“Hold up your cup here is some positive tea that I want to pour out for you.”


People have different capabilities of handling tough problems and the failures that may come along. Some would give up even before they get started. Others persist and achieve their dreams no matter how difficult the path proves to be. A philosopher once said that one’s ability to deal with obstacles as well as their failures determine how successful they be. Here are seven reason why you shouldn’t give up on your dream.


First, everyone struggles at some point in life. You are neither the only one nor are you the first one to be in tough situations. In the same way roses grow amidst thorns, and it calls for struggle to pluck them, no perfect outcome comes without struggle. A wise man said that nothing comes on a silver plate. The life story of Oprah Winfrey provides a clear demonstration of how this successful woman emerged from rags of poverty, to be among the richest icon producers in the world. Other icons such as Dwayne Johnson and Lewis Howes have the same story of consistent struggles and later success.


Secondly, there is more than one option in every situation. Success calls for proper evaluation of one’s past successes and failures to identify the best path to take towards the pursuit of their dreams.


Thirdly, past failures should not determine one’s own future. In fact, setbacks improve creativity and thus, one should embrace them, learn from them and use them as a stepping stone to success. After noticing that his production was not selling well in the market, Dwayne Johnson learned from his failures and laid down his agents and again emerged at the top of the market.


Fourth, no struggles last forever and one should stay positive that the situation will get better sometimes. Staying focused on the prize and being persistent no matter the price attracts some fine reward. If one has true interest in gaining something or attaining a goal, they should never give up and finally they will achieve their objectives. Remember, a faint heart never wins a fair lady.


Fifth, you were born and, therefore, there is no way you won’t face challenges on earth. Every human being exists to find a course in life; which presents a rough path at some point. The fact that you are alive gives you no chance to do nothing less than struggle. According to scientists, you were the luckiest among the four hundred trillion gametes to be conceived. Thus, you are a fighter and you can do anything you dream of with sufficient effort and determination. Whatever happens in one’s own life is directly proportional to the choices they have made as well as their ability to pursue their dreams and goals in life. The only excuse that you can give for failure or despair is death. Age, gender, race and religion have an insignificant impact on one’s success.


Sixth, life is unfair and this is proof enough that struggle is inevitable for most people. We did not choose the kind of families we would be born in, and if we had, we would have chosen the richest families. Furthermore, we never had a vote on the era or regions we were born. However, life gives people a chance to change their livelihood through the choices they make. Even the poorest can rise to the richest so never give up.


Lastly, the feeling that follows success is the best. Someone once said that the feeling that one faced when they have conquered a setback is incomparable to any other. That spirit which gives you pride and a sense of greatness never departs. One becomes a source of inspiration to other and with no shame, they can boast that their life turned out far much better than if they had given up.


Hope your cup is full of positivity!