Whenever you experience back pain, even doing something as natural as sleeping becomes a daunting task. You cannot even concentrate on work, but are there things at your disposal that could help ease the pain at home? Let’s find out.

Back pain is mostly accompanied by a hustle and tassel of finding the right position to sit or sleep. And this short-lived comfort does not last for too long as you might need to get a few things done.


Causes of Backache

  • Muscle and ligament in the back getting tensed and strained – mild ache
  • Dislocation of the disks – severe to excruciating ache
  • Arthritis – mild to severe
  • Spine injury – severe to unbearable agony
  • Osteoporosis – the weakening of the vertebrae bones that starts mild and worsens after


This list shows that there are different degrees of back pain, and each has its best remedy. For instance, a comparison of aches from back pain versus arthritis may differ in the ache’s source and intensity.

If discomfort persists even after trying the following, consult a doctor who will assess the basis of your backache.

Below are back pain help home remedies that you can carry out on your own.



This is ideally the first thing that you can do at home to keep back pain at bay. If you have confirmed that the aching sources from strain, back pain relief exercises may be your best home remedy. You should always start small with manageable stretches, and advance to complicated yoga poses if you wish.


Dietary Supplements

If your back pain roots from dietary deficiencies that may cause your spinal bones to become weak, then calcium, potassium, and collagen supplements are known as the best keto friendly protein powder that may come in handy. These substances will help keep your backbone healthy and wade off the agony. Collagen is incredibly beneficial in keeping the spinal cord intact and in place.

Dietary supplementation also entails adding more foods high in these same nutrients in your daily meal plan.


Good Sitting Posture

The simple act of sitting right could improve your back aches immensely. It would help if you sat in a manner that your spine is perpendicular to the ground and not in a slouching form.

If you spend most of your day sitting, make sure your seat has good back support and periodically take random walks to stretch.


Back Massages

Stress coming from daily hustles may result in your backaches, and a good old massage session might do the trick. A back pain massage is best done using oil while you are lying flat on your tummy.

The person giving the massage must be gentle and work the way up and down your spine, slowly massaging all the disks into place.


Pain Killers

If the pain is too hard for you to handle, painkillers may help. But you have to realize that painkillers do not solve any underlying problem and just put it on mute.

You still have to visit a physician to evaluate your situation and give you the best remedy if any of the above does not work for you.



Bet you have heard this a million and one times, if pain persists, seek medical advice. And we still stress this point.

Since we now know that back pain has more than one reason, if it sticks around for a few weeks and keeps getting worse, visit your doctor.

Do you have back pain? How do you deal with it? Tell us in the comment section.