“Hold up your cup here is some positive tea that I want to pour out for you.”

According to Dr. Andrew Newberg, words can change your brain. In his book Words Can Change Your Brain, he states that “Language shapes our behavior and each word we use is taught with multitudes of personal meaning. The right words spoken in the right way can bring us love, money, and respect, while the wrong words or even the right words spoken in the wrong way can lead a country to war. We must carefully organize our speech if we want to achieve our goals and bring our dreams to fruition.”

We all are aware of great leaders past or present who’ve used the power of words to revolutionize and revitalize our emotions and minds to what we believe we should be as humans. From Ronald Regan’s 1987 speech that challenged Soviet leader Gorbachev to “tear down” the Berlin wall to Barack Obama’s famous “A More Perfect Union” speech, or his popular campaign chant “Yes We Can,” we are all well aware that beliefs are formed by words and they can be changed by words. However, what about us? I believe we each have words to ignite change, to move ourselves to action, and to improve the quality of our lives? Do you believe there is power in words?

Do you believe that words can change your future or the moment you are presently in?


For instance,  we say these words to ourselves:

Monday. 8:30 am: I am not good enough to work here.

Tuesday. 5:15 pm: I’m not a good mother or father. I could be doing so much more right now.

Wednesday. 6:30 am: This job isn’t paying all of my bills. I hate myself.

Thursday. 9:00 pm: Things just won’t get better for me. Do I have to wake up for work tomorrow?

Friday. 2:00 pm: I am the worst human being. No one will ever love me. I make too many mistakes.

Saturday. 4:00 pm: I’m so sick and full of pain. Maybe this will always be with me.

Sunday. 10:00 am: I still don’t feel like I’m in a good state of mind even after going to God in prayer.


Do you see what’s going on here? What happened? Why are we thinking and saying these things to ourselves? Words happened. Words we told ourselves. Words others told us and we believe.

Someone once said, “the words you speak become the house you live in.” If you are a negative person and always speaking death, doubt, doom, and gloom and defeat in your life, that is what you will have. Words can function like medicine; they either have a positive impact or damaging effect.


Just like medicine can either cure or kill, words can bring life or death. -Lyoshi Esters


Unbeknownst to us, every day our words can kill our hope, self-esteem, confidence, desire, joy, peace, and beauty. There’s a proverb that says “Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.”

If you are reading this, today is your day to change how you see yourself. You, my friend indeed have “The Power to Change It”

2020 is still a great year! You are not going to lose. You are not going to throw in the towel. Greatness lives within you. You’ve got this! Speak life to those dead situations in your life. “I am referring to anything in your life that is not fruitful: your career, your love life, your purpose, your finances, your friendships – whatever! Stop saying what you won’t have, stop saying what you can’t do, stop saying what always happens to you, and stop saying you don’t know. Take it by force and declare:


I can do this! I am prepared for this! I am fully equipped!

My kids will be successful! I am a great parent!

I have more than enough! I am loved! I am valued!

I have the resources I need to accomplish my goals!

God has not forgotten about me!

I have not been overlooked! I have a purpose! I am here for a reason!


When you open your mouth and declare the blessing over your kids, your health, or any area of your life, you are creating a change in your atmosphere. You are getting the ear of the God of the universe to send many blessings your way.

Hope your cup is full of positivity!