With holiday season fast approaching, making plans with friends and family is at the forefront. While gatherings and get-togethers may be a bit different this year due to the current state of affairs, there are still sure to be celebrations as 2020 wraps.

If you are in a relationship and it’s now reaching the next level, the holiday season becomes a bit more involved. With a partner to share the experiences with, there will have to be compromise and consideration.

There are two sets of families and friends to manage, introductions to be made, and traditions to formulate and follow. Before you stress out, remember the season is all about love, laughter, and life. There is no need to get too structured when food, fun, and feeling good are first and foremost.

These tips below will help you and your significant other navigate the holidays as a couple. Before long, you will be ringing in the New Year with more memories to make.


Give A “Heads Up”





Before accepting invitations and showing up, alert your loved ones that your relationship is getting serious. You don’t want there to be awkward conversations or any big surprises. Those who support your decisions will be happy that you’ve found that “special someone,” and the fact that you’re celebrating these milestones as a couple is a big deal.

This will be your first “introduction” as a serious couple, so expect some questions…perhaps a little prying. Hopefully, nothing gets too personal or uncomfortable, and everyone just wants to get to know your partner better.


Divide and Conquer







Unless you can somehow manage to get both sets of family and friends all together for one big gathering, you’re going to have to decide who you’re going to spend the holidays with. This issue often causes tension between partners, so plan wisely well before the holidays approach.

You can do Thanksgiving with your family and Christmas or Hannukah with your partner’s. Perhaps you split the day and head over for supper with one set and dessert with another. And who says you must celebrate a holiday on a specific day? Make it a double and celebrate twice!

There are plenty of ways to be sure you cover all the bases and see all the faces you look forward to seeing this time of year. With a little arranging and adjusting, everyone will be on board. Better yet, host the holidays yourselves and invite the whole group to your place. Problem solved.


Release the Pressure







Holiday season can cause anxiety. There’s a lot to do, and the expectations are extraordinary. Don’t let the “musts” of the season cause you to lose your cool. Take a deep breath and give thanks for what you have, including your relationship.


Don’t worry about what your friends and family will think. Be yourselves and everything will fall into place. After all, if your relationship is getting serious, your families may blend before you know it. The holidays are a perfect time to test the waters and work on forming bonds that may last a lifetime. You never know…there could be a proposal right around the corner!

Happy holidays!