Everything You Need to Know About Water Distillers

Water is one of the most crucial substances for our organs to function well. Our bodies use water for various parts of our body: tissues, organs, cells and so on. Our body absorbs water in order to regulate our body temperature, metabolism and so on. Also, we lose a lot of fluids while sweating, digesting or even breathing, so it is important to replenish our stores by drinking water. However, not all types of water can be completely safe to drink. Drinking tap water can negatively affect our kidneys, brain, red blood cells and sometimes make a serious harm for pregnant women or women who breast-feed. Viruses, bacteria, parasites or even fungus can be removed in the process of distillation, so that is why it is important to have distilled water at home.   What is distilled water? Distilled water is created in the process of distillation. It is a purified type of water, which is created through the specialised heating process. Distilled water is well-cooled vapor, which returns to its liquid state at the end of the process. Distilled water does not contain any bacteria or other harmful substances, so it is really great if you want to replenish your fluids’ stores by choosing this type of water. On the other hand, distilled water does not contain any minerals either. So, if you drink it, it is important to recover the sources of minerals by eating food, which has a lot of such substances: watermelons, strawberries, apples and etc.   Wide range of activities to use distilled water for your home There are many applications where distilled water can be used. It is not just drinking or cooking where distilled water usually can be recommended. Distilled water can be used for car installations, humidifiers or household products. Also, it can be helpful in the cleaning process. For example, if water is distilled, streaks and blurred lines on the glass don’t occur – it leaves no marks after the cleaning is done. Furthermore, it is safe to prepare baby formula with the distilled water – fragile infant immune systems can adjust to this type of water easily.   Water purity is guaranteed A water distiller provides you a superior purity of the water. It does not contain any inorganic compounds, bacteria, viruses or fungus. You can even get protection from salts, metals, and solids, which comes from old water pipelines in your city. So, it is useful to drink distilled water and be sure that it is completely pure.   Safe investment Having your own distilled water at home is way cheaper than purchasing it from the store. Even though water distillers are rather expensive units, it is way more beneficial than bottled water. Also, distilled water, which is produced at the store is usually bottled. Bottled water is unfriendly in an environmental way and may leave plastic substances in the water. Well maintained distilled water may stay in good quality for 10 years – so [...]