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Tracey Edmonds is a mother of two, television/film producer, and health/wellness advocate who seeks to empower others with a combination of pertinent, enlightening, and inspirational information. She practices yoga, daily meditation and believes in self-cultivating wellness at every level: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Tracey is the editor of Alrightnow.com and can be contacted at [email protected]

5 Amazing Benefits of Planking

Old fashioned situps are a thing of the past for those wanting to work their core. There just seem to be too many studies completed where situps have done damage to a person’s neck or back. They should have gone with a better alternative instead. That alternative would be planks! A plank is a strength exercise movement that many times is common to the form of a pushup. The goal is to hold the form for a considerable amount of time as it trains and strengthens your body.   1. Full Body Workout Instead of doing an exercise that just targets your core, why don’t you get more bang for your buck and do an exercise movement that is really a full body workout? Holding a plank will work just about all of your muscles throughout your body. When I started doing planks, I quickly noticed that not only did it seem to start to slim my waist, but it firmed up the back of my arms as well. Our triceps are a problem area for many of us and planks can definitely help with this!   2. Bodyweight Exercise That Gets Results You need no special fitness equipment to do a plank. Perform these on your living room floor, in the gym, or outside in the grass. In a world where it seems like there is equipment needed for every exercise movement, the plank won’t cost you anything extra. All it requires is your bodyweight. Plus, you can make the plank easier or harder by making slight adjustments at the height you are placing your feet and forearms.   3. A Variety of Planks to Choose From You could do a completely different form of the plank every day of the week if you wanted. With many exercises, there is just one way to do them and do them safely. On the other hand, the number of planks you can actually do are almost endless. It really all depends on the exact muscle groups you wanted to focus on for the day.   4. A Full Core Exercise Many core exercises just train one or two areas of your midsection while planks are able to train multiple core areas at once. A few of these muscle groups you may have not heard about since your days in Science class, but get ready to brush up on your anatomy. Transversus Abdominis Rectus Abdominus Obliques Glutes Hips Lower Back Spine   5. Improve Posture As we get older, our posture seems to sort of cave in on itself. Shoulders begin to sag and the back seems to stoop over a bit. Are we just expected to accept this as a sign of aging? It doesn’t have to be that way. Strength training increases bone density and planking will definitely work wonders with your posture. You will be standing up straight and proud for decades to come as long as you keep consistent with your planking exercises. [...]

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4 Healthy Benefits of Stretching

We can probably all remember from our school days how in gym class we used to spend the first five minutes being led through various stretches. Day in and day out, always started off with stretching. Back when I was younger, I thought it was a waste of time. I wanted to get out there and play kickball or even throw a few dodgeballs around. The last thing I wanted to do was spend our precious gym class time doing arm and leg stretches. And then I got older. I quickly realized the error of my ways.   1. Improved Flexibility Do you ever get out of bed in the morning and feel like the Tin Man needing a few squirts of oil just to get the joints moving again? The older I get, the more often I start my first morning steps with the robot walk because it takes me a bit to get loosened up. A regular stretching routine makes all the difference in the world for improving flexibility and mobility. Taking 15 minutes stretching in the morning or before and after physical activity can ensure your flexibility stays on point.   2. Increased Blood Circulation Stretching gets the blood flowing throughout the body. This is a very good thing. Increased blood circulation allows oxygen to flow better to the brain and other organs, healthier skin, improved healing and cell growth, and transports nutrients much more efficiently.   3. Relieves Stress and Promotes Calmness Many debate whether yoga is just fancy stretching with a different name attached to it. I practice yoga regularly for flexibility and its many health benefits. Regardless of what side you are on in this discussion, stretching can promote calmness and will help let stress melt away from your mind. It really can be a type of meditation as your breathing gets synched in with your body’s movements. Playing some nice soft music during your stretching routine will enhance the outcome as you make a full commitment to relaxing.   4. Decrease Pain It is quite common to hear people talk about constant pain as they get older. It might be their legs, back, shoulders, or perhaps their neck that is giving them a hard time. In this day and age, it seems like these problems are trying to be solved through medication at the pharmacy. Instead, we should really look at the all-natural route if possible. Stretching can do wonders for ridding yourself of needless pain. Stretching can relieve tight muscles so they do not feel cramped up all the time and can alleviate pain from your joints as well. Before turning to extra pills to lessen the pain, try stretching and see what that can do. It may just surprise you!   Get into a Regular Routine Plan a time each day to get your new stretching routine into place. Find a time that works into your schedule the best or when you think you could use [...]

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3 Signs That He’s Not the Right One

Have you found “the one,” or the wrong one? Sometimes, it’s not as easy as it seems to realize if your guy is good for you or simply a mismatch…even a mistake. If you are having doubts, you’re already on edge, and understandably so. No one wants to think negatively about someone they’re seeing, but in the search for romance, things can get blurry. When everything is picture perfect, there’s no need to fret. Of course, every relationship has its ups and downs, so don’t get bent out of shape if you have an off day. Chalk it up to learning and growing, and get back on track stronger than before. That said, if you have more “off” moments than you’d like to admit, there’s a chance that he’s not the right man…at least not for you. As attracted as you may be, along with the fun and flirtation that keeps you on your toes, when there’s a missing puzzle piece, the relationship can never be complete. Every relationship is unique. What works for you won’t work for someone else. You know yourself best, and you have the intuition to determine if the one you’re with is “Mr. Right.” However, a little guidance goes a long way. Any “What ifs?” shouldn’t be ignored, so see if any of these signs apply to your situation.   He Doesn’t Put You First When you’re #1, you know it. You are treated like the queen you are, and you deserve it. Any man who doesn’t go above and beyond for you isn’t good enough. But before you put him on blast, realize this doesn’t mean you’re his top priority 24/7. He has a job, perhaps children, and other important things to tend to, as responsibility is essential. Be grateful that your man is mature and makes time for these must-dos. He may be busy, but he has time for you. You’re his main focus, even when he’s occupied with a zillion other things. If he’s late at work, a quick text is all it takes to let you know you’re on his mind. When he’s with family, he can FaceTime you so you can all say hello. While he’s away, a bouquet of flowers sent to your doorstep is just a computer click away. There are plenty of ways to put you first, even when he’s frazzled. If you get the feeling like he has forgotten about you, then he’s not managing his time or priorities.   He’s Hiding Something Does your man run off to another room whenever his phone buzzes? Why can’t you use his laptop? Have you met any of his friends or family members? Something’s shady when your guy is secretive or sneaky. Honesty is at the core of any successful relationship. If you can’t trust your man, you truly have nothing…at least not anything of substance. While he doesn’t have to share everything with you, he shouldn’t lie or hide anything either. Opening [...]

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6 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Be Resilient

Sooner or later, we have to come to terms with the fact that we can’t always be there for our kids. At one point or the other, they need to stand up for themselves in the face of obstacles and adversities. Raising kids that can cope with stress and rise against challenges is no easy task as a parent. The good news is, with the right steps, every child can be resilient. Growing up, I experienced what bullying felt like and what it does to a child. I saw the effects of a broken family, low academic performance, low self-esteem, and general stress on the fellow kids around me. I made up my mind right then and there that my kids would be different. Now, most of these challenges happen in areas we can’t precisely predict or control, like bullying and divorce, but we can control how our kids react right after. Do they get back up, or do they stay down? Follow me as I guide you through 6 practical yet fun steps to teach your kids to be resilient. Now let’s get right to it!   Teach them to be independent I’ve always heard people say experience is the best teacher. As a parent, I have come to agree absolutely with it. Being a parent doesn’t mean you always have to jump in every time your kids face an issue. Sometimes it means sitting back and watching them sort things out on their own. I have found that not only does this make them more confident, but it also helps me understand them better. I have found that every kid has a different way of solving their problems. Teach your child to find their way by letting them confront uncertainty and adversity in their way.   Maintain a strong relationship with them Does leaving your child to sort things out mean staying entirely out of it? No. Part of being a parent means being there when things go south. A little push in the right path might be all they need. Maintaining a close relationship with your kids will help you know just when they are going into a shell and how to help them crack it right open. Handling their issues doesn’t mean they will always handle them correctly. They are sure to make mistakes. Be there to lift them up when they make the wrong choices, so it doesn’t affect their confidence. Teach them that the beauty of falling is getting right back up. That is resilience!   Encourage healthy risks Let us face it; the real world is full of risks. Taking risk head-on is a skill many adults are still learning to master. Leaving the comfort zone is something many kids don’t do quite often, and when it comes down to it, they have no idea what to do and get beat down. Healthy risks are more or less little pushes and nudges to do things outside their “safe [...]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Try a Vibration Fitness Machine

When figuring out what type of workout routine you would like to add to your repertoire, some people might choose to do some aerobic conditioning or strength training program. However, one that is often getting overlooked, perhaps because the equipment is not readily available to many at the local gym, is the vibration fitness machine. I use my vibration fitness machine at home daily to stay in shape, and they are available to purchase for people that are even on the tightest budget. As you stand, lay down, or sit on top of the vibrating machine, the whole-body will be pulsating and while it does, the benefits will quickly add up!   Weight Loss As always, don’t just blindly accept claims from fitness companies about how great their diet or latest equipment is performing. Always do the research. And in a study conducted by the European Association for the Study of Obesity demonstrated that overweight women lost weight while using a vibration fitness machine and sticking to a healthy diet. In the study, 61 women were part of a six-month plan where they were placed in one of three groups. The first group was to only diet and nothing else. The second group was to diet and follow an exercise routine. The last group was to diet and follow a whole-body vibration workout plan that lasted much shorter than the second group’s exercise routine. The third group had the best results by losing weight and inches from the fat around their abdomen. Even more intriguing, this group was able to keep the weight off better than the other groups as time progressed.   Increase Blood Circulation Whole-body vibration does indeed improve circulation. The research definitely verifies this. But you may be asking yourself what is so important about improving circulation. A lot! More energy Reduce inflammation Fewer joint problems Less swelling of extremities Healthier looking skin Stronger immune system   Improve Strength Muscle is tough to come by, especially as we get older. However, you can use a vibration fitness machine just a few times a week to gain strength and increase muscle mass. The trick is all of your stabilizer muscles will be firing away on all cylinders as the body fights for more stability during the time spent on the machine. It is probably one of the easiest strength training workouts and one of the shortest that you will ever come across. Less time is needed on vibrating platforms to gain results. Plus, there are numerous studies backing up these claims! For instance, in a 2011 issue of the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, a seven-week trial was conducted where the participants performed slow resistance training on a whole-body vibration platform just two times a week on their legs and back. More strength gains were made with the addition of the vibrating platform.   Are you going to become the next fitness model with a low body fat percentage and oodles of [...]

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5 Ways to Make Yourself Start Exercising Right Now

Establishing a fitness routine or workout program can be challenging on its own, but sticking with it is the hardest part and it all comes down to motivation. Working out is really 50 percent just showing up and the other 50 percent will take care of itself many times. It really is a lot like life in fact. Just show up and good things can happen. If you suffer from a lack of motivation at the gym and often binge Netflix instead of exercising, there are some tricks to the trade that will get you inspired and ready to go.   Recruit a Friend to Train With People will find it much easier to cancel on something when it is just them that it is affecting. However, if you have a workout partner, canceling will not be an option most of the time simply because you don’t want to let someone else down. When I began my workout journey years ago and wanted to stay consistent, I recruited my girlfriend to join me and we held each other accountable to show up.  After a while, it became our daily routine.  Decades later, I’m still going strong.   Create a Home Gym All of our lives are busy. It can be difficult to find the right amount of time to go to the gym if you have to travel to get there. By the time you change into your workout clothes (10 minutes), drive to the gym (15 minutes), exercise (60 minutes), and then drive back home (15 minutes), you are almost at two hours out of your day. With a few key pieces of exercise equipment in a seldom-used room, you can train at home and reduce the amount of time spent considerably. Start a Fitness Diary When you can actually detail the difference exercising can make in your life, it is much easier to keep going forward. Once a week, I weigh myself and measure the inches around certain areas of my body so I am aware of the gains I am making towards my fitness goal. Knowing that I am losing on average a pound a week and shrinking inches from my waist is inspiring me to do more.   Plan Your Workouts If you take the time to write down all of your workouts ahead of time and the exercises you want to do, then you will be stepping into the gym with a finely tuned plan and be ready to go. Think of it as a To-Do List and there is a much better chance you will get things accomplished.   Make a Financial Commitment I don’t know about you, but I hate wasting money. If I have funds getting taken out of my bank account every month for a gym membership, you better be sure that I am going to be getting my money’s worth. I don’t want to say I am cheap, of course, but I do spend my [...]

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4 Great Hacks for Shiny Hair

We all want shiny hair, and we want it yesterday. It seems simple enough. We aren’t asking for the moon here, we just want the luscious, lovely locks we grew up with. Is that too much to ask? Here’s a sad thing: as we age, our hair loses its natural luster. I know. Yet another lovely thing about getting older. But before you shave your head or get a drastic cut, hear me out. There is hope, and it’s not expensive or hard to find. Having shiny hair is an easily attainable goal, if you use common sense and a bit of creativity.   Get your nourishment It’s important to make sure that you’re getting your essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to stay healthy. Our bodies often express lack of something via external appearance --- for example, when our bodies lack adequate calcium, it often shows up in our nails, making them weak and brittle. Make sure you’re taking a multivitamin every day, and that you’re getting the proper supplements based on your dietary needs and restrictions. When we eat a strictly plant-based diet, for example, we miss out on things like vitamins B12 and D3. Salmon and walnuts provide omega-3s, and carrots and spinach have vitamin A. Believe it or not, you can get all your vitamins through food. You just have to know which foods meet what nutritional guidelines. And don’t forget biotin. This supplement strengthens your hair and keeps it healthy.   Lay off the heat and stay hydrated I always feel more ‘done’ when I’m able to blow out my hair--- but my scalp and locks pay a big old price for that feeling. Every so often, as often as possible, try and skip the blow dryer or the curling iron and let your hair air dry. Constant exposure to high levels of heat dries out the hair follicle and makes you more prone to scalp inflammation and frizz. Every few weeks, treat your hair with a mask—this can be an all-natural concoction (egg wash, olive oil, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar rinse--- even mayonnaise---just make sure to wash and rinse thoroughly following) or a salon-worthy one such as glazes, glosses, and hair masks.   Scalp Care Our scalps are sensitive and need TLC. Washing your hair too often or too infrequently, harsh or heavy products, excessive heat styling--- even the wrong kind of hairbrush-- can trigger scalp flakiness, dandruff, or general scalp distress, which contributes directly to lackluster hair. Exfoliate once a month with a scalp scrub. Use a clarifying shampoo to tackle product buildup. And when you wash and condition, be gentle--- our hair is much more fragile when it’s wet.   Choose topical wisely When it comes to choosing topical products, you have to know your hair. For example, thinner, finer hair textures need a lighter serum or mist as opposed to an oil or cream to avoid that weighed down, greasy look.   One last pro tip? [...]

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4 Tools to Help You Move On After a Breakup

Breakups can be brutal, whether it was a mutual decision, you did the “dumping,” or you were blindsided by your former significant other’s change of heart. After being with someone special, finding yourself single is new territory to tackle. It may have been a relatively short relationship or one that lasted for years, but your new status will take some time to get used to. Moving on is essential, and everyone goes at their own pace. Getting over the initial slump and slowly finding a “new normal” outside the comfort of a relationship will be a mountain to climb, so taking it bit by bit will get you back into your groove. These tools can aid you in embracing your newly single self, allowing you to take what you’ve learned from the past and apply it as you step into this new phase. Mostly, it’s all about how you manage your emotions and behaviors, making sure they’re in your own best interest as you get over the loss and live your life to the fullest into the future.   Talk with Someone You Trust Keeping your feelings bottled up inside won’t make them disappear. Eventually, they’ll boil over and you’ll feel broken. You don’t have to do this alone. Share your thoughts with a close friend or family member, one who has your back, but won’t sugarcoat the truth. You need a sounding board, but guidance and advice are just as important. Be raw and vulnerable, and don’t worry about seeming weak or confused. A true companion will be a shoulder to cry on and an uplifting force. If you don’t have someone you’re close with and you need to let it out, a therapist can get you through this rough patch.   No Social Media “Stalking” Unless you part as friends, it’s a good idea to “unfollow” and “unfriend” your ex. The last thing you need to do is see photos of their whereabouts, who they’re spending time with, and so forth. You’re sure to interpret things incorrectly, further adding to your already unstable state. Do yourself a favor and you’ll soon forget about them. Ask your friends to do the same, so they don’t have any information they may accidentally (or purposefully) spill. Time off from social media in general is probably a positive thing anyhow post-breakup. It gives you more time to reflect and look within, rather than scrolling mindlessly to mask your pain.   Embrace The “Me Time” Now that you’re solo, use the time alone to your advantage. You don’t have to worry about anyone else’s needs for the time being, so make “me time” your main priority. Get a massage. Exercise more. Go out for brunch…yes, by yourself. Soak in a relaxing bubble bath and listen to music as you sip a glass of bubbly. Whatever makes you feel soothed and stress-free should be your go-to activity, ASAP.   Hang Out with Friends When you’re in a relationship, so [...]

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8 Health Benefits of Taking Turmeric Every Day

Turmeric is one of those spices that you may have heard of but never really paid attention to. I’ve even heard people confuse it with curry but trust me – turmeric is more than a food flavoring. For thousands of years, Asian cultures have been using turmeric (or more specifically, a compound it contains called curcumin), as an all-purpose antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-allergy, and anti-cancer supplement. Turmeric has an impressive repertoire of benefits that I’m going to narrow down to these 8 reasons you should be taking it every day. I know that being busy and always on the run is a big deal, but turmeric can be taken as a vitamin supplement or a powder. You can find time to squeeze it in.   1.   Nutrients All-natural turmeric has a ton of vitamins in it, including Vitamin C, B-1, B-2, B-3, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, manganese, and zinc. The health benefits of these minerals are indispensable to a balanced diet and turmeric covers them all.   2.   Antioxidants I doubt anyone takes turmeric solely for the vitamins. It’s most famous as an antioxidant and its fame is well-deserved. Oxidative damage refers to how free radicals in our bodies damage our systems by creating patterns of inflammation that lead to chronic illnesses, including cancer. Curcumin is the powerful antioxidant in turmeric that prevents free radicals from forming and jumpstarts your body’s natural inflammation-fighting systems. This means that turmeric can not only provide antioxidants, but it can stimulate your body’s natural antioxidation processes too.   3.   Improve Brain Health Brain health used to be considered a one-way journey where you peak young and then lose cells as you age. We now know that creating new neural connections and new brain cells is possible, which has huge implications for people with depression, Alzheimer’s, and other brain disorders. The curcumin in turmeric can actively decrease depressive symptoms and delay the onset of brain disorders by accelerating the formation of new brain cells.   4.   Anti-Inflammatory Benefits I already talked about antioxidants in turmeric and their effect on long-term oxidative stress and chronic illness. The anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric go beyond that, however. The curcumin in turmeric is like nature’s aspirin: it can have a direct inflammation-reducing effect on your joints. By reducing inflammation and swelling, those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or other autoimmune conditions should consider turmeric as a possible alternative to NSAIDs, which are fine in the short-term but shouldn’t be taken forever.   5.   Weight Loss The ability to reduce obesity-related inflammation, as well as control cholesterol and blood sugar, makes turmeric a natural fat-fighting supplement. It’s not an automatic weight loss solution, but it can make obesity less harmful to your body and improve the rate at which your healthy diet helps you lose weight.   6.   Improved Digestion Turmeric becomes a potent blood purifier once you digest it, which means that it fights toxicity in your body. This is part of how it can fight fat, [...]

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Top 7 Health Benefits of Spirulina

I know that “spirulina” sounds like a potion ingredient in Harry Potter. I also know that being fresh and saltwater cyanobacteria, which is a colony of single-cell microscopic organisms that collect into algae, isn’t much better. But the truth is that spirulina actually might be useful in a real-life potion, if the intended effect is to give your body and brain a natural boost in function. Japanese nutritionists have known about this strain of algae for a long time. As with a lot of Eastern whole foods, we’ve been slow on the uptake. But since spirulina has started getting attention from Western health practices, we’ve seen all kinds of benefits ranging from anti-inflammatory to anti-cancer properties. Here are 7 health benefits you need to know:   1.   Dietary Nutrients Busy workweeks and long hours mean that I don’t always have the luxury of nutrient-rich dinners. Sometimes, saving time takes priority. That means that if you’re anything like me, a natural multi-vitamin source could be a lifesaver (or maybe a “life extender”). Spirulina is packed with protein, Vitamin B, Iron, and Copper and contains almost no calories. This means that you can use this superfood to get a heavy dose of nutrients without worrying about the side effects.   2.   Anti-Inflammatory Effects Spirulina is full of antioxidants, which is a way of saying that it can stop cell and DNA damage that causes inflammation and eventually leads to cancer. Oxidative damage ages your cells, increases free radicals, and can lead to all kinds of problems. The main antioxidant in Spirulina is called phycocyanin, but you don’t need to know that. All you need to know is that the inflammation at the root of tons of chronic illnesses can be slowed with antioxidant-rich foods like spirulina.   3.   Lower Cholesterol “Bad” cholesterol, as your doctor will call it, is called LDL. LDL buildup eventually leads to heart disease, which is the number one killer of both genders in the United States. Just a gram of spirulina per day has been shown to reduce levels of LDL in the body by 10% over time.   4.   Lower Blood Pressure Your blood pressure can occasionally go up during the busy week – I’d be shocked if it didn’t at some point! But chronically high blood pressure is a killer that causes heart attacks, strokes, and chronic kidney disease. Taking spirulina regularly can drastically improve blood pressure, which can indirectly prevent debilitating health conditions.   5.   Anemia Prevention Anemia is a condition characterized by blood cells that don’t have enough hemoglobin. Its effects include chronic fatigue and weakness, which can derail a busy workweek and make your life impossible. Spirulina’s ability to increase hemoglobin content means that anemia sufferers, especially older ones, can boost their immune system and reduce fatigue by taking it regularly.   6.   Strength and Endurance The same antioxidant effect that helps spirulina lower inflammation works even when the inflammation is exercise related. Feeling sore and fatigued [...]

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8 Health Benefits of Chlorella

When we talk about “superfoods,” I’m sure you’re like me and think of people scooping multicolored powders out of tubs and mixing it into smoothies. Not all of us have time during the busy week to identify as nutrition nuts or buy into the idea of spooning powdered algae into drink mixes. But I’m going to tell you honestly that you could be missing out on some amazing health benefits. One of these superfoods is called “chlorella.” Yes, I’ll save you the Google search – it’s powdered freshwater algae. Once you read the benefits it offers, though, you may be sold on its ability to prevent disease and slow the symptoms of aging. You may forget that you’re eating dehydrated seaweed, as I’ve learned to. Here are 8 amazing health benefits of this aquatic superfood.   1.   Removing Toxins Chlorella can slow down the toxic buildup in your body that leads to diseases and chronic conditions if left unchecked. Metal toxicity can poison your blood and cells and over time lead to degradation. It’s one of the reasons diets are always talking about detoxing to heal your body from the metal and chemicals that it absorbs in modern daily life. Chlorella could be part of a great detox regimen.   2.   Immune System Benefits Cold and flu season is coming up and you and I both know that if you get sick or the kids get sick then everyone is getting sick. It can throw off your whole week. Knowing that chlorella boosts immune cell numbers may be enough to convince you to start taking it before the sick season hits. There’s a chemical in it called interferon that’s like nature’s pick-me-up for a tired immune system.   3.   Better Brain Function Vitamin B-12 is a crucial vitamin for brain health. A healthy supply has been shown to increase concentration and recall memory, which will be sure to help you focus during the busy week. The issue is that our bodies have trouble absorbing most dietary B-12. We can absorb the specific type of B-12 in Chlorella, though, which gives you all its health benefits. This includes improved brain function.   4.   Higher Heart Health The same B-12 that keeps your brain going will also help your heart function better, which includes clearing up your arteries by pumping harder and increasing your healthy blood cell count. Your heart needs healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels to last a lifetime and chlorella can give you both.   5.   Reducing Pain Aches and pains get more common as we get older. And juggling a job and kids doesn’t do any favors for your back at any age. But chronic stiffness or achiness doesn’t have to be your new normal. Taking chlorella is one way to reduce aches and pains naturally.   6.   Energy Boosts Fatigue can make your whole week grind to a halt, but synthetic energy boosters will only make you jittery (or worse) in the [...]

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10 Health Benefits of Eating an Apple a Day

Apples are amazing to have around. You can grab one on a busy morning, shove it in a purse or lunch bag, eat it on the way out the door, or munch on it at night when you’re feeling a little snacky. They’re packed with vitamins and fiber and they satisfy a sweet tooth without the downsides of processed sugars. We’ve all heard the saying, “an apple a day …” and there’s actually some truth to it. All apples carry some benefits, but green apples are the ones you should be obsessed with (I know I am). Whether you cook with them or save one every day for a lunchtime snack, green apples provide a ton of benefits. Here are the 10 big ones you should know.   1. Immune System Boost Since green apples are packed with Vitamin C, they can get your immune system going. This is great news for cold and flu season sufferers, who know the worst time of the year is coming up soon. Keep an apple on hand to prevent your busy week from being waylaid by the sniffles.   2. Disease Prevention Fancy words for chemical compounds found in green apples like flavonoid, polyphenol, and antioxidant all add up to this little fruit’s ability to help you fight diseases. Since these compounds can prevent free radicals from forming, a diet that regularly includes apples could prevent some cancers, prevent liver and DNA damage, or even improve brain function.   3. Digestive Benefits Apples are a great natural source of fiber to help with digestion. They also contain tartaric and maleic acid, two compounds that can help prevent indigestion at the source. If you suffer from constipation or diarrhea regularly, green apples offer multi-purpose defenses.   4. Inflammation Reduction Antioxidants prevent oxidative stress, which is the bodily process that contributes to chronic inflammatory conditions. People who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, or other autoimmune disorders may benefit from natural green apple products as a way to control symptoms, or even reverse inflammatory damage.   5. Skin Health We all know that aging is inevitable, but skin health is partly in our control. Skin elasticity, moisture content, and inflammation levels can contribute to looking older or younger. These things can be improved by eating more green apples. The vitamins and antioxidants prevent skin cell damage too, which can reduce your risk of skin cancer.   6. Fiber Content I mentioned that the fiber content in green apples helps with digestion. But did you know that high fiber diets can also prevent certain cancers, like colon cancer? Green apples can be both regulatory and preventative because of their high natural fiber content.   7. Stronger Bones Green apple juice is packed with calcium. Especially for people who are aging and finding their bones and teeth becoming weaker, green apples can strengthen your foundation with daily calcium.   8. Lower Cholesterol Aiding in digestion also allows green apples to help you manage levels [...]

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