Tips to Planning a Fitness Vacation

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Planning a Fitness Vacation

A vacation is the perfect opportunity to get away from your hectic life, relax and spend time doing the things you love. If you enjoy nothing more than your daily yoga practice, morning run or weekend hike, a fitness vacation may be your perfect escape.

However, as many traditional vacations usually involve lounging poolside with a mai tai, knowing how to turn your ideas for an exercise getaway into a reality can be difficult. Here are some tips to help achieve your perfect fitness vacation.

Decide How Much Fitness You Want

When you begin planning your fitness vacation the first decision to make is how much exercise you want to get. Whether you want to be able to simply take a yoga class every day or go on daily guided bike excursions, or spend a week climbing a mountain, deciding what level of fitness you want from your trip will make planning easier and your trip more enjoyable. No matter what fitness level you choose to tackle on your vacation, make sure you pick lodging that has hot water on demand. You’ll need to soak those sore muscles after adventuring all day long.

Pick Your Poison when Planning a Fitness Vacation

Once you’ve decided how much exercise you want to get, it’s important to choose what kind of exercise you want. Picking what form of fitness to focus on, or if you want a variety of activities to choose from, or even if you want to try something new will make it easier to choose your travel destination.

Know What’s Out There

Since fitness vacations have recently grown in popularity, there are several travel groups who have created vacations organized all around exercise that you may not know about, that can help you book your ideal trip. If you’re looking for a group bicycle trip through Vermont, or a hiking trip to Machu Picchu, or a stand-up paddle boarding excursion in Alaska there are websites and travel groups that will help you book the vacation of a lifetime. There are also resorts and yoga centers that offer wellness retreats to truly help you get away and rediscover your center.

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Check The Weather

As obvious as it sounds, checking the weather for your travel destination is absolutely vital for a perfect fitness trip, especially if your exercise of choice involves the outdoors. Before booking your trip, learn about what the weather will be like at your destination when you plan on visiting. If there’s even a chance that the weather could rain on your parade, getting in the way of your daily ocean swims, be sure that your hotel or resort has fitness amenities and a way for you to get your fitness fix indoors.

Book Health-Conscious Lodging

If you’re planning a fitness vacation all around exercise, chances are you want to eat healthy too. This makes finding and booking a stay at a place that will understand and accommodate your healthy lifestyle critical. When perusing hotels and resorts not only chick the rates, but the menus at their on-property restaurants and neighboring dining options.

If you don’t find enough healthy meals, consider renting a room, condo, cottage or even a house that has a kitchen. This way you can prepare your own menu and ensure healthy meals throughout your trip.

Also, when looking into lodging options, think about staying at a hotel that offers fitness amenities, or has nearby biking and running paths, hiking trails or even a lake or ocean for kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding.

If Traveling With Family, Have Realistic Expectations

Everyone wants something different from a vacation, and this is especially true for the members of your family. So if your planning a fitness vacation to double as a family vacation, be realistic about how many exercise-related activities you expect your spouse and children to participate in. During your stay plan 2 to 3 group hikes or beach volleyball matches, but don’t force a daily exercise routine. This way your family can still get in some physicality while still letting you exercise and unwind on your own.

Planning a fitness vacation can be a tricky task, but if you plan it well, it can be a rewarding and rejuvenating experience. To book your best fitness vacation, be sure to decide what you want, do your research, and keep fitness in mind when planning every aspect of your trip. So when the time comes to take your PTO, pack your bags, lace up your sneakers and enjoy your fitness getaway.

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