Popping the question is nerve-wracking and super exciting at the same time. It’s all about love and commitment, but many think that sealing the deal means mega-watt sparkle. The “bling” is always the focus of Instagram pics, and friends and family can’t wait to see the “rock” radiating from that ring finger.

But what if you don’t have tons of dough to get a ring that’s remarkable? The good news is you can buy a beautiful engagement ring without breaking the bank. After all, you’re about to get married, so you can’t start off “forever after” drowning in debt.

If you’re watching your wallet and need to be conservative when it comes to choosing a ring, here are some tips to consider before shopping for your special someone. The ring will be gorgeous, you’ll still have money to spare, and your intended recipient will be wowed by your good taste in both jewelry and a mate!


Size Doesn’t Matter







We see celebs flashing their ginormous engagement rings on social media, and while some of them are amazing, others are rather ridiculous. Not only is a giant diamond uncomfortable and unrealistic for most, but it’s difficult to do basic things when the ring gets in the way of everyday tasks. Plus, just because a ring is huge doesn’t mean it’s special necessarily. The gem could be cloudy, and it may go out of style.

A better idea is to find something more suitable for your special someone. Splurge on the clarity and cut of the diamond rather than the size. A bright and dazzling diamond – even a small one – is more impressive than a gaudy gem that’s pretentious.

With a smaller ring, there’s room to grow. You can add bands for special anniversaries, as stacking is always in style. When you have more money, you can reset the diamond or go up a few carats. Not to mention, smaller rings show class and character. It’s not about the size, but the sentiment. When your proposal is on point, a blinding diamond isn’t even an afterthought.


Think Outside The (Ring) Box







You can do your own thing when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. The typical look is timeless, but your special someone is unique, and their ring should be too. Think about their taste in jewelry and overall appeal. You may not want to take the traditional route, and that means opening doors to finding a ring that’s less expensive, but even more meaningful.

While “a diamond is forever,” other glam gems are wonderful alternatives, often far less expensive, but just as breathtaking. Consider an engagement ring featuring your partner’s birthstone or choose one that’s their favorite hue. Emeralds, sapphires, and rubies are rich and vibrant, and their ring will become a focal point on their finger.

You may not even want a gem at all. A stylish band is practical and pretty, and you can get something stunning at a fraction of the cost of a diamond ring. If you think your partner would prefer a band, this option will impress, especially if they’re not the flashy type.

Finally, if your partner is creative, craft fairs often feature vendors who make their own jewelry, each handcrafted and one-of-a-kind. They use gems that come from all over the world, and their talents are off the charts. No one else will have the same ring, making it heartfelt and an instant heirloom.


Pay It Off Over Time







If you want something beyond your budget, you can always work with the salesperson on a payment plan that you can afford. Not everyone can shell out the entire cost for an engagement ring in one lump sum, and plans like this are certainly not unheard of.

Perhaps a close friend or family member is willing to loan you some cash too. If they adore your partner as much as you do, it would be their pleasure.


Good luck finding the ring that represents the bond you share with your significant other. As Beyoncé sings, “…if you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it!”