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Tracey Edmonds is a mother of two, television/film producer, and health/wellness advocate who seeks to empower others with a combination of pertinent, enlightening, and inspirational information. She practices yoga, daily meditation and believes in self-cultivating wellness at every level: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Tracey is the editor of Alrightnow.com and can be contacted at [email protected]

4 Ways to Connect Your Passion with Your Career

The word “passion” is defined as a “strong and barely controllable emotion.” Can you say that about the job you are currently in? The idea that you can barely contain your excitement and enjoyment from what you are doing every day? If you don’t have a passion for what you are doing, you will not feel fulfilled in your life. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money – passion does not always equal “rich.” Finding a way to pursue your passion full-time, as a career, can mean the difference between living your life to the fullest vs. just living. But how do we connect the passion we have into a career? It starts inward and works its way outward. Here are 4 ways to connect your passion with your career.   Interview Yourself Before you create any plans on joining your passion and your career, the first thing you must ask yourself is “What am I passionate about?” This means the answer should not be… What other people think is cool What other people think you should do What other people are doing It starts with who you are. What are your values? What gets you excited? What makes you feel fulfilled like you achieved something worthwhile? These are the questions that dig into the core of who you are and how you approach the world. If you value helping others and get excited watching others achieve their goals – then teaching or coaching may be the field for you. Knowing who you are by questioning who you are provides important information and acts as a compass directing you towards a career you are passionate about.   Interview Others Now that you’ve got a foundation of information, the next thing is to compare your perspective with other people’s perspectives of you. The people you ask should be loved ones or close friends that you trust to give you honest answers. Ask them questions like… What do you feel I’m good at? What things do I get excited about? What do I like to talk about? The goal here is not to understand where you could improve. The goal is to understand how other people perceive you, which could spark an insight into your personality that you didn’t previously know about. These insights may cause you to think of a career or industry that you’ve never considered but maybe something you would thrive in.   Figure Out What You’re Trying to Do The information you get from the above two steps gives you a great foundation on what you could do. The next step is to understand what you *should* do based on what you now know. Do you want to help a certain group of people (kids, adults, athletes, etc.)? Do you want to try and solve a problem (“Why hasn’t anybody ever tried _______?”) Your interviews (with yourself and others) will guide you on what type of problem you can solve [...]

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4 Smart Ways to Manage Money After a Job Loss

Have you ever planned to lose your job? We’re not talking about where you resign or give a 2-weeks’ notice – we’re talking about being unexpectedly laid off or terminated. Losing your job suddenly and without warning can feel like a punch in the gut – you are caught completely off-guard and you don’t know what your next move is. This pain has never been more relevant than in today’s pandemic environment. One month, everything is doing fine, and businesses are running as usual. The next month, thousands of businesses are shut down, the workforce has been reduced dramatically, and for those who still have a job, their salary has been cut. When you lose your job unexpectedly, you feel pain in different ways – your pride, your confidence, and your self-image all take a hit. However, the most powerful pain you can feel is the anxiety related to your finances. You used to have a consistent income that you could rely on to pay your bills and buy groceries, and now that income has been taken away. You’re feeling lost, confused, and stressed about the future. Fortunately, even in these uncertain times, there are ways you can manage your money to keep yourself going. We want to share 4 ways to manage money after a job loss.   Apply for Unemployment Applying for unemployment has been looked at negatively with some people saying they’d never file for unemployment. In your situation, you must change your mindset. Unemployment was created specifically to help people who are not currently working so they can receive some sort of income until they get another job. Apply as soon as you can so you can feel secure that, regardless of how long it takes, you will receive some income in the meantime.   Budget Like Your Life Depends on It The next step in managing your money is understanding your budget for your essential expenses – anything that will help you survive (food and shelter). You must eliminate any unnecessary spending, and the first step is to start at zero and figure out how much your expenses are for your main bills – rent, bills (electricity, water, etc.), and groceries. “Groceries” here means food to eat – not unessential items like expensive coffee or sweet treats. You don’t know how long you’re going to be unemployed, so you need to make every penny count. This also includes using any savings (”emergency funds”) you have available. Note – there is a difference in savings and a 401k or retirement plan. Using a 401k or Retirement Plan before retirement age (59 ½) means you will pay penalties and therefore not get your full amount (which you earned). Stay away from the temptation to use anything from your 401k/retirement fund unless it is an absolute emergency.   Your Job Now is to Find a New Job Once you find yourself unemployed, you have a new job – getting yourself back into being [...]

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The Best Way to Hydrate Dry Lips

What could be worse than cracked peeling lips that are as dry as sandpaper and feel like they’re on fire? Not only are dry lips uncomfortable, but they are obviously unattractive. I never let my lips get dry, thanks to my regular routine which keeps my pout perfectly pretty. It is so easy to maintain, mess-free, and one of the most important steps of my beauty regimen. Here is how I keep my lips well-hydrated, even in the dead of winter when cold temps can have their way with them. If you are dealing with dry lips, don’t frown – it is simple to solve the problem and get those luscious lips you have been longing for.   Don’t Lick If your lips feel dry, you may have the inclination to lick them to add moisture. This works temporarily, but the common habit actually leads to even more dryness. Break the cycle and apply a lip balm instead. I look for balms made of natural/organic ingredients, like Honest or Burt’s Bees. Burt’s Bees’ Vanilla Bean Lip Balm is amazing. Just don’t be tempted to taste it! Natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe vera, and coconut oil are terrific for hydrating, so keep your eyes open for these elements when you’re selecting a lip balm. Applying hydrating balms as an overnight routine is one of the best ways to maintain your lips, as you have hours for your lips to absorb the treatment products and repair. Don’t skip this evening routine, and by morning, your lips will be luscious. Without interruptions like eating/drinking, talking, kissing, etc., your lips get the biggest benefit as you drift off into your sweet dreams.   Drink Up Your dry lips could be a reflection of your body’s overall hydration situation, or lack thereof. Be sure to stay well-hydrated – drink at least eight glasses of water per day. When you don’t get enough fluid, your skin…including the skin on your lips will get dry. The flaking is no fun, so get your generous gulps in pronto. This inside-out treatment is beneficial in more ways than one.   Exfoliate A lip scrub will slough off the dry and peeling skin that is making your lips look less-than lovely. You need to be extra-gentle, and once your lips are silky smooth, use the aforementioned balm to keep them that way. Again, Burt’s Bees is winning the lip game with their Conditioning Lip Scrub. Made with honey, it is super soothing and smells sweet. You can also whip up your own DIY batch at home using some honey, granulated sugar, and a little olive oil. Mix together and use your fingertips to gingerly rub away those nasty flakes, adding much-needed nourishment to your lips along the way.   SPF Just like the rest of your skin, your lips need to be carefully protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Be sure to apply a lip-safe sunscreen before heading out, especially [...]

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3 Tips to Jumpstart Your Day When You Only Want to Hit Snooze

When the alarm rings and all you want to do is sleep for four more hours, the idea of hopping out of bed all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed seems like a nightmare compared to the dream you were just jolted from. Hitting snooze once or twice is no big deal, but wouldn’t it be far better if you were up and at ‘em without hesitation? The start of a brand new day has unlimited potential, and lying in bed doesn’t quite get the ball rolling effectively. I am a big fan of waking up early and getting a head-start on the day’s tasks and to-dos. I get adequate sleep so I’m not groggy, and the thrill of seeing the sunrise and the sky turn to baby blue is reason enough for me to tap into my energy and get excited for what’s to come. Do you need a jumpstart to make the most of your morning? It is totally understandable, as we are all booked to capacity and have a lot on our plates. But when you wake up with a sense of wonder and a will to make every moment count, it makes awakening on time less annoying and more appealing. Here are some tips to get yourself in gear for a great day ahead. You won’t slap the snooze button when you’re ready to rock and roll.   An Attitude of Gratitude We are all lucky to see a new day each morning. It is something we often take for granted, but the beauty in each breath is a gift that we should never take lightly. The moment you wake up, take a few seconds to give thanks for the life you have and your many blessings. When you put things into perspective, you’ll start off with a positive vibe that will set the tone for your day.   Prep Breakfast the Night Before Knowing you have a wholesome breakfast ready to go will give you the incentive to get right up so you can dig in. Set the coffeemaker on a timer so the scent permeates the air. Before bedtime, prepare overnight oats, a yogurt parfait, or an omelet mixture you can toss into a pan or the microwave in a snap. You’ll not only save time and tame your hunger pangs, but you will be more likely to eat something nutritious rather than grabbing a donut or a greasy fast food meal on the way to work. While you’re at it, if you have to go to work the next morning, another time-saver is to set out your clothing the night before.  That way you can skip the dreaded morning “fashion show” that always leaves you flustered.   Pump Up the Volume Create a playlist of upbeat songs to get your spirits soaring as the sun comes up. When your favorite songs are playing as you go about your morning routine, you’ll feel instantly happier and get that pep in your step [...]

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4 Reasons Why Zinc is Good for Your Immune System

The cold and flu season is upon us, which means that at any moment your already busy week can become completely overwhelming. The sniffles aren’t even the worst of it. The worst part is when you can’t get everything done because you’re not feeling up to it. Your work gets put on hold, your family gets sick too, and your diet plans become your last priority. So much of your weekly balancing act hinges on a properly functioning immune system. Many of us have been told to drink orange juice and tea when it comes to preventing sickness. But in the realm of vitamin supplements, Zinc is the immune system superstar. Knowing what Zinc does for you and how you can get your daily allowance can be useful information year-round. During cold and flu season, it’s your survival guide.   Why Do We Need Zinc? Zinc is an essential nutrient – our body both needs it and doesn’t produce it, which means we have to get it from our diet. Many processes – from wound healing, immune function, and growth – are fueled by Zinc. This is why it’s become a major synthetic mineral, fortified into cereals and snacks so people get enough. It’s an abundant trace mineral, has a hand in most metabolic and nerve reactions in our bodies, and supports our immune cells too. If you’re truly Zinc-deficient, you even start to lose your taste and smell: that’s how important it is. Here are some specific, noticeable health benefits you can get from supplementing with Zinc.   1.     Immune System Function This is why we’re all here. Zinc plays a huge role in immune cell function, which means that supplementing with it can help those cells do their job. This reduces oxidative stress, which reduces your risk for everything from the common cold to infections. With cell growth and division in healthy overdrive, your body can build up ironclad defenses against the flu season.   2.     Age-Related Conditions As we get older and our systems weaken, we become susceptible to a host of conditions. Pneumonia and various infections can be deadly if your body can’t fight them, which is why Zinc becomes even more important as you age. The improved immune response provided by a healthy dose of Zinc encourages the production of “T-cells,” which are your body’s little soldiers against the impending forces of infection. It’s so effective at boosting your activity that people have even reported improved vision and mental performance when taking Zinc daily.   3.     Inflammation Response One of the reasons that Zinc improves not only your defense against sickness but the symptoms as well is that it decreases inflammation by reducing oxidative stress. This affects your whole body, reducing your risk for heart disease, cancer, and age-related mental conditions. While this doesn’t reflect a direct impact on immune health, it does make us healthier, which is why we’re all here.   4.     Improved Healing Zinc helps us produce [...]

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Tricks to Help with Eye Bags

The only bags I want come with a designer label. All kidding aside, undereye bags are anything but glamorous. The puffiness, sagging, discoloration, and so forth put a damper on my look and have me hiding under dark sunglasses. If you’re anything like me, you don’t want your eye bags front and center, drawing attention away from your otherwise fabulous face. They make us appear worn out, weary, and older than we feel. So, what to do? Luckily, there are ways to prevent and get rid of those annoying bags and look refreshed and rejuvenated. Thank goodness for these gems, otherwise, I would be hiding under a wide-brimmed hat half the time!   Catch Some Zzzs Lack of sleep is one of the most common causes of eye bags. When you are overtired and out of whack, it shows up uninvited on your face. Since the skin underneath the eyes is so thin, signs of sleepiness come through easily. Just like pesky dark undereye circles, eye bags are exasperating, telling the world you’ve been awake ‘till two in the morning. Those puffy pouches are longing for pillows! Get around seven to eight hours of sleep per night, and those bags won’t bother you before breakfast.   Skip the Salt Too much salt in your diet can cause water retention, leading to allover bloating, even on your face. The undereye region is delicate, and the excess fluid can gather there too. Check nutrition labels for sodium and choose foods that are within the daily recommended allowance for salt intake. Refrain from adding table salt to your meals as a matter of habit or preference. Instead, choose herbs and spices to liven up your dishes. They’ll be healthier and taste even better. Be sure to stay well-hydrated too, allowing your system to function at its peak, flushing out excess salt in the process.   Chill Out and Cover Up If you wake up with bags the size of balloons, you can count on a cold compress to help them simmer down. Use a cold damp washcloth, refrigerated wet tea bags, specifically lavender, fennel, rooibos, or chamomile, which have anti-inflammatory properties, chilled teaspoons, or slices of cool cucumber over your closed eyes for some relief, and after about 10-15 minutes, you should see some noticeable improvement. While this method may not make the bags completely disappear, they won’t be nearly as obvious. You can camouflage what’s left with some undereye concealer, preferably in a shade lighter than your skin tone. Dab lightly, as too much makeup could draw attention to the bags. Think about using a de-puffing cream as well, which can be useful as part of your beauty routine. Olay makes an amazing eye cream designed to reduce puffy eyes, dark circles, and wrinkles. It contains vitamins and peptides, so it nourishes at it works wonders. See Your Doctor Your eye bags could be a sign of allergies. Get yourself checked out to rule this out or [...]

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4 Millionaire Success Habits to Implement Today

What would you do if someone came up to you and said, “Here’s a check for $1 million, no questions asked?” You would most likely take it because hey, free money. What if someone said, “You can get $1 million, but you’ll have to work for it?” Odds are you wouldn’t be as excited because you’ll have to put in some effort. But it would be nice to know the possibility is there. Here’s the thing – that question is asked of you every day. You may not hear it, but the possibility of having $1 million is real – but you must behave like it. That doesn’t mean you start interviewing randomly for high-paying jobs. That means developing habits that are going to put you in the best position possible for you to eventually have lots of money. Here are 4 millionaire success habits to implement now.   They Look at Time Differently Every successful person you have ever heard of looks at time differently than the rest of us. In their mind, time is a valuable resource that you can never get back. Once that hour is gone, you can’t buy or steal or get an extra hour out of nowhere. Millionaires, whether they are athletes or CEOs, spend every second working on improving themselves and their skills. Have you ever noticed you never have seen T.V. commercials for Ferraris or Lamborghinis? That’s because the audience for those types of cars is not watching T.V. – they are busy grinding away and trying to be and stay successful. This means not binging T.V. for 4 hours a day or scrolling endlessly on your phone. Every minute you spend watching T.V. is a minute you are not spending developing your skills to help you be more successful. You must look at every minute as an opportunity to work towards success.   They Associate with Successful People There’s a saying that goes “If you want to be a lion, you have to train with lions.” Millionaires, and those who want to work towards being a millionaire, spend time with people who have the same type of mindset. If you spend time with people who don’t have a passion for anything, it can be difficult to feel passion for something yourself. This doesn’t mean eliminate everyone from your life. It just means you should evaluate who you always spend time with and ask yourself “Is this person helping me drive towards success or improvement?” If not, it may be time to start hanging out with people who have a passion for something and who are constantly trying to improve themselves. You may have never felt like this, but if you want to start behaving differently, these people can guide you towards actions to set yourself up for success.   They Set Goals for Everything Wouldn’t it be weird if sports did not keep score? No one would know who is winning or losing. Each team, whether [...]

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New Year, New You – Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet

Who’s ready for 2020 to conclude? While there were surely some high points, the year was certainly one for the books. We were all affected by the many twists and turns the year brought upon us, but as we look on the bright side, we can declare 2021 as a fresh start with lots to look forward to. With the New Year fast approaching, how about uncovering a “new you” to symbolize the hopes for what’s to come, and a commitment to better days and bigger dreams? While you don’t have to erase your past, there is always room for improvement and advancement. I am perfectly content with the woman I am, but each year, I think about how I can be a better mother, partner, friend, and woman. As the New Year rings in, I reflect on what’s going well and what could be changed for the greater good. The “new me” for the New Year is filled with tons of excitement and a fresh energy to get the year started on a high note. I stay positive and promise that I’ll go easy on myself, yet commit to the self-care I’m ready to reward myself with. Here are three tips to make your “new you” as fabulous as you deserve it to be. Remember, you’re already awesome, but you can step it up and shine even brighter.   Be Healthier Eat well, exercise, and be mindful. When you take care of your body and soul, your physical wellbeing will benefit, and your spirits will soar. Commit to consuming wholesome foods, work out regularly, get plenty of rest, and engage in meditation or prayer when you have some quiet “me time.” These practices will keep you healthier – both physically and mentally. You need balance, so don’t go overboard, as moderation is key. Feel free to indulge every so often, stay up late sometimes, and be a comfy couch potato when you’re sore from an intense workout. The next day, get back at it and achieve your goals.   Let Go of Negativity Part of your “new you” would benefit from brushing off negative vibes that can hinder your progress. Steer clear of social media threads that promote bashing and bad-mouthing. Remove yourself from toxic situations and pessimistic people. Don’t sweat the small stuff and see the bigger picture. When you choose happiness, the hard times aren’t as difficult to deal with. Smile when you’re sad, and pick up the pieces when you’re falling apart. It’s easier said than done, but you can make it a habit to be positive when there’s pain or pressure pulling you down. Your fun-loving attitude will attract others and hopefully give them the motivation to “let it go” too.   Look the Part As gorgeous as you are already, a “new you” would look even more alive with a little spruce-up or a new style. Try a new hairstyle, revamp your wardrobe, or simply get a relaxing “mani/pedi” [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions – Stick with Your Plans and Stay Positive

As 2020 comes to a close, it’s time to think about a New Year filled with hope, health, and happiness to come. 2020 was certainly an unprecedented year, from the pandemic to politics, riots to revolutions. Hopefully, 2021 will see less chaos and confusion and more peace and prosperity. While we can’t control the world around us, we can look inward and do what it takes to make our personal lives better. One common way to get the ball rolling is by planning New Year’s resolutions and committing to following through with the promises we’ll make to ourselves. Every year, I make New Year’s resolutions as a way to work positivity into my life. I don’t pressure myself to be perfect, but I resolve to better myself in ways that benefit my life, my family, and my overall wellbeing. I think about what I want to improve and find time to take it step by step to ensure I can reach my goals. It’s not a race towards an instant transformation, but a paced journey I embark upon to steadily succeed. You can do it too. Follow these tips below and make New Year’s resolutions you can achieve.   A Little Goes A Long Way Set doable goals. If you resolve to take drastic measures, chances are you won’t accomplish it all. This can leave you feeling frustrated or like a failure. Resolutions don’t have to cause stress. Rather than aiming too ambitiously, commit to attainable steps that you’ll actually get done. As you progress, you’ll feel proud and pleased. It will give you the energy to keep at it, succeeding as you meet each endeavor with enthusiasm. These small wins add up to a year full of victories that will make you feel good about yourself.   Reward Yourself As you follow through with your resolutions, give yourself a pat on the back. It’s not always easy to carry out your plans when there’s so much else going on day to day. Share your success with those who care about you, and encourage them to follow in your footsteps. Perhaps you want to post your progress on social media or simply reward yourself with a small gift or treat. When you give yourself kudos for a job well done, you’ll be inclined to keep the momentum going. Congratulate yourself on the hard work and push yourself to continue the progress.   Accept Setbacks but Start Up Again With 365 days in a year, you’re bound to have a few bad ones. That’s OK and totally acceptable. Don’t let a minor slip-up stop you from picking up the pieces and getting back to your resolutions. Perhaps your resolution was to give up sweets. You may have indulged in a piece of cake on a friend’s birthday. Don’t stress over a little sugar. Tomorrow, have a fresh salad and do some sit-ups. It’ll be fine, even if you’ve “fallen off the wagon.” Each day is a [...]

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3 Ways Single People Can Stay Happy and Fulfilled

It sometimes seems like the only path to happiness is with a partner. Just look at TV commercials, rom-coms, and Hallmark cards. Sure, being with someone is special, but single life is just as satisfying. You don’t need to be part of a couple to be complete, and it’s about time that the world wakes up and realizes that happiness comes from within, with or without a significant other to share it with. Whether you are single by choice or due to circumstance, embracing your freedom and all the fun you can have solo is exciting. Being partner-free doesn’t mean loneliness. It gives you opportunity to explore and engage, all on your own terms and in your own time. I’m in a relationship, and it gives me great joy. That said, when I was single, I felt just as fulfilled, just in a different way. Life has its steps and stages. It’s important to take in every moment, appreciate the present, and free your mind of the “What ifs?” and focus on the “What now?” Perhaps “The One” is somewhere out there (if that’s what you want), but for now, it’s all about self-acceptance, a zest for life, and the understanding that your peace and prosperity comes from personal experience and positive energy. Here are three ways single people can stay happy and fulfilled. You deserve the best, so dig in and do it.   Form Friendships You may have a large circle of friends or just one or two you can count on, but there’s always room for new platonic relationships. It can be tricky to make new friends as an adult, but when you’re open to stepping outside your comfort zone, you’ll give off a vibe that’s welcoming and accepting. Seek out like-minded individuals by volunteering, taking classes, or just being extra-friendly when you’re going about your errands and daily to-dos. You can meet new people at the gym, in line at the grocery store, or while you’re walking your dog. All too often, we keep to ourselves and lose the opportunity to find a friend. Smile at a stranger and you may just find a connection.   Be Healthy Make yourself your number one priority by eating well, exercising, meditating, and treating yourself to the extras that give you a good feeling. When you’re at your best, you feel awake and alive. If we don’t tend to our mind, body, and spirit, we can fall into a slump. We think the answer comes from the outside – perhaps in a mate – but the real solution is self-care and mind-body management. Go for whole foods, lots of hydration, regular workouts, and plenty of sleep. Erase negative thoughts and give yourself the go-ahead to reach new goals and greater self-awareness. It’s not about looking a certain way or pleasing anyone else. Good health is personal and productive. Put your all into it, and you’ll be enough all on your own.   Delve Into [...]

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Three Tricks to Get That Gorgeous and Natural “No Makeup” Look

A full face of makeup has its time and place, and the “glam” look is always gorgeous. That said, for the everyday, an overdone makeup job is just too much for grocery shopping and picking up the kids from soccer practice. Even a day at the office doesn’t require too much effort in the makeup department, especially when you look fresh and fabulous letting your natural beauty shine through. I’m all for a major makeup makeover every so often and a professional application when I’m doing photo shoots or for a special occasion. But I am just as happy with a no-frills face, which takes far less time and is much easier to manage. With the right care and techniques, a “no makeup” look is lovely. Here are my tips to getting it right, and no, you won’t feel “naked!”   Save Your Skin Your skin is your “canvas,” so you have to keep it smooth and supple. We can’t control aging or even an occasional breakout, but if you care for your skin daily, you’re sure to maintain a youthful and dewy complexion. Use a mild cleanser, exfoliate gently, and use all-natural, organic products that won’t irritate the skin. Don’t rub or tug, never squeeze, and moisturize morning and night. Be sure to wear sunscreen when you’ll be outdoors and invest in a luxe facial mask for big events or just when the mood strikes. When your skin looks sublime, you don’t need much makeup to look like a million bucks.   Behold the Brows Your eyebrows play a big role in the overall balance of your face, framing your features as a focal point. If you overpluck or happen to be less-than blessed in the brow department, fill them in with pencil, powders, or try serums designed to grow your brows faster. A bold brow is powerful and pretty, and don’t get too concerned if they’re a tad bushy or big. You can always tame them with brow gel or get them professionally shaped. When your brows are even and shaped well, they truly stand out. They will make your eyes pop without the need for a ton of eye makeup. Plus, thick brows give off a youthful appearance, and we all want to look bright-eyed and vibrant.   Enhance Without Much Effort The “no makeup” look isn’t meant to be literal. Some makeup helps enhance our features and brings out our beauty in the best way possible. Rather than rummaging through your makeup bag for heavy concealers and bright colors, take things down a notch and use highlighters and bronzers to give a sun-kissed glow that’s subtle and simple. You can use bronzer all over your face – as eyeshadow, blush, and even for a bit of contouring. Dab some highlighter on your cheekbones, over the bridge of your nose, and wherever else you want to give some “oomph” without working too hard. Finish off with some nude lip gloss and you’re [...]

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Three Tips to Get Great Looking Lashes

Nearly any celeb you check out on social media seems to be blessed with luxurious lashes. Sure, they could be due to some photo enhancing apps, but many of these gals (and some guys) don’t need a filter for their lashes to be front and center. Are they blessed by nature? Perhaps some of these famous faces hit the gene pool jackpot, but the rest of the influencers and idols either go for false lashes or grow theirs to the max with some help from the pharmacy. For those who use false lashes, extensions, etc., wouldn’t it be nice to say you “woke up like this?” I’m all for faking it for photo shoots and appearances, but when they’re all mine, it’s even better. These three tips to getting great looking lashes are simple, yet the results can be outstanding. Don’t expect an overnight miracle, but with some patience and perhaps a few prayers, you’ll see your lashes grow right before your very eyes (literally!)   Castor Oil Go for an all-natural lash-growth remedy with the perks of castor oil. It may sound strange, but the beauty industry swears by this oil’s many fine qualities, including the way it can get lashes to look longer, thicker, and more abundant. The “trick” is the ricinoleic acid in the castor oil, which has been studied to reverse hair loss. Apply pure castor oil to your lashes at nighttime, preferably with a Q-tip for precision. A little goes a long way, especially since you don’t want the castor oil to get in your eyes. For obvious reasons, doing this during the daytime wouldn’t be ideal. Try this out for a few weeks and see if it works for you. Naturally, if you experience any irritation, discontinue this process, and try another technique.   Supplements I’m a big believer in taking daily supplements, not just for lash growth, but to benefit my entire body from the inside out. Certain vitamins, minerals, and the like aren’t always abundant or sufficient in our diets, so getting all we need may have to come in pill form. Even those who eat super healthfully could be missing out on the essentials. As for lashes, certain supplements are stronger than others. Go for iron and Omega-3s, to transport oxygen to the hair follicles, Vitamin B to ward off brittleness, and Vitamin H for maximum growth potential. Generally speaking, maintain a healthy diet; don’t rely on supplements solely. This daily routine can jumpstart lash growth and strength, and you’ll probably feel healthier and more vibrant as a “side effect.”   Lash Serums Lash serum sales are soaring, mostly because they’re easy to use and many do yield impressive results. I, for one, tried Latisse, and it was a glam game-changer. Since it is FDA-approved and highly reviewed, the product is safe and effective. Latisse promises to deliver full effects by 16 weeks, so apply as directed, and count down the days. Hopefully, you will enjoy [...]

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