Brow trends come and go, but what never goes out of style are trimmed, neat, natural but tamed, ‘done’ but not overly done brows. Does this sound impossible to you? Me too. Here’s the thing: the brow trends for 2021 are quarantine friendly. Meaning, they’re low maintenance and emphasize working with what you have. It’s a beauty Christmas miracle! But wait. How do I work with what I have when I have barely enough (sparse brows) or too much (bushy brows)? Below are a few tips and tricks to help you make the most of whatever you’ve got above those peepers.


  1. Tweeze smart

Remember the 90s? Let’s not, no not ever, redo that.

Instead, tweeze only those errant hairs that you find on the outskirts of the brow line. The ones that seem… a little lost. Try to avoid using a magnifying mirror when you’re shaping your brows, otherwise you’ll lose sight of the big picture, and might (definitely) get tweezer happy, and we’ll be right back in your parent’s bathroom with the corner bath and beige … everything.


  1. Tint safely

Brow tinting is an easy way to get your brows looking beautiful with relatively little fuss. Just make sure you have the Vaseline, step by step instructions, and the right shade and type of tint. If you’re willing to follow the safety rules, it can be quickly done at home, a very valuable option today’s “COVID times” when salons are less accessible.


  1. Stay in (your) shape

Find the natural shape of your brow first. Using a spoolie, brush the brows upward, then use brow scissors to trim. If you’re not sure whether they’re true outliers, get thee a brow stencil kit for added support in the process. Try to avoid tweezing any hairs in the middle of your brow and leave the heavy-duty shaping to a professional if you’re uncertain or want a new look that diverges from the natural shape of your brow. Try to avoid using a magnifying mirror when you’re shaping your brows, otherwise you’ll lose sight of the big picture, and might (definitely) get tweezer-happy.


  1. Take care

Nourish your brows if you’d like to help them gain a little weight. The skin underneath your eyebrow hair can get flaky. Exfoliate to open any clogged follicles, and then dip a Q-tip in castor oil and coat your brows with it every night for 6+ weeks. This old wives tale is actually proven to be effective. Be careful to avoid dripping or getting too close to your eye as you do this. Why castor oil? Because of something called ricinoleic acid, which while it might not be responsible for hair growth, it absolutely keeps the scalp and hair follicles healthy, which will affect hair growth positively.


  1. Check your tool kit

These are the items to include for proper “brow grooming”:

  • Tweezers
  • Brow scissors
  • Dermaplaning tool
  • Spoolies
  • Brow powder (one shade + two shades lighter than your natural hair color)
  • Angled brow powder brush
  • Brow setting gel (tinted or clear)


Remember that the point is not to create brows you don’t have— it’s to enhance the ones you do. If you have naturally thin brows, that’s amazing (and actually trending right now). Make the most of them by keeping them neat, even, and shapely.