You have probably seen ads or TV commercials featuring beauty products which contain retinol. Perhaps you’ve spotted some intriguing items on the shelves at the pharmacy too. Retinol is all the rage, and for good reason. Skincare brands aboard the retinol bandwagon are raking it in, thanks to the repair, improvement, and overall uplifting elements retinol boasts, bringing a new life to skin that truly shines.

Of course, there is no “magic potion” that will give you the same supple skin you had in your teens and twenties, but retinol is a close second. I have happily used a number of products containing retinol, and it really does do wonders. The tone and texture of my skin is noticeably smoother, silkier, and I feel more self-confident and sexier. What could be better?


What to Know

So, what is retinol exactly? It is part of the Vitamin A “family,” and when added to skincare products, it helps with collagen creation. Collagen gives skin a plumper appearance, a youthful glow, and a more even skin tone. Retinol also speeds up cell turnover, renewing the skin more effectively, thus ridding you of those dull, dead layers, revealing the fresh face beneath the surface.


Test Before Success

When you first begin use of a product containing retinol, you may want to try it before bedtime, as it can cause skin to get dry and flaky for some people. But once your skin acclimates to the product, you should be fine. Plus, if you find that you have an adverse effect, you’re better off at home than out and about. Not to mention, it can make skin sun-sensitive, so be careful when you are outdoors – wear SPF always.  I’ve personally never had any issues with retinol products, but you would be best off consulting with your dermatologist before use.


Reap the Rewards

I use retinol products nearly daily, and I have seen the hands of time go in reverse. My fine lines are even finer – in fact, some are suddenly gone altogether. I have that “bounce” to my cheeks, a rosy hue, smaller pores, and a dewy complexion that is less saggy and more supple. Mind you, this remarkable transformation won’t happen overnight. Expect to see some improvement in about 6-12 weeks. Stick with it…the best things come to those who wait!


Where’s the Retinol?

You will find retinol in a variety of undereye creams, face creams, lotions, serums, and related products. Do your research online before grabbing just anything; look for reviews, ask friends, and again, get a recommendation from your dermatologist. Note, these products are generally pricier than your average skin cream, but the results are worth the indulgence, plus you only need a little bit with each use – no slathering here!

For anti-aging benefits, retinol is easy to find and won’t cost a fortune, at least compared to the more aggressive measures many women take to turn back the clock. Test it out before going full speed ahead to be sure your skin’s not too sensitive. If all looks good, then go for it. I’m glad I did, and I do a delighted double take when I mistake myself for a younger woman in the mirror!