I confess. I am a tea junkie. Perhaps this “vice” is hardly anything astonishing, but I can say I’m addicted. The good news is that tea drinking is a good thing. I start early and finish late. I love the flavors, the feeling I get as I sit back and sip, and the health benefits to boot.

My four favorites by far are green tea, mint tea, eucalyptus tea, and chamomile tea. That said, there are plenty of others I often drink, like chai, English Breakfast, and those freebies that come with my Chinese takeout, but the four aforementioned are always in my pantry.

I mentioned the health benefits. While I didn’t start out drinking tea for my health, I came to realize that I looked and felt better once I started drinking these teas. Was it a coincidence? I think not. I learned that tea is good for the body, and the more I drink, the healthier I become. The best part is that I love tea, so this health boost is the cherry on top.

The Goodness of Green Tea

I love the mild taste of green tea. It goes with anything and is a good one for when I’m not in the mood for anything super flavorful or overly fragrant. As for the health benefits, there are a bunch.

The antioxidants in green tea have been shown to boost brain function, aid in fat loss, ward off cancer, and reduce the risk of heart disease. That’s pretty impressive, and when I drink my green tea, I feel blessed that I’m doing something good for my body. “Going green” is my mantra in more ways than one!

The Magic of Mint Tea

When I’m in the mood for something fresh and energizing, mint tea is where it’s at. The uplifting scent and snappy sensation wake up my taste buds and I’m ready for what’s next.

The health benefits of mint tea are amazing, including how it relieves belly bloat and an upset stomach, handles my headaches, clears my clogged sinuses, and freshens my breath. I consider it a cure-all.,

The Excellence of Eucalyptus

I can’t get enough of the earthy, natural flavor of eucalyptus tea. I love it mid-afternoon when I need a break from the day’s endless to-dos and have time to settle down and get ready for sunset. It’s definitely an acquired taste, but I’ve had plenty of practice.

When I feel a cold coming on, before I hit the medicine cabinet, I brew some eucalyptus tea. It breaks up the mucus and I can breathe better almost instantly. It’s also remarkably relaxing, so when I’m stressed out, a cup of eucalyptus tea is my at-home “therapist.” I reduce my anxiety as I inhale and ingest.

The Calm of Chamomile

The floral flavor of chamomile tea is so delicate and delicious. I enjoy chamomile with breakfast as well as an after-dinner beverage with a light dessert. The scent permeates the house, creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Health-wise, chamomile tea has a bounty of benefits, especially when it comes to its calming effects. It’s a great pre-bedtime drink, especially when I have trouble falling asleep. One cup and it’s lights out. I also drink chamomile when it’s “that time of the month.” I find that it eases cramping and any tenderness. I’ve heard it has anti-aging properties too, and anything that promotes a youthful glow is on my grocery list!

It’s all about tea for me. Coffee is tasty too, but tea is so much more interesting in my book. My tea kettle is always in action!