By David Steele


What is the secret of those couples you see walking down the street hand in hand, so obviously in love that everyone around them can’t help but watch and smile, and perhaps even feel a bit envious.

Life Gets in the Way

Falling in love is easy. Staying in love can seem impossible. Spending quality time with your partner all too often falls by the wayside as we fall into the comfortable routines of marriage, moving from day to day, meal to meal, moment to moment without ever truly being in the moment.

It’s too easy to forget that your days with your beloved are finite, that one day they (and you) will be gone from this earth, and when one of these precious days is done it can never be recaptured.

We get caught up in the day-to-day sameness of marriage, each one rising and falling in time to the day before, the day after, the day to come in three weeks, three months, and inevitably, three years, and even three decades. All the while we are longing for love and connection that is available right in front of us, but too often remains frustratingly just beyond our reach.

Enter Radical Romance

Children get sick, deadlines loom, there are always pressing demands on your attention. But still, still, is it not just as important to keep the ties of your relationship with your beloved strong and connected? It is too easy to put the time needed to maintain your relationship last in your priorities. Staying intimate and connected requires time, effort, and sometimes sheer will, but the reward is well worth the effort.

It’s damaging to the soul and spirit to lose your strong connection with your soul mate, your partner of the heart.

Embrace Radical Romance. Make a commitment to energetically, creatively, and continuously express your love and woo your partner.

Romance is an action, a conscious choice. It requires intention, effort, and commitment to stay connected.

Radical Romance takes that intention, that connection to the next level. Reach out to your lover every day, yes every day, to find opportunities to make your partner happy, to do things with and for your partner that enhance your relationship and your life together.

And reach out with the knowledge that there is no payback required, that the actions of love do not involve keeping score. Keeping score diminishes intimacy, connection, and romance.

Radical Romance means that each partner takes 100% responsibility for their outcomes in the relationship. Imagine what your marriage would be like if you did something every day to make it the best marriage possible.

This is the heart of Radical Marriage and Radical Romance; experiencing your relationship as your greatest adventure by finding opportunities every day to express your love to your partner and the value you place on your life together.

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