Thrifty Tips for Losing Weight so You Can Enjoy Better Health

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Culturally, when we talk about losing weight, we usually do so with an eye toward how we look. However, reducing the amount of fat on your body also offers a number of other benefits, like better sleep quality and better general health. If it’s time for you to shed some excess weight, here’s how to do it without going through too much work or too much expense.


Work in a Workout

Chances are, you’re well aware that one of the keys to weight loss can be exercising. Many people don’t exercise though because they think of it as something they don’t enjoy. They see it as too much work, too much discomfort, or just plain ineffective. Yet, Live Science notes that even short workouts can be effective in your weight-loss program — and you can do something you enjoy! If traditional options like jogging, cycling, or yoga don’t appeal to you, think about martial arts, volleyball, or indoor climbing.

There are plenty of ways to get your workout in without investing in a costly gym membership; for example, put on a playlist and work on your dance moves, do some yard work for exercise, or download some free fitness apps that coach you on good choices and workout routines.

To keep yourself comfortable, you should always dress appropriately for whatever activity you choose. For instance, for most sports, you’ll want supportive, good-fitting athletic shoes, stretchy outer clothing, and appropriate undergarments. If you need to invest in some new pieces, you don’t need to spend a bundle there, either. Retailers like Old Navy offer activewear, you can shop online for their sales, and you can even pick up an Old Navy coupon or promo code to help you save even more money on your purchases.


Examine Eating Habits

The other obvious key to dropping unwanted pounds and inches is consuming fewer calories. Keep in mind, however, that we aren’t suggesting you should eat less food; that’s not the same thing as consuming fewer calories. In fact, if you play your cards right, you might even be able to eat more on your weight-loss journey — or eat less and feel satisfied.

As Woman’s Day explains, there are some foods that work as appetite suppressants. Eggs, beans, avocados, and Greek yogurt are just a few foods that make you feel full, so you’ll need less food to be satisfied. There are several reasons for this. Foods with the right types of fat, protein, and/or fiber are the key, and with some foods, like avocados, you get more than one of those magical nutritional components. Since they are more nutrition-dense and lower calorie than unhealthier options like processed or fast food, you can often consume larger quantities.

Another way to produce that fantastic full feeling is with soups. By making soups with healthy sources of fat, protein, and fiber, you get the whole package, all in your bowl. On top of that, soups are ultra-convenient. You can toss together a pot, then freeze it in portions for the future. This is especially ideal if you’re someone who gets tired of leftovers.

Many soups are made from household staples you might have on hand, or you can stock up from delivery services like Costco. Plus, they not only offer grocery delivery, but you can select healthy meals to be delivered straight to your door. By making things convenient and checking out options, you avoid hassles and boredom all in one fell swoop. And besides, the easier and more enjoyable any changes in your habits are, the more apt you are to stick to them!


There are some great ways to lose weight without being uncomfortable and without going broke. Rethink your exercise options and how you normally eat. You can feel satisfied physically and financially as you watch that fat fall away!

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Jason Lewis is a personal trainer, and in 2002 he became the primary caretaker for his mother after her surgery. During this time he realized there is a special need for trainers that can assist the seniors in our community. Jason worked with his mother’s doctor, as well as other personal trainers, to create programs that are considerate to the special health needs of those over the age of 65.

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