Blame lack of sleep, genetics, or aging, but no matter the cause, under-eye circles are unwelcome. The dark bags are bothersome, to say the least, leaving us wondering what to do to make them go away, or hopefully less noticeable.

I’ve been there – staring at my reflection wishing those circles would vanish into thin air. But no amount of hoping helps. Thankfully, there are some more practical methods than prayer to get those under-eye circles under control. Here are a few that work, so stash away your dark sunglasses and show off those bright, beautiful eyes.


Drink Up

Dehydration can make your skin look sunken, dry, and anything but supple. The thin skin under the eyes shows signs of dehydration more readily than other areas of the body, leading to those dark circles that are screaming for some water.

Be sure to get your 8 glasses per day, more if you can. You’ll see the difference it makes quickly, and you’ll also feel better from head to toe thanks to the liquid lift.


Catch Some Zzzs

When you don’t get enough sleep, you may be able to function just fine for a while, but it’ll show on your face, specifically in the form of unsightly under-eye circles. Over time, the appearance seems to stay put, especially if you make a habit out of late nights and short sleep cycles.

Once you catch up on your sweet dreams, you’ll notice those dark circles start to fade fast. The extra time under the covers far beats an extra coat of concealer!


Soothe and Soak

Oftentimes, under-eye circles are accompanied by puffiness. This is far from a winning combo, and people may think you’re feeling sick or suffering from allergies. Get rid of this less-than lovely look by depuffing and hydrating with some slices of cool cucumber placed over your closed eyelids, chilled wet tea bags, or just a damp washcloth that has been sitting on ice.

This mini DIY spa treatment not only feels fabulous,  but the process depuffs and makes dilated blood vessels below the eyes shrink, which is one of the culprits behind the dark circles to begin with.


The Magic of Makeup

If you’re in a bind, a bit of foundation or some lightweight concealer will hide those dark circles for the time being. Don’t go overboard, but find a shade that’s a bit lighter than your skin tone to even out and brighten. Less is more, as when makeup is applied to this area, it can tend to settle into your fine lines.

Another trick is to draw attention elsewhere, such as by sporting a bold lip color. Open your eyes with lots of mascara and a shimmery shadow to offset the under-eye circles.


What Else?

If your under-eye circles won’t fade, you may want to see your dermatologist. If it’s not due to allergies, there are treatments such as laser surgery, fillers, and resurfacing.

Before you resort to the above, more intrusive measures, know that there are also some products out there that can help, such as Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Dark Circle Vitamin C Eye Serum. Kiehl’s is a stellar brand, and I trust their line as part of my beauty routine. In 7 days, you’ll see a difference.


Dark under-eye circles are a nuisance, but don’t let them get you down. Try these remedies and you’ll feel renewed in no time…perhaps even in the blink of an eye!