“Hold up your cup here is some positive tea that I want to pour out for you.”

Some years ago, I was driving to an unfamiliar location. I put the address information into the Google navigation app on my phone and headed out in high confidence that I would get where I needed to go. But something unexpected happened. For some odd reason, the system I was depending on to give me direction failed. After a couple of U-turns and some very complicated directions from the computerized voice talking to me, I started feeling uncomfortable. I had the sense that something wasn’t right with the guidance I was receiving. I had that feeling inside that said, “You’re lost!”

After a few moments of concern, I shut down the GPS app and restarted my phone. I thought to myself “maybe everything needed to be reset.” For some reason, totally unknown to me, something was off in the GPS system, and resetting it was the cure.

When I restarted the program, re-entered the address and began the navigation again, everything worked as it was supposed to. The reset got me back on track. It brought me out of being lost into a sure direction again.

It’s amazing! Where would we be without a reset feature?

Have you ever thought while dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic crisis that maybe your life needs a reset right now?

We need a reset button for life itself because we perpetually find ourselves all tied up in knots over some problem, or feeling entangled in situations that we have no control over. Many times in our life journey we get off track. Through the busyness of life, the influence of wrong thinking, wrong people, wrong priorities, or whatever, our internal sense of direction is confused. We end up wandering into territory we shouldn’t be in. We start listening to voices that misguide us. And before long, we have that sinking feeling that says, “You’re lost!”

Some of us are lost because of the COVID-19 illness that has sadly taken so many lives. We don’t know how to be normal when an abnormal illness resides in our country. With so much uncertainty going on and injustice on the rise, we begin to take unpleasant thoughts seriously. Thoughts like, “That was a complete disaster,” “I’ll never amount to anything,” “People are idiots,” and “Things never work out,” often feel like the absolute truth- like depressing but important insights about the way things really are. It’s easy to forget that they’re just thoughts.

To utter the words, “I think I need a reset,” can be scary. But what if… We do need a reset? I don’t know about you, but every now and again, I need a reset.


Here are three simple ways to hit the reset button on life!


  1. Laughter

“When you laugh, at that very moment your depression takes a back seat.” -Lyoshi Esters

Sometimes, no matter how difficult life may be, the best thing you can do is laugh. Even when you don’t want to laugh, force it. Simply forcing yourself to laugh can help you fight through your depression or darkness. So, whether you watch a comedy movie or series, or go to lunch with someone who always makes you laugh, experience the moment of letting go of stress for a good belly laugh. Reset yourself with laughter!


  1. Re-evaluate the to-do-list

Write down everything you did during the day. This will help you to evaluate how you spent your time and either recognize that you accomplished a lot today or see what activities depleted your time and energy. You might see that you spend a lot of time on an activity that doesn’t bring you life, that too many hours are spent on assignments that don’t add purpose or help you reach your goals. Once you know what you spend your time on, you can reset yourself and begin to invest in what’s really important to you.

“Sometimes you have to rename your ‘To-Do’ list as your ‘What Matters To You’ list.” -Lyoshi Esters


  1. Dance to the Music

Can you envision a life without music?

If you’ve ever listened to any kind of music, you know your body can react in several different ways, such as: nodding your head or tapping your feet. You just can’t stop the feeling! Dance can be a very therapeutic and healthy way for people to express any feelings they may be experiencing.


Do you need a reset? Just Press Play

Next time you’re feeling unhappy, just press play on some upbeat music.

I promise you the music will pick you up and put a smile on your face.

Better yet, remember back to a specific time in your life. A time you were really happy.

Then, try to remember what music you listened to back then, and play that.

It doesn’t matter if you like to tango, breakdance, moon walk, or the Carlton. Dancing, of any kind, is good for your mental and physical health. Yes, do it now!! You can do it with your friends virtually or even alone in your room. It all could be enough to make a difference.


“Don’t worry if you are the only one dancing, just know that God is dancing with you.” -Lyoshi Esters

Hope your cup is full of positivity!