Use Lemon Juice to Lighten Your Hair!


The following treatments might sound a little odd, but they have been tested by women all over the country and as strange as they may sound, they really work! From problems of dry skin to hair static, here are some wild and crazy solutions that actually do the trick!

Diaper Rash Cream for Dry Skin
Okay, this might sound odd, but it does make sense – diaper rash creams are for a baby’s delicate skin and contain a whole array of moisturizers and ingredients to reduce inflammation. It is no wonder then that it makes such a great treatment for dry skin.

Dryer Sheets for Hair Static
If you are having problems with static hair, one of the quickest ways to tame it is to take a dryer sheet and run it down a length of hair from scalp to tip. It will ease it down right away, but be sure to bring a few in your purse as this effect can sometimes wear off quickly.

Black Tea for Sunburns
No, you don’t drink it! To help cool and soothe a sunburn, take a bath to which strong black tea has been added. This will help to take away the swelling and stinging that a sunburn can bring with it and speed up the healing process.

Lemon Juice to Lighten Hair
A great way to lighten your hair naturally is simply to spray your hair down with lemon juice before going into the sun; the citric acid in the juice reacts with the sunlight to lighten the hair. It is best if this treatment is used on hair that is unwashed.

Jell-O for Lip Stain
For beautiful colored lips that last a long time and won’t dry your skin out, pour out the powdered Jell-O into a bowl. Dampen the end of a Q-tip with water and apply it to your lips for a long-lasting effect.

Olive Oil for Hair Treatment
Applying olive oil to your hair and letting it soak in for ten minutes before your regular shampoo-and-conditioner routine may sound strange. However, it will give your hair a deep moisturizing treatment and provide it with the nutrients that it needs.

Toothpaste for Acne
Okay, this one sounds pretty odd, too, but if you apply a smooth amount of toothpaste to acne and leave it overnight, it will really help to get rid of those pimples fast! Make sure to use plain white toothpaste and only as a spot treatment.

Hemorrhoid Cream
Some people may be grossed out by this, but this cream really can help shrink those dark bags under your eyes because of its anti-inflammatory properties and can also leave skin tighter and more toned.

Baking Soda for Self-Tanner Streaks
If your self-tanner has left streaks, simply mix up a paste with baking soda and water and rub it gently onto the affected area. This will exfoliate the area due to its texture and lightening the streaks, making them less noticeable.

If some of these treatments seem odd, remember that all throughout history women have been experimenting with all sorts of home remedies to enhance their beauty and through trial and error, you can find some that really work!