Who’s ready for 2020 to conclude? While there were surely some high points, the year was certainly one for the books. We were all affected by the many twists and turns the year brought upon us, but as we look on the bright side, we can declare 2021 as a fresh start with lots to look forward to.

With the New Year fast approaching, how about uncovering a “new you” to symbolize the hopes for what’s to come, and a commitment to better days and bigger dreams? While you don’t have to erase your past, there is always room for improvement and advancement.

I am perfectly content with the woman I am, but each year, I think about how I can be a better mother, partner, friend, and woman. As the New Year rings in, I reflect on what’s going well and what could be changed for the greater good.

The “new me” for the New Year is filled with tons of excitement and a fresh energy to get the year started on a high note. I stay positive and promise that I’ll go easy on myself, yet commit to the self-care I’m ready to reward myself with.

Here are three tips to make your “new you” as fabulous as you deserve it to be. Remember, you’re already awesome, but you can step it up and shine even brighter.


Be Healthier







Eat well, exercise, and be mindful. When you take care of your body and soul, your physical wellbeing will benefit, and your spirits will soar. Commit to consuming wholesome foods, work out regularly, get plenty of rest, and engage in meditation or prayer when you have some quiet “me time.”

These practices will keep you healthier – both physically and mentally. You need balance, so don’t go overboard, as moderation is key. Feel free to indulge every so often, stay up late sometimes, and be a comfy couch potato when you’re sore from an intense workout. The next day, get back at it and achieve your goals.


Let Go of Negativity







Part of your “new you” would benefit from brushing off negative vibes that can hinder your progress. Steer clear of social media threads that promote bashing and bad-mouthing. Remove yourself from toxic situations and pessimistic people. Don’t sweat the small stuff and see the bigger picture.

When you choose happiness, the hard times aren’t as difficult to deal with. Smile when you’re sad, and pick up the pieces when you’re falling apart. It’s easier said than done, but you can make it a habit to be positive when there’s pain or pressure pulling you down. Your fun-loving attitude will attract others and hopefully give them the motivation to “let it go” too.


Look the Part







As gorgeous as you are already, a “new you” would look even more alive with a little spruce-up or a new style. Try a new hairstyle, revamp your wardrobe, or simply get a relaxing “mani/pedi” to feel fresh. Try a new lipstick or a different fragrance to celebrate your individuality and taste.

You don’t have to do anything drastic, but some small changes give you that “feel good” energy that’ll put you in a good mind space and give your confidence a boost.

Make changes to your home as well, with minimal touches that breathe new life into your living space. Add some new throw pillows, a few aromatic candles, or reposition the furniture. The difference will delight you as you admire your abode.


If you thought the “old you” was wonderful, imagine how spectacular the “new you” will be. Elevate yourself and enjoy every minute of it.