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7 Natural Beauty Solutions That Slash Your Cosmetics Budget

How to Get Wallet Friendly Luxurious Beauty Treatments at Home with Items in Your Cupboard!   Every woman wants to look her best. The problem is that commercial beauty products can be incredibly expensive and can also contain ingredients that you do not want to be exposed to. One great way to solve this problem is to learn how to make homemade, natural beauty products at home that save you money but also keeping your hair, skin and nails strong, healthy and beautiful. Here are 7 examples of what kinds of treatments you can do in the comfort of your own home. Baking Soda Facial Scrub Many women are aware of the number of uses that baking soda has around the home. Fewer realize its potential for beauty treatment. An excellent facial scrub can be made simply by combining baking soda and water into a paste, spreading it onto your face like you would a mask, and letting it sit while you shower. Rinse it off after your shower and you will be amazed at how soft and clean your skin feels. Apple Cider Vinegar Toner Wetting a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and simply applying it as a toner is an excellent way to achieve healthy-looking skin. Its vitamins and minerals give your skin the nutrients it needs and it also acts to tighten and tone, leaving the face younger-looking and healthy. Baking Soda Dandruff Shampoo A dry, flaking scalp can be a real beauty problem, especially in the summer heat. However, washing frequently with the harsh chemicals in many shampoos may just make the problem worse. One solution is to rub baking soda into wet hair in place of a shampoo treatment, making sure to work it into the scalp, then rinsing and conditioning like normal. This will quickly treat the dandruff. Honey Facial Mask Applying honey to your face as you would a regular mask, leaving it in place for approximately half an hour, then rinsing gently is rather sticky work. The pay-off, however, is soft, smooth, acne-free skin: the natural antimicrobial properties of honey help to kill off the bacteria that causes acne in the first place. Coconut Oil. This versatile oil has many uses as a beauty treatment. It can serve as a once-weekly conditioning treatment when applied to the hair, but can also be applied to the face as a moisturizer and also to the legs as a shaving oil to keep the skin soft and smooth after a shave. In addition, it makes a great cuticle cream as well. Spirulina Tablets Not all beauty treatments are topical. If you feel like you need extra treatment for your skin through supplementation, try spirulina tablets. They are rich in Vitamin A which will help prevent acne, wrinkles and aging of the skin. You will notice that your hair and nails look better when you take this, too! Black Soap Black soap is made from all-natural ingredients. It is meant [...]

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8 Strange Beauty Tips That Actually Work

Use Lemon Juice to Lighten Your Hair!   The following treatments might sound a little odd, but they have been tested by women all over the country and as strange as they may sound, they really work! From problems of dry skin to hair static, here are some wild and crazy solutions that actually do the trick! Diaper Rash Cream for Dry Skin Okay, this might sound odd, but it does make sense – diaper rash creams are for a baby’s delicate skin and contain a whole array of moisturizers and ingredients to reduce inflammation. It is no wonder then that it makes such a great treatment for dry skin. Dryer Sheets for Hair Static If you are having problems with static hair, one of the quickest ways to tame it is to take a dryer sheet and run it down a length of hair from scalp to tip. It will ease it down right away, but be sure to bring a few in your purse as this effect can sometimes wear off quickly. Black Tea for Sunburns No, you don’t drink it! To help cool and soothe a sunburn, take a bath to which strong black tea has been added. This will help to take away the swelling and stinging that a sunburn can bring with it and speed up the healing process. Lemon Juice to Lighten Hair A great way to lighten your hair naturally is simply to spray your hair down with lemon juice before going into the sun; the citric acid in the juice reacts with the sunlight to lighten the hair. It is best if this treatment is used on hair that is unwashed. Jell-O for Lip Stain For beautiful colored lips that last a long time and won’t dry your skin out, pour out the powdered Jell-O into a bowl. Dampen the end of a Q-tip with water and apply it to your lips for a long-lasting effect. Olive Oil for Hair Treatment Applying olive oil to your hair and letting it soak in for ten minutes before your regular shampoo-and-conditioner routine may sound strange. However, it will give your hair a deep moisturizing treatment and provide it with the nutrients that it needs. Toothpaste for Acne Okay, this one sounds pretty odd, too, but if you apply a smooth amount of toothpaste to acne and leave it overnight, it will really help to get rid of those pimples fast! Make sure to use plain white toothpaste and only as a spot treatment. Hemorrhoid Cream Some people may be grossed out by this, but this cream really can help shrink those dark bags under your eyes because of its anti-inflammatory properties and can also leave skin tighter and more toned. Baking Soda for Self-Tanner Streaks If your self-tanner has left streaks, simply mix up a paste with baking soda and water and rub it gently onto the affected area. This will exfoliate the area due to its texture and [...]

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5 Beauty Products You Can Make Using Coconut Oil

Learn How to Make Your Own Natural Beauty Products!   Even people who are very choosy about what they eat don’t always think about what they are putting on their skin or in their hair for beauty treatments. Yet commercial beauty products are also full of harmful chemicals, many of which can be absorbed into the skin. There are, however, options for beautifying naturally just as there are for eating naturally. Below are 5 all-natural beauty products made from coconut oil. Makeup Remover Coconut oil is excellent for removing makeup at the end of the day. Simply apply it to the fingertips and rub it gently on the face and around the eyes, then wipe away with a cloth. It will leave the skin fresh and clean while also keeping it moisturized and soft. Natural Deodorant Most commercial brands of deodorant – even some that claim to be “all natural” – contain aluminum, and this has been linked to some forms of cancer. Fortunately, a homemade deodorant is easy to make by combining 2 parts baking soda and 2 parts cornstarch to one part coconut oil. The baking soda takes care of odor, the cornstarch keeps the armpits area dry and the coconut oil leaves it hydrated. Essential oils can be added for scent if desired. Toothpaste Making homemade toothpaste is simple as well by just mixing together equal parts coconut oil and baking soda with a few drops of essential oil of peppermint added for extra freshness. Baking soda is one of the best natural whiteners and is very good for overall oral health and the peppermint oil takes care of breath odors. Make sure to rinse the sink out after brushing, however, as coconut is solid at room temperature. Shaving Oil Shaving can sometimes leave skin with irritated red bumps or even minor bleeding. If this is a problem, consider using coconut oil as a shaving oil. To use, rub it liberally onto the skin, then shave as normal with a regular razor. It will moisturize and hydrate the skin and reduce the chance of irritation, leaving the legs soft and smooth. Body Butter For skin that has been dried out from warmth or sun exposure, a body butter made from coconut oil is a positively decadent way to moisturize it. While the coconut oil can be applied directly to the skin to hydrate it, making a butter by adding a favorite essential oil and whisking it into a light froth can really make for an indulgent after-shower treat for the skin! Natural beauty treatments for the skin, hair and face can help avoid contact with some of the harsh – and even dangerous – chemicals that unfortunately are common ingredients in many commercial beauty products, and because DIY products are nearly always cheaper, it can save a lot of money as well. https://www.naturalnewsblogs.com

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10 Beauty Uses Of Jojoba Oil For Skin And Hair

Did You Know Jojoba Oil Can Get Rid of Acne?   Jojoba oil, derived from the seed of a wood desert shrub which grows throughout the southwestern United States, is perfect for the beauty kit of someone who is not comfortable with the artificial dyes and scents of more processed products. It is both colorless and odorless, is easy to use and because of its increasing popularity, is readily available at most health food stores. Some of its benefits are listed below. Moisturize the Face Because it is rich in nutrients, this oil makes an excellent daily or overnight moisturizer and will keep skin soft and healthy. Apply around 6 drops for daily use, adding a little more if wearing it overnight for a moisture treatment. Conditioner the Hair If frizzy or dull hair or a dry scalp with dandruff is a problem, jojoba is the solution. This will rid the scalp of dandruff and leave the hair soft, shining and manageable. Cleanse the Face To use as a facial cleanser, simply apply the jojoba oil to the skin, let it set for several minutes, then rinse and pat dry. This is a quick and easy way to remove impurities from the skin that the jojoba has extracted from your pores. Minimize Scars Since jojoba is rich in Vitamin E, a natural skin healer, massaging this into the skin will help minimize scars and stretch marks. Its healing properties may even help the scars to gradually fade. Fight Acne Daily use of this oil can also help fight acne. Because of its antimicrobial prowess, jojoba can naturally kill of the bacterial growth which is the root cause of both acne and blackheads. Oil the Cuticles At home manicures and pedicures are more popular than ever and a great way to relax. When indulging, rub jojoba in to the cuticles as a great alternative to traditional cuticle oil. Moisturize the Feet Especially when wearing sandals or going barefoot in the summertime, make sure to rub some jojoba oil into the feet after a bath. This will help heal and soften any dried or cracked areas and make the feet smooth and attractive. Cure Fungal Infections Jojoba’s antimicrobial properties extend to fungus as well. This makes it an excellent natural treatment for Athlete’s foot and fungal infections of the toenail. Apply the oil to the affected area and it will quickly take care of the problem. Relieve Sunburn Jojoba oil has been used for centuries to treat many minor skin irritation, including sunburns and rashes. It will help speed up the healing process and can sometimes prevent skin peeling after a burn. Fight Aging of the Skin The anti-aging effects of this oil come from the fact that it is rich in antioxidants. Dabbing it around the delicate skin of the mouth, eyes and neck will help minimize fine lines and keep it looking younger. Above are just ten of the reasons why jojoba oil is the [...]

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7 Natural Beauty Oils You Need to Know About

Use Grapeseed Oil to Alleviate Acne   From ancient times, women have used a variety of oils to enhance the beauty of their hair, skin and nails. Modern women, it seems, are only now beginning to regain this knowledge of how to use oils to beautiful and nourish themselves naturally and without harsh, unhealthy chemicals that are the ingredients in many commercial beauty products. Below are seven that you should know about and consider incorporating into your beauty routine. Keratin Oil Keratin is a protein which is naturally found in healthy hair, skin and teeth. Used in an oil, it is easily applied and can help women whose hair is dull, coarse or frizzy and make it instead manageable, sleek and radiant. It is available in a number of hair care products. Argan Oil Also known as Moroccan oil, argan oil and keratin oil are actually one and the same, but they are used slightly differently. It, too, is a protein-rich oil which nourishes and reduces frizz and coarseness, but keratin oil is generally used for more intensive hair repair whereas argan oil typically is not. It is, however, a great conditioner for the skin as well. Castor Oil While it is not so well-known in the United States, castor oil has been used by women in India for centuries and with good reason. It stimulates thick, full hair growth and is an excellent conditioner for the scalp. When used on the skin, its high Vitamin E content can help reduce dark circles under the eyes. Jojoba Oil Oil from the seeds of the jojoba plants have been used by women in Mexico and the Southwest for centuries. Jojoba is a natural moisturizer and because it can help regulate the amount of oil your skin produces, it is an ideal treatment for women whose skin or scalp gets oily easily. It is also very nourishing. Grapeseed Oil Grapeseed oil is another oil that is wonderful for beauty treatments. Made from the oil from crushed grape seeds, its nourishing properties stem from the fact that it is rich in Vitamin E and will thus help treat acne and other blemishes while warding off wrinkles as well. Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil can only be used as a topical treatment and needs to be kept where children cannot reach it. However, it is a wonderful tonic for the skin and helps to control sebum production and thus prevent flare-ups for those who are prone to acne. Coconut Oil Rich in Vitamin E as well as antioxidants, coconut oil is a wonderful treatment for the skin and hair. It leaves both feeling soft and conditioned and is perfect for skin that is acne-prone or showing the effects of aging. So consider the use of one or more of these oils to incorporate into your beauty routine. They are all natural ways to ensure soft and healthy hair, nails and skin and avoid some of the more unpleasant [...]

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7 Surprising Beauty Uses for Baking Soda

Learn How Baking Soda Can Give You Fabulous Hair!   If you’re like most women, you probably like to be able to indulge yourself in treatments to enhance your beauty without wanting to spend a small fortune on the products themselves! If that is the case, consider that lonely little box of baking soda you probably already have hanging out in your cupboard right now. Unlikely as it sounds, that baking soda can be used in a number of great beauty treatments like those listed below. Exfoliate Your Face For a simple and excellent facial scrub, mix one part water to three parts baking soda to form a paste. Apply this to your skin and scrub gently, then rinse as normal. This is a great exfoliating treatment which will remove dead skin cells and other debris and leave your skin soft and clear. Remove Hair Product Buildup If you use mouse, spray or gels on a regular basis and worry that it might be building up on your hair, then don’t fret: adding a little baking soda to your shampoo is a great way to get rid of product residue due to its coarse texture. It is best to use the shampoo and baking soda in equal parts for this treatment. Clean Brushes and Combs Baking soda makes a great cleanser for the skin, but it also can clean and remove residue from brushes and combs. If they are getting gunky, rub on a paste of baking soda and water then rinse and dry. Soften Your Cuticles To soften your cuticles, just add a mixture of baking soda and water to your nail brush. Apply the brush to your cuticles and scrub gently for a few minutes, then rinse and dry as normal. This will leave your cuticles softened and exfoliated. Soak Your Feet After a long day at work, treat your feet to soothing foot soak by adding three tablespoons of baking soda to a pan of warm water. Soak your feet while the water cools to leave them soft and soothed. This is a great way to start an at-home pedicure. Treat Acne Flare-Ups To treat acne naturally, make a paste with baking soda and lemon and apply it to the affected area. Let it dry out and rinse it off later. This treatment will speed up healing time and is much cheaper and more effective than many commercial products. Clear Up Blackheads If blackheads are a problem, try mixing one tablespoon of baking soda with one quarter-cup milk and giving your face a thorough by gentle scrub. This will help unclog your pores and clear up the blackheads in no time. So the next time you want to try a new beauty treatment without spending all your mad money for the week, consider testing out one of these treatments with baking soda. You will be amazed at the results. https://www.naturalnewsblogs.com

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7 Beauty Treatments Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Make You More Beautiful?   Apple cider vinegar has gotten a lot of attention in recent years, not only in the popular media but in the world of research due to its amazing health benefits. What is also getting more attention is the fact that is has so many uses as a beauty aid. Read below to find out more about this versatile vinegar and what is can do for the hair, skin and nails. Rinse Your Hair The idea of vinegar as a hair rinse has been around for a long time and to make a rinse up, simply mix one part vinegar to two parts water (you can also had a few drops of essential oil of rosemary, which is a great hair tonic). Apply this and rub it in to your hair and scalp between your shampoo and conditioning treatment. It is great for a dry scalp and will leave the hair shiny. Save Your Manicure The next time you polish your nails, soak them in apple cider vinegar for about a minute, dry them off. It is best to do this once the cuticle cream has been applied, but before buffing the nails. This extra treatment will remove the oils that are on your nails and allow the polish to adhere so that you get more unchipped days from your manicure. Tone Your Skin For wonderful skin tone, dilute two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in two cups of water and apply this mixture to your face with a cotton ball. Let it dry for a moment, then apply your moisturizer as you normally would. The vinegar helps keep the pH balance of your skin and leaves it toned and clear. Clear up Your Acne Is acne a problem? One great way to treat it is to make a paste containing apple cider vinegar, honey and wheat flour. Apply it to the affected area, then leave it on overnight and rinse it off the next morning. Due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, it will reduce redness and swelling and speed the healing process. Treat Your Skin Adding two capfuls of vinegar and a few drops of essential oil of lavender to your bath and then treating yourself to a good soak will help detoxify your skin and leave it soft and pH balanced. The lavender will also help make it incredibly relaxing at the end of a long day. Keep Your Teeth Healthy Because it is a natural antiseptic, apple cider vinegar also makes an excellent mouthwash and can help prevent plaque build-up and also eliminate the bacteria which causes bad breath. It can also help to reverse staining of the teeth from things like tea or coffee if it is rubbed directly onto the teeth before rinsing. Improve Your Overall Health Although apple cider vinegar works great topically, drinking one to two tablespoons of it diluted in a glass of water two to three time [...]

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Pumpkin Seeds – Healthiest Seeds For Your Health

As more people become aware of the benefits of healthy fats in the diet, nuts and seeds (once shunned by many dieters) have really come into their own. This a good thing, as seeds – like the pumpkin seed – not only provide healthy fats, but proteins, fiber and other important nutrients as well. They also can work easily into a variety of diets, being heart-healthy, gluten-free and diabetic-friendly. The nutrients that pumpkin seeds literally bring to the table mean that they have a variety of health benefits attached. Regular consumption of pumpkin seeds can do everything from helping address nutrient deficiencies to normalizing cholesterol levels. Read on to find out more about the benefits of this amazing seed.   Provides Essential Minerals One of the best things about pumpkin seeds is that it provides the body with essential minerals that can sometimes be hard to get, especially in a diet which is based on processed foods. Pumpkin seeds, however, provide the body with nutrients like zinc, magnesium, and manganese, all of which are essential for overall bodily health.   Lowers Cholesterol Levels Pumpkin seeds, of all the seeds, are highest in phytosterols, plant-based chemicals that have been proven to prevent cholesterol from being absorbed by the small intestines. This means that cholesterol levels in the bloodstream are lowered and this, in turn, prevents the clogging of arteries that can lead to a heart attack.   Reduces Inflammation Medicine is becoming more aware of the fact that inflammation plays a major role in the development and progress of a number of serious chronic conditions, including ones like arthritis, IBS, diabetes and even cancer. Pumpkin seeds, however, have been proven to help lower levels of inflammation throughout the body.   Calms an Overactive Bladder Especially in an aging society, overactive bladders can be an issue. As the body grows older, the muscles in the bladder can become weaker and less functional and the result is that people will have to urinate much more frequently than they used to. However, studies have shown that pumpkin seeds contain compounds which naturally calm down bladder muscles and can restore normal bladder function.   Strengthens the Bones Osteoporosis, or a thinning and weakening of the bones, is a major problem, especially for women who are post-menopausal. This condition, if not treated, can lead to an increased risk for fractures. However, pumpkin seeds are rich in the minerals that build strong and healthy bones, minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorous which can help prevent this condition. These are all great reasons to add pumpkin seed to the diet. From its mineral-rich content to its anti-inflammatory effects, pumpkin seeds are worth their weight in gold, nutritionally speaking, and can fit easily into virtually any diet. Its health benefits make it well worth the inclusion!   Sources: whfoods.com, healthyeating.sfgate.com, nutrition-and-you.com More Entries by Rosalina 8 Reasons Why Apple Cider Vinegar is One of the Best Health Tonics Available Treat High Blood Pressure and [...]

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