Letting someone know you appreciate them is a kind gesture that speaks volumes. All too often, good deeds go unnoticed, and those who deserve praise get passed over.

When you have the chance to thank someone for any reason, be sure your message comes from the heart. The same goes for when you simply want to put your gratitude out there in the universe, be it for your many blessings or a particular instance.

There could be a time when a monetary gift would make sense as a gesture of thanks. While it is sure to be appreciated, it does not always make the biggest impact. Not to mention, not everyone has the means to give much, making the thanks seem skimpy or shortsighted.

Rather than a monetary exchange, show your thanks in a way that’s far richer. They say it’s the thought that counts, so step up to the plate and prove just how appreciative you are.


The Art of The Handwritten Note

We have gotten used to texting, making it one of the top ways we communicate on nearly any level. While a thank you text does the job swiftly, the recipient knows it took little to no effort to send it off.

Do more than the bare minimum when you want to go the extra mile. Pen a handwritten note and spend time giving credit and care. Give your note to your recipient and they will be delighted by your dedication. It only takes a few minutes to complete, and the reaction will be priceless.


Time Is Precious

A quick phone call or an in-person thank you is generally sufficient in most circumstances, but spending time with someone is so much more enjoyable and engaging. Sharing experiences shows you care, and when you take a few hours out of your schedule, the time spent is special.

It doesn’t cost a thing to sit down with someone to talk and laugh, and the value could never compare to emotionless dollar signs. The connection keeps relationships thriving, and your thank you will be remembered fondly.


Food for Thought

Whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies or some banana bread and bring it to someone who has done something worth celebrating. Your culinary skills don’t have to be superb, as long as the cooking is done with lots of love.

If you are feeling especially crafty, package the homemade goods in a lovely basket with ribbons. Tuck in some paper plates and disposable cutlery to make things easier.

Next time go one step further by inviting them over to your home where maybe you can share stories along with some dinner.


Remember, slipping someone some money may seem satisfactory, and for some, the need is there, and you will be doing them a great service. If that is the case, give what you can when appropriate. Otherwise, realize that money is just an object, and your sentiments and actions go a long way, well beyond what a few bucks can ever accomplish.