brow. Try to avoid using a magnifying mirror when you’re shaping your brows, otherwise you’ll lose sight of the big picture, and might (definitely) get tweezer-happy.   Take care Nourish your brows if you’d like to help them gain a little weight. The skin underneath your eyebrow hair can get flaky. Exfoliate to open any clogged follicles, and then dip a Q-tip in castor oil and coat your brows with it every night for 6+ weeks. This old wives tale is actually proven to be effective. Be careful to avoid dripping or getting too close to your eye as you do this. Why castor oil? Because of something called ricinoleic acid, which while it might not be responsible for hair growth, it absolutely keeps the scalp and hair follicles healthy, which will affect hair growth positively.   Check your tool kit These are the items to include for proper “brow grooming”: Tweezers Brow scissors Dermaplaning tool Spoolies Brow powder (one shade + two shades lighter than your natural [...]

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The Top 3 Ways to Strengthen Your Nails

When it comes to easy pick-me-ups, a good manicure can do wonders. I always leave the nail salon feeling like a boss lady, even if I’m in a sweaty workout outfit (I have been known to make a quick stop at the salon on my way home from yoga or a run.)   I always walk out feeling like I can handle whatever life throws at me. Now, with Co-Vid restrictions, trips to the nail salons are few and far between. It is becoming more necessary to be able to practice “self-care” on your nails from home. I’ve learned to simplify my nail needs. I don’t need nail art or jewels. When it comes down to it, my nail needs are basic: I want Hulk-strong, baby smooth, beautifully shaped nails that won’t break after I do the dishes or zip up a coat or carry a few items around the house (hey, we’re all being called to do new things right now). Turns out, if I follow a few simple rules, these demands might actually be attainable. Read on if your trips to the salon are scarce and your nail standards are not.   1. Strengthen and Lengthen Naturally You may feel tempted to use a chemical hardener on your nails if you feel like they’re tearing every five seconds, but there are gentler, less harmful ways to encourage your nails to become long and strong. For one thing, I never knew that waiting to shower 24 hours after getting my nails done would allow the polish to harden sufficiently and lessen chipping and/or peeling. After all these years of marveling at the wonders of Gel manicures and then peeling that same chipping gel off two weeks later, it’s good to know this very simple insider tip. I’ll skip the gel next time, thanks! Second, if you decide to deep clean your house, please wear gloves. And particularly now, in the age of necessary but endless hand washing, moisturize. Get one for (each) purse, one for your car, one for your home office, one for your nightstand… because hand sanitizer is everywhere, and everyone is using it, which means everyone’s hands are absorbing that 90+ percent alcohol content. Which means? Lubriderm or Aquaphor it up, my friends. In the morning, in the evening, in the noontime.   2. Essential Vitamins for Great Nails If you want strong nails and you’re not getting the proper vitamins/nutrition, no amount of topical hardener is going to help you. Start from within, and make vitamin D, collagen and biotin part of your daily vitamin regimen. Vitamin D enhances calcium absorption, which strengthens not only your bones, but your nails and teeth, too! Taking collagen daily prevents nail breakage and helps them grow, while biotin strengthens and prevents brittleness.   3. Nail Growth Products Vitamin E oil is your best friend once those temps start shifting from sultry to brisk. Keep a little bottle on hand to give an extra oomph [...]

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4 Steps to Glassy Smooth Skin

There are a million and one skin care fads, but one trend that’s held fast is the K-Beauty skin care trend: holistic, all-natural ingredients, and intensely customizable according to skin type. If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard all about the glass (or “dewy”) skin look, and you’ve thought it sounded either unrealistic or wayyyy too shiny. (Dew is one thing—oil slick-shiny is quite another, am I right?) I’m here to debunk the myth that glass skin means--- and looks--- sweaty and oily. Also, glass doesn’t have pores. The term glass skin, according to popular beauty bloggers, is a way to describe flawless skin that’s so clear and smooth that it resembles glass. Instead of a shimmering pool of oil, think of a clear mountain lake very early in the morning. Do you feel the difference? Let’s dive in.   Step 1: Exfoliate and De-Puff This step is crucial when it comes to the glass skin look. You can do this using a physical (scrub) exfoliant, or a chemical exfoliant (in the form of a peel or serum). You can also go the extra mile and do a little dermaplaning, but if you choose this route, please first be sure you know exactly what you’re doing and be safe (scars will take you further away from the glass skin you’re trying to achieve, k?). Now that so much of our skincare is done at home, you might want to purchase a face massager or roller such as this one. Facial massage actually helps with lymphatic drainage, diminishing puffiness and promoting firm, supple skin.   Step 2: Mask Up Yes, you should always wear a mask when you go outside now. However, the mask I am talking about right now is my favorite volcanic clay mask. It clears out my pores and prevents acne flare-ups. If you’re smart, and you have pores that you’d like to say goodbye to, start using one of these once a week. But always follow with a moisturizer, even if you’re oily—as clay masks can be drying. Anything with hyaluronic acid, that moisturizing superstar ingredient, will do.   Step 3: Nourish Your Insides Remember the 3 S’s: Sleep, Sweat, Supplements (and don’t forget diet)! Be smart. Drink lots of water, get 8 hours sleep, exercise regularly to increase circulation and cleanse out toxins, and take those skin supplements: mindbodygreen makes one of these that is specifically formulated to help your skin become its healthiest and most flawless. Youth in a bottle? I’ll take it! Make sure your supplement is giving you nutritional support as well, because healthy skin is supported by certain vitamins, namely A, C, E, D. Last but not least, don’t forget your daily collagen supplement. These have been proven to help with aging skin issues such as elasticity, texture, and hydration, all of which contribute to healthy, youthful-looking skin.   Step 4: Less is More The focus here should be on prepping your canvas, not using a lot [...]

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4 Natural Tips for Slowing Down the Aging Process Once You Pass 40

As a middle aged, working mom, my priorities have shifted when it comes to anti-aging and longevity. In my 20s and 30s, I thought about health in terms of my appearance. I exercised and ate a (mostly) healthy diet to fit into that two-piece. I slathered on anti-aging creams to avoid wrinkles, which I truly believed would pass me by until at least 55. At least. I worked from the outside-in when it came to my skin- and self-care routines. Since then, I’ve found that beauty really is an inside job. And living according to what feels good naturally tends to look good, too. So, what are the four important tips to slow down the aging process once you pass 40? If you’re like me, you want easy, but powerful. Natural, but effective. High-quality, but affordable. Read on for the four ways I stay young--- in mind, body, and spirit.   1. Customize Your Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine When it comes to products, an effective anti-aging skin care routine should have four things. Every product you use should be tailored to your skin type. Depending on things like stress levels, hormone fluctuations, and environmental factors, your skin type tends to change with time, which means you might want to switch things up every so often--- using a different eye cream formula as you get older is just one example. That said, everyone should use the following:   Cleanser: Make sure this isn’t overly drying. You don’t want to strip your skin of its natural oils; particularly as skin becomes more dehydrated as we age. It is also best to use organic skin care products whenever possible because all-natural products are safer and healthier for the skin. Moisturizer with SPF: Ultraviolet rays break down collagen, cause sun damage in the form of freckles and hyperpigmentation, not to mention wrinkles! Use it daily. If you can find a moisturizer with SPF already in it, all the better. Mild exfoliant/retinoid: Manual exfoliants will scratch and damage the surface of our skin. Using a night serum with either lactic acid or a natural retinoid alternative like Rosehip seed oil, will clear away dead surface cells to reveal brighter, smoother skin. Eye cream: The richer the better. Retinol-based eye cream formulas have multiple benefits due to retinol’s ability to diminish crow’s feet and fine lines. Remember: pat, don’t rub!   2. Amp Up Your Supplements Make sure that your multivitamin has sufficient levels of iron (which we need less of once we approach menopause), calcium (to fight bone density loss), vitamin D (to better absorb that calcium), omega 3’s (to promote brain health and mood stability), fiber (to stay heart-healthy), and collagen (for our skin, nails, hair and joints), among others. Taking a collagen supplement helps prevent sagging and fine lines caused by collagen and elastin loss. Adding a collagen supplement also helps keep our gut and bones healthy. Who knew? Collagen supplements will also help keep your digestive tract [...]

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4 Hair Growth Tips That Really Work

I don’t know a single woman who wouldn’t kill for a long, luscious, thick head of hair. But not all of us are genetically blessed with that at birth, and as such, have to take matters into our own hands (or ‘hair’, as the case may be). Hair growth supplements, hair growth serums, hair growth oils, hair growth shampoo, hair growth pills… with all these products on the market today, who can tell which ones are truly effective and which ones won’t get you anywhere near that horse mane you’re longing for? Thinning hair runs in my family, and all us women have had multiple huddles (okay, now Zoom calls) about the issue. Here are the five best, most effective things we have carefully considered to get our hair to grow in thicker and longer than ever before.   Vitamins You’ve likely heard this by now if you’re a grownup, but even with a healthy diet, you need your daily dose of vitamins. Take a multi. Better yet, take a multi formulated especially for women, or one with the champion hair growth vitamin, Biotin. Come on-- it even sounds like a superhero name. BIOTIN!   Supplements Collagen has everyone talking these days, and not just because it helps to keep your skin looking firm and fresh. It also may help prevent hair thinning and promote thicker, stronger hair and a healthier scalp.   Scalp Care Your scalp might be an afterthought, but it shouldn’t be! Studies have shown that inflammation due to oxidative stress and pollution is a major factor in scalp buildup and scalp issues. To make sure your scalp is fresh and healthy, you could also try a scalp exfoliant or anti-buildup shampoo.   Preventing Hair Loss A big aspect of the hair growth debate is the question of how to prevent hair loss and hair thinning, which often occurs as a result of age and/or genetics. So how do we fight this seemingly inevitable enemy? First off, make sure that you’re eating the rainbow—meaning, getting all of your nutritional needs met and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Fruits, veggies, eight 8 oz glasses of water day, and less caffeine and alcohol. These last two, while fun, are diuretics that can dry out your skin (including your scalp) and cause dehydration, leading to dandruff and flakiness, which are prime causes of scalp buildup, which can contribute to thinning hair, impeding healthy hair growth. Pay attention to these three things to keep your scalp healthy and your hair growth on track:   Nutrition- make sure you’re getting all your vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin A, B5, iron and other micronutrients. Hormones- Hormonal fluctuation, pregnancy, giving birth, and the state of your thyroid are all things that can affect your hair. If you’re experiencing hair thinning as a result of any of these, make sure you’re in regular communication with your endocrinologist or gynecologist. Hair care- It may sound counterintuitive but washing those strands less frequently [...]

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6 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dandruff

You'll hardly find a person who can say confidently that he/she has never had to deal with the "dandruff" problem ever in their lives. It is one of the commonest hair and scalp issues, which is not only uncomfortable because of the itching, but also embarrassing because it shows no matter how much we try to cover it up. But, interestingly enough, there are quite a few home remedies that help you go a long way towards eliminating this problem. Let us discuss 6 of the best home remedies that have worked for many.   Lemon juice mixed with coconut oil Why? Probably the simplest of all the anti-dandruff remedies ever is a mixture of lemon juice and coconut oil. Lemon juice is known for its anti-fungal properties. Coconut oil, on the other hand, is helpful for the dry and itchy scalp. It also promotes hair growth and that is always favourable. How? It is simple. Mix equal parts of lemon juice with coconut oil and apply it on your hair and do massage it well. Leave it on for about half an hour and wash your hair with your favourite shampoo. Do it regularly after 3-4 days until your head is clear.   Apple cider vinegar Why? Apple cider vinegar takes care of the scalp pH and prevents fungal growth and is also a natural hair cleanser. How? Mix a few tablespoons with your shampoo or mix with hair oils and apply on your hair. Repeat until you no longer have dandruff issues.   Tea tree oil Why? Tea tree oil is a new trend in the market. Tea tree oil is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory. It is an effective remedy for dandruff and also other conditions like acne. How? Mix a few drops with your favourite shampoo and wash your hair properly. In case you are sensitive to tea tree oil, I would suggest you mix it with another oil, like coconut oil and massage it on your hair followed by a shampoo. Continue as long as is necessary.   Aspirin Why? Yeah, aspirin is not only an analgesic, but has anti-dandruff benefits too. Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which controls inflammation and also helps in getting rid of the dandruff flakes from the hairs. How? Powder two aspirin tablets and mix it with your favourite shampoo and you are good to go. Continue for as long as is desired with a 3-4 days gap in between.   Vinegar and olive oil Why? Those of you who prefer a light oil, this is for you. Olive oil conditions your hair and protects it from damage. Vinegar, on the other hand, fights off the fungus and bacteria that build up on your scalp. How? Mix vinegar and olive oil in the ratio of 2:1 and massage it properly onto your hair and scalp. Leave it on for some time and wash it off with your favourite shampoo. Do it at least once a week till [...]

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7 Natural Beauty Solutions That Slash Your Cosmetics Budget

How to Get Wallet Friendly Luxurious Beauty Treatments at Home with Items in Your Cupboard!   Every woman wants to look her best. The problem is that commercial beauty products can be incredibly expensive and can also contain ingredients that you do not want to be exposed to. One great way to solve this problem is to learn how to make homemade, natural beauty products at home that save you money but also keeping your hair, skin and nails strong, healthy and beautiful. Here are 7 examples of what kinds of treatments you can do in the comfort of your own home. Baking Soda Facial Scrub Many women are aware of the number of uses that baking soda has around the home. Fewer realize its potential for beauty treatment. An excellent facial scrub can be made simply by combining baking soda and water into a paste, spreading it onto your face like you would a mask, and letting it sit while you shower. Rinse it off after your shower and you will be amazed at how soft and clean your skin feels. Apple Cider Vinegar Toner Wetting a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and simply applying it as a toner is an excellent way to achieve healthy-looking skin. Its vitamins and minerals give your skin the nutrients it needs and it also acts to tighten and tone, leaving the face younger-looking and healthy. Baking Soda Dandruff Shampoo A dry, flaking scalp can be a real beauty problem, especially in the summer heat. However, washing frequently with the harsh chemicals in many shampoos may just make the problem worse. One solution is to rub baking soda into wet hair in place of a shampoo treatment, making sure to work it into the scalp, then rinsing and conditioning like normal. This will quickly treat the dandruff. Honey Facial Mask Applying honey to your face as you would a regular mask, leaving it in place for approximately half an hour, then rinsing gently is rather sticky work. The pay-off, however, is soft, smooth, acne-free skin: the natural antimicrobial properties of honey help to kill off the bacteria that causes acne in the first place. Coconut Oil. This versatile oil has many uses as a beauty treatment. It can serve as a once-weekly conditioning treatment when applied to the hair, but can also be applied to the face as a moisturizer and also to the legs as a shaving oil to keep the skin soft and smooth after a shave. In addition, it makes a great cuticle cream as well. Spirulina Tablets Not all beauty treatments are topical. If you feel like you need extra treatment for your skin through supplementation, try spirulina tablets. They are rich in Vitamin A which will help prevent acne, wrinkles and aging of the skin. You will notice that your hair and nails look better when you take this, too! Black Soap Black soap is made from all-natural ingredients. It is meant [...]

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8 Strange Beauty Tips That Actually Work

Use Lemon Juice to Lighten Your Hair!   The following treatments might sound a little odd, but they have been tested by women all over the country and as strange as they may sound, they really work! From problems of dry skin to hair static, here are some wild and crazy solutions that actually do the trick! Diaper Rash Cream for Dry Skin Okay, this might sound odd, but it does make sense – diaper rash creams are for a baby’s delicate skin and contain a whole array of moisturizers and ingredients to reduce inflammation. It is no wonder then that it makes such a great treatment for dry skin. Dryer Sheets for Hair Static If you are having problems with static hair, one of the quickest ways to tame it is to take a dryer sheet and run it down a length of hair from scalp to tip. It will ease it down right away, but be sure to bring a few in your purse as this effect can sometimes wear off quickly. Black Tea for Sunburns No, you don’t drink it! To help cool and soothe a sunburn, take a bath to which strong black tea has been added. This will help to take away the swelling and stinging that a sunburn can bring with it and speed up the healing process. Lemon Juice to Lighten Hair A great way to lighten your hair naturally is simply to spray your hair down with lemon juice before going into the sun; the citric acid in the juice reacts with the sunlight to lighten the hair. It is best if this treatment is used on hair that is unwashed. Jell-O for Lip Stain For beautiful colored lips that last a long time and won’t dry your skin out, pour out the powdered Jell-O into a bowl. Dampen the end of a Q-tip with water and apply it to your lips for a long-lasting effect. Olive Oil for Hair Treatment Applying olive oil to your hair and letting it soak in for ten minutes before your regular shampoo-and-conditioner routine may sound strange. However, it will give your hair a deep moisturizing treatment and provide it with the nutrients that it needs. Toothpaste for Acne Okay, this one sounds pretty odd, too, but if you apply a smooth amount of toothpaste to acne and leave it overnight, it will really help to get rid of those pimples fast! Make sure to use plain white toothpaste and only as a spot treatment. Hemorrhoid Cream Some people may be grossed out by this, but this cream really can help shrink those dark bags under your eyes because of its anti-inflammatory properties and can also leave skin tighter and more toned. Baking Soda for Self-Tanner Streaks If your self-tanner has left streaks, simply mix up a paste with baking soda and water and rub it gently onto the affected area. This will exfoliate the area due to its texture and [...]

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The Top Jewelry Trends of Spring 2020

With Spring around the corner, it’s finally time to store away those heavy coats and jackets that take up way too much wardrobe space and get out the flowy, light-weight spring wear. We all love the vibrant colors and patterns that come with our spring wardrobe, and there is nothing better than completing that perfect spring look than with those all-important accessories. From a simple bracelet to a bold statement necklace, or show-stopping earrings - a piece of jewelry can be the perfect accessory to take your outfit to the next level. Here are some of the top jewelry trends to check out this spring and make that bold statement in the sun. Colorful stones Spring brings all the bright and vibrant colors we have been waiting for all winter. One of the best ways to show off these attention-grabbing tones is by wearing gemstone jewelry. Ranging in colors and designs, you are sure to find the perfect piece to complete your outfit. These beautiful gemstones come in all shapes and sizes - from simple stud earrings to larger sized bracelets and necklaces to wrap around your wrists and neck. They are the perfect accessory for this time of year, as the deep and bold colors reflect beautifully in the sun and can turn a simple spring dress into a show stopping evening outfit. Supersize hoops Hoops work on so many levels. Whether you’re going for the effortless, messy bun look or looking to add a bit of dazzle to a simple day dress, the right hoops can transform an outfit. There are so many hooped earring designs to choose from these days. There are thin, large hoops that are good for a day look, or smaller thicker hoops that are usually gold colored for both the day and evening look. There are even hoops with beautiful gemstones that can add color and vibrancy to your outfit. A statement ring Not only can a statement ring perfectly complete and complement your spring look, but it can also be a great conversation starter at any social event. In fact, an underrated piece of jewellery, like a statement ring, can sometimes make you look like a real “fashionista chic!“ It is also perfect for color coordinating your outfit and making sure there is a bit of matchy-matchy action happening. Whether it be with bold-colored shoes, or a certain print on your flowing skirt, an attention grabbing gemstone colored ring can hone in the whole look flawlessly. Pendant or charm Sometimes it's best just to keep it simple. With the harshness of winter finally gone, a loose chain with pendant is great to wear with any spring look. There are loads of plain designs to suit a colorful patterned dress, or if you would rather a bit of color to wear on a plain dress, then check out this range of gemstone necklaces. Still keeping it simple, but adding a sprinkle of tint. -- About the Author Maria [...]

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Quick and Easy Ways to Fit Self-Care Into Your Daily Routine

Self care can be anything you do to care for yourself, whether it’s your mental, emotional, or physical health. It’s easy to overlook, and even easier to push aside, thinking you don’t have time to prioritize yourself. But the fact is, without self care, everything falls apart. You’re not being selfish when you take care of yourself — you’re prioritizing what’s important: your mental, emotional, and physical health. You might think of self care as a grand gesture that’s just too lofty to do on a regular basis. Whether it’s an hour long yoga class or a trip out of town, you might be thinking too big while neglecting your ability to do small self care steps in your daily routine. These are some of the ways you can squeeze in self care and make yourself feel more healthy and balanced.   Say no. One way to find time to fit more self care into your day is to cut back on the things you don’t really need or want to do. Unnecessary commitments can drain your energy and take away from the time you have to take care of yourself. Think about what’s important and don’t hesitate to tell others you can’t take something on.   Wake up early. Waking up to something you look forward to doing can help you find motivation to get out of bed. Whether it’s reading a book, squeezing in some exercise, stepping outside for a cup of coffee, or just taking a few minutes for a nice stretch, giving yourself quiet time in the morning can help set the tone for a better day.   Add self care to your calendar. You have to schedule what’s important first, then let everything else fit in where there’s room — not the other way around.   Plan meals and snacks. It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of the day and forget to eat healthy. You don’t need an elaborate meal plan, just a general idea and availability for healthy food. If you need to pack a lunch and snacks to make sure you eat healthy throughout the day, plan ahead so you can pack it in the morning or the night before. Even placing a scheduled delivery order is a great way to make sure you’ll have something good to eat at the right time.   Decompress throughout the day. You might have time to shake off stress at the end of the day, but don’t wait until then. Stress happens all day, so stop and take a minute to take care of yourself throughout the day. Stretch, walk, take deep breaths, or grab a drink of water for a quick reset.   Set a timer to call or text friends and family for a few minutes. You don’t need to spend all day on your phone, but it helps to take a few minutes to chat with people that help fill your cup emotionally. Just a [...]

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Can Your Diet Affect Your Acne?

Do you want that acne to go away quickly? Do you want to know what creates havoc on your skin and causes breakouts? Then let's go and check things out, 'anti-acne' way! It's true what you put in your body shows up on your skin, we like to snack on junk food, and we know that we're going to wake up with new pimples, but do you know why it happens? Save me from that pimple! Acne develops when pores in the skin become clogged, with bacteria or dead skin leading to new pimples and inflammation. This can also occur if your body produces too much sebum and it is good until it helps your skin from drying out, but the moment it gets excessive, you're gone! Some foods are high in GI, that is, Glycemic Index and GL, that is, Glycemic Load. Measuring these two can tell how a particular food can raise blood sugar levels and disturb your skin's balance, causing new breakouts, even before you're done with the old ones. Several online lists provide you with this information so you don't need to worry, here we are with a list of foods that have a high GI and GL, and you should avoid eating them too much. Sweetened breakfast cereals White bread and bagel Instant foods like oats Pineapples, Pumpkins, and Potatoes Rice-based Pasta Dairy, Sugar, and Seafood Whey Protein powder Spicy and fried food   Let's make a diet! Getting to the root cause of acne is difficult, but diet is a large part of the problem and the solution;  a lot could be fixed through it. The actual problem comes at the role of digestion when the body isn't able to break down some foods; they damage the lining of our gut and also decreases the good bacteria leading to stored toxins. It can be healed if the digestion is regulated, and this can happen if you follow a healthy diet and a few interesting things, read further to know what it is all about. Here is what you should start eating: Orange-colored vegetables: Pumpkins, carrots or bell peppers, anything orange is rich in the antioxidant called beta carotene, that helps with digestion, treat breakouts and fights pigmentation.   The leafy greenway: Spinach specifically, is rich in Vitamin B and E, which is all about skin health. It reduces inflammation and also restores collagen, reducing fine lines, fighting to age, and making skin healthier and acne-free. Add a little lemon to enhance the taste.   Fermented foods: Apple cider vinegar and Yogurt, to be specific. They are full of good bacteria and can help with digestion as well as acne. You can enjoy a dairy-free yogurt made from coconut extracts. These food helps to maintain proper digestion, and that solves more than half of the problem for us.   Stay hydrated:  Drink as much water as you can, at least six glasses a day, it helps to cleanse the body [...]

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