With Spring around the corner, it’s finally time to store away those heavy coats and jackets that take up way too much wardrobe space and get out the flowy, light-weight spring wear. We all love the vibrant colors and patterns that come with our spring wardrobe, and there is nothing better than completing that perfect spring look than with those all-important accessories.

From a simple bracelet to a bold statement necklace, or show-stopping earrings – a piece of jewelry can be the perfect accessory to take your outfit to the next level. Here are some of the top jewelry trends to check out this spring and make that bold statement in the sun.

Colorful stones

Spring brings all the bright and vibrant colors we have been waiting for all winter. One of the best ways to show off these attention-grabbing tones is by wearing gemstone jewelry. Ranging in colors and designs, you are sure to find the perfect piece to complete your outfit.

These beautiful gemstones come in all shapes and sizes – from simple stud earrings to larger sized bracelets and necklaces to wrap around your wrists and neck. They are the perfect accessory for this time of year, as the deep and bold colors reflect beautifully in the sun and can turn a simple spring dress into a show stopping evening outfit.

Supersize hoops

Hoops work on so many levels. Whether you’re going for the effortless, messy bun look or looking to add a bit of dazzle to a simple day dress, the right hoops can transform an outfit.

There are so many hooped earring designs to choose from these days. There are thin, large hoops that are good for a day look, or smaller thicker hoops that are usually gold colored for both the day and evening look. There are even hoops with beautiful gemstones that can add color and vibrancy to your outfit.

A statement ring

Not only can a statement ring perfectly complete and complement your spring look, but it can also be a great conversation starter at any social event. In fact, an underrated piece of jewellery, like a statement ring, can sometimes make you look like a real “fashionista chic!“

It is also perfect for color coordinating your outfit and making sure there is a bit of matchy-matchy action happening. Whether it be with bold-colored shoes, or a certain print on your flowing skirt, an attention grabbing gemstone colored ring can hone in the whole look flawlessly.

Pendant or charm

Sometimes it’s best just to keep it simple. With the harshness of winter finally gone, a loose chain with pendant is great to wear with any spring look.

There are loads of plain designs to suit a colorful patterned dress, or if you would rather a bit of color to wear on a plain dress, then check out this range of gemstone necklaces. Still keeping it simple, but adding a sprinkle of tint.

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