As we get older, it seems body parts start to change location a bit. What once was tight and toned is now sagging down into another zip code. I say with no shame that my perky butt was once one of my best aspects (of course, my brain and my personality are up there as well ). However, I noticed a few years back that my bum was sort of melting down into the top of my legs. Well, I refused to go out like that and began my quest to put things back to where they once belonged. I hope these tips will give you back your perky butt like it did with me!


Donkey Kicks







While training your legs does improve your butt, there are several exercises that are specifically meant to focus on your backside. Donkey kicks is one of these exercises! Kneel down to all fours and alternately kick out your legs up and behind you. It trains your gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus; the three muscles that make up your buttocks. The first couple of times you perform donkey kicks, you are going to be sore the next day. I’m just warning you now. But this is good news as you are training muscles that have not been worked for quite some time. Your butt is making a comeback!


Glute Bridge







I’ve seen men perform these in the gym and always felt a bit uncomfortable. But once I realized they were training their backside, I got on the floor and joined them. A glute bridge appears almost like a pelvic thrust. You lay down with your back on the floor and your legs bent and then thrust your hips upward and then back down to the floor. Hold the pose at the top of the rep for a few seconds and you will get better results. Repeat it for a few sets and you will get back that butt you had as a teenager.


Kang Squat







You may have never heard of this exercise or even seen it since it is not the most common one. The kang squat is a bodyweight squat with a couple extras thrown into it to give you a better butt. This is a go-to move though for those in the know about how to get their butt looking tight.









Planks are known for being an exercise that trains your core, but it also works your glutes. If you doubt this, simply watch someone hold the plank for a minute or two. You will be able to see their butt physically tighten up as the time goes on.


No Need for a Special Trip to the Gym







All four of these exercises can be performed in the comfort of your own home and needs no additional special equipment at all. If you want to make it even more fun and enjoyable, find a friend to do these with you. With some hard work and a routine where you are doing these four exercises every other day, you will be getting noticed all-around your neighborhood. Your body needs about 48 hours to recover from a strenuous workout, so sticking with an “every other day” butt routine, you should be able to stay with it and manage any soreness that could creep up accordingly.