Winding down for the night makes falling asleep so much better. If you hop in bed still energized from the day, stressed out, or tense, it can be hard to get a sound sleep, which we all so desperately need.

I make sure to relax and decompress before bedtime, as I need my sleep to be fully functional and on my toes for every tomorrow. Not to mention, the benefits of a good night’s sleep keep me healthy, looking youthful, and feeling focused.

Follow these tips each evening to ensure your slumber is beyond sufficient. You’ll drift off into dreamland with a clear mind, weight lifted off your shoulders, and a soothed spirit.


Sip Some Tea

Every night, at some point post-dinner, hot tea is the perfect “nightcap” for getting in a mellow mood. Choose a decaf variety, such as chamomile, or any flavor you enjoy in the decaf version. Add a little warm milk and a touch of honey or agave if you want something slightly sweet.

Settle into your comfy chair and sip in silence. Enjoy the aroma and flavor, and feel the warmth run through your body. Tea is delicious and stress-relieving, and once you’re done with your cup, you won’t be tempted to indulge in a midnight snack. You’ll be too busy sleeping anyhow.


Tie Up Loose Ends

Whether it is work related, a personal matter, something for the kids, or another to-do, get as much done as you can well before bedtime. When you’re preoccupied worrying about finishing a task or resolving a matter, your mind will spin as you lie awake well into the wee hours of the night.

If there’s no possibility to tie up loose ends for the evening, jot down what you’ll need to do the next day so it’s off your mind with a plan of action you can tend to tomorrow. You will feel relieved and ready to handle your situation after a solid night’s sleep.


Go Low-Tech

What would we do without all our gadgets and gear? We are nearly hooked on our smartphones, tablets, and laptops, but the evening calls for a no-frills, tech-free(ish) experience.

About two hours before bedtime, check your last emails for the day, text back your friends and family, and finish your favorite TV show. Scroll through social media for one final look for the night and set your tech items aside. Of course, keep your phone handy in case of emergency, but don’t grab it just because.

The lights from these gizmos interrupt our natural rhythms which can affect the quality of sleep. Plus, all the stimulation will keep you awake and interested. Rather than going high-tech, consider listening to some soft music, meditating, or reading a book.


Take A Hot Bath

There is nothing like soaking in a steamy tub filled with fragrant bubbles to soften your skin. Find some “me time” to enjoy the opportunity to give your body the pampering it deserves.

Keep the bathroom lights dim, light a few candles or burn incense, and spend a half hour or so simply being still. Free your mind from the daily grind and give yourself permission to zone out. You’ll feel fresh and clean, rewardingly relaxed, and ready to slip into your jammies for a sleep that’s sublime.

Sweet dreams!