Top 4 Ways to Get an Unfair Advantage (naturally) with Your Workout Results

Get More Out of Your Workouts with Natural Supplements!   Let’s face it, everyone is looking for ways to do things faster and more efficiently. Whether it is an insane work week, active family, or a combination of both, it can become difficult to become physically fit without spending an obnoxious amount of time in the gym. Then, for those who do manage this herculean task, they are often seen walking around awkwardly or limping due to excessive wear and tear on their body. It doesn’t have to be this way. When you understand how to eat, recover, and repeat, you can legitimately get an unfair advantage over those who don’t understand these core concepts. In addition to that, when you get your hands on high end supplementation that dramatically improves workout results and recovery, you can begin to get more from less time in the gym. The first step in maximizing your workouts is to increase your overall energy, and augment your energy levels just prior to your workout routine. To do this, oxygen levels in the body need to be very high, which means your nutrition has to be dialed in and your toxic load very low. To gain incredible levels of oxygen, especially prior to a workout, consider a daily superfood smoothie 60-90 minutes before your workout. (Try the Ultimate Warrior Smoothie Recipe.) During your workout, don’t eat any food but make sure to drink fluids to lubricate your muscles and organs with important nutrients like minerals, electrolytes, and naturally occurring sugars. A great option is raw coconut water or highly mineralized spring water, or purified water with a pinch of sea salt. It’s very important to note to avoid energy drinks during the workout (and altogether) as they actually will eventually cannibalize your ability to recover and generate great results. After your workout, you want to eat as soon as possible, ideally between 30-60 minutes after the workout. At this stage, you want to make sure to alkalize the body to offset lactic acid build-up at inflamed sources of the body, replace glycogen and nutrient stores that were depleted during your workout, as well as consuming quality sources of protein to repair and rebuild muscle. Now, surprisingly, many workout enthusiasts do not maximize any of these stages, and typically get the results they do from a sheer amount of work ethic and eating constantly. This may work to some degree, but wouldn’t you like a way to get great results without obsessing about it and make that little time you have for the gym more productive? Or maybe you have time for the gym, but would like to improve your endurance, performance, and recovery to become more physically fit and a better athlete? Good news, there’s a better way. 4 ways to naturally augment your workout results Keep in mind that to make the most of your workouts, your daily food regimen is paramount. There are no magic tricks to outwork a bad [...]