The 4 Essential Vitamins You Need for Your Weight Loss

In this era, specifically during this pandemic, the world is burdened with a health crisis; many of us are working from home. Thanks to COVID, we stayed in, but no thanks, because it has almost reduced our physical activity by 34.5%. Overweight and obesity aren't something you should be dealing with right now; we all have our plates full. Well, before you move ahead to find out the vitamins for weight loss, it is imperative that you understand that vitamins are only an adjuvant treatment and not a substitute for a workout and diet. With the right amount of workout, combined with a diet recommended by your dietician and these vitamins, you will be summer-ready, and once the pandemic ends, you can flaunt your beach body! First off, it is essential to understand the biological mechanism of how weight gain occurs. Weight gain occurs when the metabolism of your body is slow when compared to the intake of calories. This thereby causes the body to store the food in the form of fat, which is then deposited under your skin in the form of adipose tissue, especially in the tummy region. A well-balanced diet that ensures controlled intake of food, as well as a dietary schedule that you could stick to religiously, would be the first steps on your weight loss journey. While on a diet, you would need safe and effective vitamin supplements that would provide the extra boost that your body requires. Continue reading to find out how exactly you could integrate vitamins in your weight loss journey.   What Are the Vitamins for Weight Loss? According to Arielle Levitan, MD, the author of the book The Vitamin Solution: Two Doctors Clear the Confusion About Vitamins and Your Health, "As part of a healthy living plan that includes clean eating, exercise, and stress management; vitamins and minerals also play a pivotal role in weight loss and weight management." You can use various vitamins that will enrich your metabolism and help you in your weight loss journey. The current pharma/medical market offers a wide range of supplements and vitamins that provide instant body fat burner capsules with herbal extracts and minerals. Hence, let us discuss in detail the benefits of each weight loss vitamin and how they can help you.   Vitamins that Burn Your Fat People always tend to turn their heads to the latest fad offered by the market. It could be anything from a fat burner to an appetite suppressant. As discussed earlier, most of these outweigh their benefits by causing potential harm to your body. Hence, we have curated the best vitamins that you need to consider for your weight loss when on a strict diet:   Vitamin C This vitamin helps you burn fat tissue stored via oxidation, thereby contributing to a faster metabolic rate. This vitamin facilitates the transfer of the fat molecules to the next step, which is the breakdown of molecules. When there is an adequate [...]