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Tracey Edmonds is a mother of two, television/film producer, and health/wellness advocate who seeks to empower others with a combination of pertinent, enlightening, and inspirational information. She practices yoga, daily meditation and believes in self-cultivating wellness at every level: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Tracey is the editor of Alrightnow.com and can be contacted at [email protected]

4 Secret Tools to Help You Cultivate Calm

In a world of chaos and confusion, cultivating calm comes from our own efforts. With the hustle and bustle of these fast-moving modern times, finding peace and quiet seems near impossible. We have hurdles and hardships, but that doesn’t mean a place of calm isn’t possible. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated, it’s important to calm down before things get out of hand. From my own experiences, I know that if I don’t take that important “me time” to decompress, I’ll wind up frantic and frazzled. No matter how much is on my plate, I carve out time for calm in order to center myself and create a harmonious balance that gets me through even the most challenging moments. My secrets? They’re pretty simple. It’s not rocket science or anything time consuming, expensive, or elaborate. These go-to calm-me-down techniques always help me chill out and concentrate. I can relax, recharge, and get that sense of renewal that keeps me from losing my cool.   Mellow Music I have a special playlist I put on when I need to take things down a notch. Smooth R&B, old-school love songs, delicate instrumentals, and pared down acoustic versions of my favorite songs are easy to listen to and put me in a mellow mindset. I love upbeat music too, but I play those songs when I need some pep, like during my intense workouts. When it’s time for low-key listening, I’d rather feel the music than get on my feet and dance. When I’m in bed or resting on the couch and I’m not in a music mood, I play sounds of nature or listen to a book on tape. I can zone out and forget about the world for a while.   Meditation Mode Meditating is so healing. I try to practice as much as possible, even if I can only spend a few minutes here and there to do so. I focus on my breathing and posture, as well as loosening my tight muscles and built-up tension. There’s no formal way to meditate – you can sit quietly in a dim room, follow the instructions of an expert on video, or find an in-person “guru” to guide you. The most important thing is to get in touch with your inner peace as you learn how to cope effectively with outside noise and nonsense. After each meditation session, I always feel like a new person. I’m more patient and positive.   Incense Aromas I’m a big fan of burning incense, not only for the aromatic elements, but for the calming properties. I have a huge collection with nearly every scent I can think of. My favorite sandalwood, with its woodsy waft that permeates the air with warmth. It makes my home feel cozy and I never get tired of the smell. I often burn incense while meditating, making the experience even more soothing for my soul. If you’re not into burning incense, try home fragrance oils. They [...]

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5 Ways to Build Confidence to Take on Anything

When’s the last time you felt 100% confident in what you were doing? When’s the last time you had a clear mind, solid understanding, and certainty in your path forward? Most of us would struggle with coming up with examples for those. But here’s a hint - *everyone* would struggle come up with examples. Some people may seem more confident than others. Some may act like they’re more confident than others, but everyone struggles with confidence from time to time. The trick is that there are ways to build confidence within yourself. You don’t need to create a non-stop perception of true confidence – you just need to know how to become confident when you need it. Here are 5 ways to build the confidence to take on anything:   Ask yourself “Why?? Before you start on a task or project that you are not confident in, the first thing to do is to take yourself why you are not confident… Is it because you never did this before? Is it because you failed the last time you did it? Is it because no one has taught you how to do it? Questions like these help you understand where your lack of confidence is coming from, which will help you understand how to defeat it. If you never did this before: No worries – success is not guaranteed even if you have done 100 times already. Look at the situation as a learning experience. If you failed the last time you did it – Great! You were experimenting. In science experiments, there is no “pass” or “fail” – it is simply a result that you try to repeat or change. If no one has taught you how to do it – Great! You’ll be a great person to go through the process so you can teach someone else how to do it. Every great mentor in your life had made mistakes, and those mistakes help them know how to prevent others from making the same mistake. Feeling a lack of confidence is usually based in our minds with thoughts that, upon reflection, don’t make sense.   Talk to Yourself It is natural for our inner voices to jump to negative thoughts because thinking in worst-case scenarios helps you survive. However, if you only listen to yourself, you’ll hear a lot of negative talks and limiting language that prevents you from being confident. Instead of listening to yourself – talk to yourself. Be in control of the words you use to form your thoughts. A quick way to start things right now is by talking to yourself with the word “You” instead of “I”, as in “You’ve got this.” Instead of “I’ve got this.” When you use the word “you”, it allows you to become objective on the situation. It feels like there is someone else supporting you, which can build confidence in yourself.   Dress Up (but Not Overboard) This one seems silly but think [...]

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3 Great Ways To Combat Loneliness When You’re Single

Being single is nothing to sneeze at. You have your freedom and plenty of time to focus on yourself. That said, there’s something special about being part of a pair. You go out on dinner dates, watch movies together, stay up all night talking, and naturally, there’s the romantic side of things. You have someone to turn to and lean on, and you don’t worry about being alone. It’s a comforting feeling that’s easy to get used to. As for the singles, the “me time” is immeasurable, but there can be a sense of loneliness that casts a shadow over the whole independence thing. This feeling of isolation becomes even greater when friends are coupled up and canoodling while you’re the third wheel that would rather stay home than deal with an awkward dynamic. A feeling of emptiness may overwhelm you as you become an outcast among your group. They may still love you all the same, but they’ve got their own priorities, part of which is keeping the magic alive in their own relationship. Before you brand yourself a future “cat lady,” realize although you may feel lonely, you’re not alone…unless you want to be. You can combat loneliness by living your life to the fullest, even if you’re not in a relationship at the moment. These three ways to combat loneliness will get you in touch with your soul and spirit. Cherish yourself and the many charms that make you unique. Quit feeling sorry for yourself and say “Yes!” to being single. You’ve got so much going for you, so don’t give up or give in.   A Family Affair Family members share a special bond that can’t be broken. Connect with those family members you especially enjoy being around, even if you can’t meet in person right now. Text, call, FaceTime, or Zoom. Chat about everyday happenings as well as the big picture. Whether it has been a while or you’re quite close, it’s always nice to know that your family is there for you. Perhaps there’s no one in your family you’d care to communicate with. Instead, reach out to old friends and classmates, co-workers, and neighbors. Just like you, they’d love to have someone to talk to or meet up with to socialize, single or not.   Pet Project There’s no time like the present to adopt a pet. Loving companions need a good home, and you can provide a safe space for a new furry friend. Having a pet is a great responsibility, but the rewards pay back by the billions. You can focus your energy on playing and petting, lots of snuggles, and perhaps some slobber. Long walks, unconditional love, and a best friend by your side will make you feel less alone.   Dive into Work, Hobbies, School, Etc. Use your single status to your advantage by becoming extra-productive. Get ahead on work projects, school assignments, volunteering, and household odds and ends. You can pick up a [...]

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4 Great Health Benefits Connected to CBD

CBD or cannabidiol used to have a bad reputation with parents and lawmakers because it comes from cannabis plants, the same plants that produce marijuana. However, since the methods of extracting it have been refined, we now know that CBD can be manufactured without any of the compound called THC, which is what gives you a “high” with conventional marijuana. The laws are changing on CBD and many people are starting to discover its amazing health benefits. Without any of the addictive or mind-altering properties of marijuana, CBD can be used safely to reap these 5 great health benefits. Read on to discover why this once-taboo product now features in health magazines and websites around the world.   1.   Pain Relief Pain relief is the most well-known benefit of taking CBD. Cannabis plants have been known for centuries to have properties that reduce pain, including their ability to relax our bodies and regulate healthy sleep. They decrease inflammation too by blocking some of the neural pathways that cause this pain. Anyone who suffers from chronic pain or an overactive nervous system should consider CBD as a possible pain relief supplement. Arthritis sufferers swear by its unique ability to lower inflammation. Even if you’re just aching in your back from running around all day, CBD could help.   2.   Stress Relief For many, this is the greatest health benefit connected to CBD. Everyone gets a stress headache now and then during the busy week, but it’s not supposed to be permanent. When your busy schedule starts turning into an anxiety disorder, CBD can help. CBD gives you a serotonin boost by binding to your neural pathways and helping them calm down. Not only is the effect similar to the kinds of anti-depressant medications you can get from a doctor, but it’s way safer too. Stress relief with no side effects may sound like a dream come true when you’re juggling kids or pulling a late night at work, but CBD can offer that.   3.   Skincare This is something that surprised me. Since CBD reduces inflammation in your entire body, one of its unexpected benefits is that it stops your skin from producing so much oil, which is what makes you break out. People with acne, psoriasis, and other surface-level (pun intended) skin conditions may benefit from CBD-based creams and topical ointments. The best brands also contain fatty acids like Omega 6 and Omega 3, which we all know are skincare essentials. They help your skin stay hydrated and smooth and can even reduce the visual effects of aging. Always a plus.   4.   Heart Health Here’s another great health benefit connected to CBD that most people don’t know. CBD’s ability to relax your nervous system leads to lower resting blood pressure. This means that it can have an indirect but positive effect on your heart. Stress responses are natural, but our bodies can’t handle being ratcheted up to 11 every single day. Reducing inflammation and [...]

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6 Delicious Immune-Boosting Foods and Drinks to Add to Your Diet

Whenever I think about how busy I am juggling kids, work, and everything else, I think about how much more complicated it would be if I was sick. For some of us, a compromised immune system is more than a hassle – it’s life’s off-switch, ready to make everything we have to do a hundred times harder. The same thing happens when one of the kids gets sick. Everything gets hectic. I learned a while ago that you can cheaply shop for your immune system just by buying some specific foods and I haven’t looked back since. Here are 6 immune-supporting foods and drinks to add to your diet that I use every week to give me some protection against productivity-destroying colds and infections.   1.   Citrus Every parent knows to go straight for the orange juice when they or their kids feel a cold coming on. But why wait until the cold is already in your nose? Bolstering your immune system with precious Vitamin C from citrus fruits like grapefruits, oranges, lemons, and clementines is a great way to keep colds away completely. As for citrus juices, the nutrition facts are key. If you rely on orange juice for Vitamin C, make sure it’s a brand that offers fresh, real orange juice with a full daily allowance of vitamins. Our bodies don’t make Vitamin C and we can’t store it once we eat it. If you want to feel its effects, you need it every day.   2.   Garlic When I was little, I had a relative who made me chew a garlic clove whenever I said I felt sick. It may have been unpleasant but, in retrospect, there was a lot of truth to it! Garlic contains allicin, which gives it that pungent, sulfuric smell. It fights diseases in your body by boosting white blood cell activity. The problem with garlic is that allicin is temperamental, meaning that it degrades if you cook it too soon after chopping it. Let it stand on the cutting board for a few minutes to increase the chances that it will retain its immune-supporting properties or buy a supplement or powder rich in allicin.   3.   Yogurt You may have heard that probiotics like yogurt help with digestion. The particular way they do this, however, can also boost your immune system. By strengthening your gut barrier and resupplying your digestive system with healthy bacteria, probiotics add armor to your immune system, preventing germs you ingest from becoming sicknesses. Common probiotic foods other than yogurt include sauerkraut, kefir, and even fresh dill pickles. Look for labels that advertise live cultures to ensure you’re getting effective probiotics.   4.   Red Bell Peppers I already sold you on Vitamin C when talking about citrus fruits. Did you know that red bell peppers contain even more Vitamin C than oranges? A lot more. They also contain a ton of beta carotene, which is great for keeping your skin healthy. Granted, they’re [...]

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The Top 7 Secrets for Happy Couples to Survive the Years

There are some happy couples who stay together for 20 years and more. Then there are couples who last only 5 minutes together because of a Facebook post. Makes you wonder why can’t a couple in a relationship stay together for years nowadays. I'm sure you're not the only one who questions  the secrets of happy couples who stay married for years? This post will give you the insight of many healthy and happy relationships lasting 20 years!   Happy Couples Secret 1: Trust Sure there's a temptation to go through your partner’s phone as they sleep next to you. Before you put your detective hat on, stop yourself. It’s not worth fighting over what’s on their phone. Remember, curiosity killed the cat. Every time you want to snoop around, think of this old saying. Besides you have to trust your partner. You can’t build a relationship if there’s no trust.   Happy Couples Secret 2: Communication When you and your partner get into a fight what happens? Do you both runoff and swear to never talk to each other ever again? If you want to make your relationship work, then you have to learn how to communicate. Let’s not forget that active listening skills are a part of communication too. Take the time to listen to what your partner is saying to you. Don’t wait until an argument to use your active listening skills. Your partner will tell you what they want from you if you take the time to listen through everyday conversation.   Happy Couples Secret 3: Affection Showing affection to your partner is as important as communicating. How else do you think happy couples stay in love? Affection doesn’t have to be sexual. Unhappy couples think all physical touches have to lend to sex and when there’s no they avoid it. Happy couples know affection is a must! Snuggle Kiss on the check Rub on the shoulders Communicate and listen Let them know they were on your mind Holding hands Simple actions like these are a great way to show affection if you don't know-how. Happy couples know showing affection creates a sense of harmony.  It’s the little things that matter the most.   Happy Couples Secret 4: Respect Happy couples respect their partner’s space and them as a person.  Treat your partner how you would like to be. Think about it, don’t you want someone who: Listen to your needs and wants Communicate openly to you Speak kindly of you Help build your self-esteem up This is how respect looks like in a healthy relationship. Respect your partner and don’t take them for granted.   Happy Couples Secret 5: Own Identity Spending 24/ 7  with your loved one is a bad idea. You need some time apart and your separate identity. It’s ok to share common interests and views together. This is what made you and your partner close. Though you should have a hobby, friend, or family member separate [...]

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5 Healthy Foods that Can Lower your Cholesterol

Health standards are unique for every individual, but magazines and websites love to lump us into groups based on trends. I have to consciously stop myself whenever I feel like I’m letting these trends define what I consider healthy. For example, since heart disease kills more men than women, it’s been branded a “male problem” in a lot of health media. But heart disease, an eventual result of uncontrolled cholesterol levels, is the number one killer of men and women. It should be on everybody’s radar. Even though there are different kinds of cholesterol and everyone’s risk for developing heart disease is different, we can all benefit from the easiest change we can make – our diets – to lower our cholesterol and prevent it from becoming a problem. Here are 5 healthy foods that can do just that.   1.   Oats and Cereal The harmful, artery-clogging kind of cholesterol is called LDL. LDL responds well to soluble fiber, which is why eating oats or even high-fiber cereals is one of the first recommendations that a heart specialist will make to a worried patient. We all know about Cheerios’ reputation for being the “heart-healthy breakfast.” Soluble fiber is the reason. A breakfast of freshly cooked oats, a snack of oats and yogurt, or even an oat-based muffin or bread can have a positive effect on bad cholesterol.   2.   Nuts One mistake that people make when they’re new to health-focused eating is to assume that all fats are equal. Actually, healthy fats, like those found in nuts, help us increase the good cholesterol and reduce the bad. Nuts are high in calories but make a healthy snack in moderation, a good topping for oatmeal, or a great basis for yummy desserts if you’re feeling indulgent. Walnuts and almonds are the stars of the show, but most nuts have similar health benefits.   3.   Avocado Yet another “fatty” food that helps improve bad cholesterol levels; avocados are a great source of healthy fatty acids that help reduce LDL in overweight people. Plus, they taste delicious in a great guacamole. Here’s the trick to avocados though. They might be a great source of healthy fats, but we’re all tempted to put them on chips loaded with trans fats or in meaty tacos. In order to ensure that eating avocados is a net benefit for you, especially if you’re overweight, consider slicing them onto a salad or sandwich instead.   4.   Fish Fish are commonly known as a heart-healthy alternative to red meat and this is because they contain so much Omega-3 fatty acid. Omega-3 lowers your blood pressure and reduces the chance of blood clots. This is good news both for people who have already had heart trouble and those that want to make sure to avoid it. Many people turn to vitamin supplements to get their daily Omega-3, which is fine. The problem though is that our bodies reward us for getting vitamins from food rather [...]

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4 Things You Can Do Now to Feel Happy

Mindfulness is our awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. Starting from within and working outward, the more conscious we are of our spirit and soul, the better people we become. I’m a big believer in practicing mindfulness, and I do it every day, sometimes multiple times throughout the day. When I’m tuned into my deep thoughts and can clear my head of needless noise and chaos, I’m a better mother, partner, friend, and acquaintance. It gives me peace and pleasure to be my best self, and that means staying true to my beliefs, treating others with kindness and compassion, and knowing that I’m valuable. Not sure what to do to be more mindful? Here’s what I do daily to reach my self-prescribed quota of mindfulness. Even when I’m busy, I manage to squeeze in something. It’s just as important as my other to-dos, so I try not to miss my chance to better myself. The rewards I’ve reaped over the years have been well worth every instance.   Meditate Meditation is perfect for reducing stress and giving my mind a chance to sort things out and find solutions. Sometimes I let my brain go “blank,” and just exist. I find a dim quiet place to be alone where I can breathe deeply, connect with my body, and decompress. I finish the session with a nice stretch and a renewed sense of self.   Journaling I keep a journal in my nightstand so I can jot down what’s on my mind first thing in the morning and right before I fall asleep. I find that these are the hours when I have plenty to put to paper, and if I don’t get it out, I tend to forget what I was thinking. These journal entries can be emotional, inspirational, something work-related, a way to vent, and so on. If I write something down before blurting it out, I’m usually more controlled and coherent. Sometimes just writing is enough, and I keep my entries all to myself.   Affirmations If we’re not our own biggest fans, then how can we expect others to hold us in high regards? Even when I’m feeling down or things didn’t pan out as expected, I remind myself that I’m worthy and wonderful. I’m a loving mother, a faithful partner, and a devoted friend. I’m beautiful inside and out, and my actions are always geared towards the greater good. I even praise myself when I’ve eaten healthfully, exercised, and cleaned the house. I smile when I look in the mirror and appreciate the fine lines that show my strengths and struggles. Loving myself is the best gift I can get.   Learning Be like a sponge and soak up something new every day. Read whatever you can get your hands on, watch the news, talk to people outside your immediate circle, and be open to different opinions. If you have the time or inclination, take a course in something you’ve been interested [...]

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Why Some Solo Time Is a Good Part of a Relationship

Being in a relationship means you always have a special someone to spend time with. Whether it’s a weekend date night or just vegging out on the couch cuddling, the together time is important for bonding and keeping the romance alive. That said, too much togetherness is not always ideal. You do not have to be joined at the hip to have a good relationship; in fact, time apart can strengthen a couple. Solo time gives each person some personal space to do their own thing, focus on themselves, and embrace their independence. When a relationship has a good foundation and there is two-way trust, away time won’t compromise their “couplehood,” and when they reconnect, things fall right back into place.   Time to Myself I adore my significant other, but I also look forward to time alone. It has nothing to do with my adoration for this amazing person, and the feeling is mutual. I covet the time when I do not have to compromise, so I can get some extra work done, exercise, read a good book, binge-watch one of my guilty pleasures, run errands, or just flop on my favorite chair with a cup of hot tea. I know my partner isn’t particularly interested in doing these things anyhow, so it works in both our favors.   Getting to Know Me By now, I have a pretty strong sense of the woman I am and what I want to achieve, both personally and professionally. I am confident, creative, and caring, but my curiosity is always creeping in. When I am alone, I have quiet time to reach inside and learn more about myself, helping me become a better person – not only for myself, but for my partner as well. When we are constantly with someone else, our identities can become blended. That’s great as far as who we are as a couple, but we are also individuals with unique attributes and personality traits. Keeping these identities separate makes us more interesting as people and as a pair.   Decompress Although I feel completely at ease with my partner, there is a sense of being “on” when we are together. It is far from stressful, but sometimes I just want to “be.” When I spend time solo, I can simply sit there and do absolutely nothing. I do not have to say a word or move a muscle. This helps me tremendously with releasing the day’s built-up tension and helps me relax and recharge. I often meditate and get my mind off things. It gives me clarity and contentment. Once I am back together with my partner, I am in a much better place.   Go solo and see how it impacts your relationship. Whether it’s just a few hours or even a couple of days, do what benefits your relationship without worrying about what other people think. Solo time works for me, and my partner is 100% on board. When we [...]

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5 Dating Tips After a Divorce

Dating after a divorce is like hearing nails on a chalkboard repeatedly. It’s a whole unknown world when entering the dating scene after being married for years. Many who step into this unchartered territory may be holding onto anger, sadness, or even feelings for their ex.  All these mixed emotions make you wonder, “How long should I wait to date after a divorce?” Honestly, it’s best to hold off on dating again until you’ve healed from your wounds of the divorce. You don’t want to bring in old problems into a new relationship. If you’re struggling to find love again after a divorce, follow these tips to help you enter the dating world.   1.     Reflect on Your Last Relationship Somewhere within your last relationship, something went wrong.  Neither partner is ever perfect in a relationship.  We are all human and we make mistakes. The point is to work on yourself to become a better you. Post-divorce is the perfect time to work on self-improvement. Take the time to ask yourself these questions to help you reflect: Why am I so angry about the ending of the relationship? Where did I go wrong in the relationship? How did I react when my partner had a problem? Did I let my traumas cause drama within the relationship? Did I let family and friends get involved with our problems? Journal these questions to gain a starting point on reflecting your past relationship.   2.     Start a Self-Love Journey Wondering why it’s hard to date after a divorce? It could be because of you not giving yourself a chance to love yourself. Focus on self-love before searching for love elsewhere. This is a good time to work through your inner trauma. Often after divorces, we hold a lot of pain and anger. Let go of your anger before jumping into another relationship. If you don’t, then you’re letting your old problems enter a new relationship and that’s unhealthy!  Give yourself a chance to grow and love you. How can you give love when you don’t fully love yourself?   3.     Know Dating After a Divorce with Kids Is Tough Dating after a divorce is already nerve-wracking. And adding kids into the equation can make it even more stressful.  You want someone who will love you and your kids fully. Luckily, we live in a time where it’s normal to date after a divorce with kids, though t’s hard to trust other people around your kids.  Also, your kids may not take fondly of you dating someone new. Follow these tips when dating after a divorce with kids Take everything slow No early introduction Have a talk with your kids on you dating someone new Discuss with your new partner how they feel about dating someone with kids. Tell your partner your children come before anyone else and you can’t continue a relationship if they don’t accept this.   4.     Try Dating Apps and Sites Meant for Single Parents [...]

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4 Great Tricks to Getting a “Salon Look” with a DIY Dye Job

Let’s face it: collectively, our hair(s) is having a tough moment. Salons, if they’re still open, have long waiting lists for appointments and have to be vetted for safety measures. You wouldn’t think --- at least I didn’t back in March--- that this would be a huge issue. After all, with a global pandemic happening, we haven’t really been going anywhere but to our Zoom meetings and the supermarket. The economy is forcing us to tighten our belts and make certain sacrifices, some of which are easier to swallow than others. (I don’t know about you but eating at restaurants suddenly seems like an unnecessary luxury to me. Going to the movies is another story, but …) When everything started, I figured a few things: One, I’d have gray roots and split ends for maybe a month or two, tops. When two months turned into four, and four turned into six, I realized I had to take matters into my own hands and do some research. Everyone knows that box dye and box dyed hair is anathema to stylists, but these are unprecedented times, and as we are all learning so well, those call for unprecedented measures. Besides, not all box dyes are alike. There are some high-end versions that have extras like keratin or online shade matching services. Below are a few tricks to getting that prized ‘salon look’ via a DIY dye job right from your very own home.   1. Get Real Let’s talk color. I’ll start with the bad news: now is not, I repeat NOT, the time to make a drastic change to your hair color, and by drastic, I mean going from black to anything or going from anything but blonde --- to blonde. In other words, if you want to go lighter safely and without risk, make that appointment with a professional. However, if we’re just talking root coverage or a half shade adjustment color refresh, there’s no reason why you can’t DIY it up. Take it from a woman whose grays started saying hello when her age began with a ‘2’ and ended with a ‘6’. Gotta love genetics.   2. Build your perfect DIY toolkit So, what are the essential ingredients when it comes to a successful, salon-worthy home dye job? Well, that depends on what you’re looking to do. If you want to cover up those gray roots, check out dpHue’s Root Touch Up Kit, which is super gentle and simple to use. It even comes with its own bowl, gloves, and brush. If you want longer-term coverage, go with a traditional box dye like Nice n’ Easy by Clairol or Revlon Colorsilk. This InStyle article includes a detailed list of customized box color offerings depending on hair type. The main decision rests in how long you’d like the color to last. Demi-permanent hair color is ammonia free and does not penetrate the strand, generally washing out gradually. Permanent color is less forgiving, but lasts [...]

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4 Great Signs that Your Relationship is Getting Serious

You’ve been dating for a while and you’re wondering where this is going to go. Are you on the same page or playing it day by day? Being in a relationship can be a bumpy road, but the rewards a great one brings is worth the ride. If you’re ready for more than a just a fling and see a real future, it’s time to step up to the plate and plan for what’s to come. Is this relationship a home run or will you strike out? These telltale signs that your relationship is getting serious will help you determine where you stand and if you may be headed toward happily ever after.   1. No Games The start of many relationships involves beating around the bush, playing hard to get, and leaving one another confused, yet captivated. It’s all part of the “game,” where each party plays it cool and keeps it casual. After the back-and-forth flirting becomes something more solid, the games are replaced by genuine feelings and honest conversations. If your relationship doesn’t involve unanswered texts, no-shows, and pics with random “just friends” on social media, it’s a great sign that your relationship is well past the game phase. You’re into each other and want to keep it that way. You don’t question their intentions or fear you’ll catch them in a compromising situation. Straightforward has replaced silliness, and you’re getting serious.   2. Circle Of Friends Once you’ve introduced your significant other to your besties, and vice-versa, it’s a great sign that the relationship is the real deal. You seek approval from the people you care about the most, plus you want to show off your special person to your pals. If everyone gets along and the vibe is comfortable, it’s reassuring for the whole group. After all, your significant other will hopefully be around for the long run, so it’s important that they can chill with your crowd without any awkwardness. You want to blend in with their crew too, and the closer you are with your partner, the more at ease you’ll feel with their friends. Next step…family!   3. There’s More “We” Than “Me” When you were single, it was all about your life, and you lived it to cater to your personal desires. That’s perfectly acceptable and admirable. Now that you have a person you’re paired with, your thought process has moved from “you” to “two.” When you actually prefer planning and doing as a couple, it’s a clear sign that you’ve reached a major milestone. Whether it’s weekend dinner plans or even a job move, you factor in the relationship above all else. Same goes for your significant other, who wouldn’t even dare watch something on Netflix without you “chilling” right beside them.   4. You Can’t Imagine Life Without Them When you look into the future, do you see yourself with this person? Be it next month or when you’re old and gray, if you [...]

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